Don’t You Get Run Over By A Reindeer!


This year on Christmas Eve at 2:17 AM EST Saturn in its rulership of Aquarius will square Uranus in the sign of Taurus.


While Saturn in Aquarius represents the epitome of a civilized society governed by the rule of law, by contrast Uranus in the fixed earth sign of Taurus describes an open rebellion against the status quo. Add to this the square aspect (which means these planets are perpendicular to one another in the heavens) and the stage is set for an explosive outcome. The fact that Uranus is also retrograde further indicates the possibility that this square will involve revisiting a previous conflict, which makes perfect sense because the last time these planets squared one another was last January shortly after the Insurrection in our nation’s capitol on the sixth.


At the risk of sounding alarmist, I would caution our nation’s authorities to be vigilant this Christmas Eve. While there was no massive demonstration this past November for the anniversary of the supposed “Stolen” 2020 Election, let’s not get caught flatfooted thinking that Right Wing Militants wouldn’t dare disturb the sanctity of Christmas. If these goons were willing to openly assault our democracy, I only shudder to think what they might do to Santa.


Now that I’ve aired my concerns about the possible fallout from the coming Saturn/Uranus square, let me instead change gears and attempt to shine a more positive light on something else that will be happening that morning. Occurring on Christmas Eve at 9:05 AM EST, The Sun in Capricorn will trine The Moon in Virgo, which is a nice grounded aspect indicating stability and harmony. Of course this could mean my above warning is wrong and nothing violent or deadly will occur on Christmas Eve. On the other hand, it could also mean that the authorities will be well prepared that day and subsequently squash any attempt at revisiting the dastardly deeds of last January 6th. I hope I’m wrong, but better safe than sorry, right?


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the land

The FBI was monitoring

The Streets and broadband

Riot fences, spotlights,

And armed patrols

Hoped for Santa

While watching for Rebels

Yet instead of KA-BOOM!!!!!!

Or the crack of a gun

Came sleigh bells

And the urging,

“On Donner and Blitzen!


Merry Christmas to all

Whether Left or Right

God bless America

And to all, a good night!”

Original Face

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Here to let you know that a short play I’ve written titled “Original Face” is now up at “Fleas on the Dog Magazine.”  Follow the link below to get your drama fix for the day…….

But first, here’s a quick synopsis of what it’s about:

Have you ever tried to meditate? In “Original Face” Tom and Tom’s Mind grapple for mastery of the moment in this short absurdist drama about what goes on in our heads when we try to break free of ourselves.


Thirty-two Paths to Wellness (The Tree of Life as a Healing Matrix)


 The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how the Qabalistic Tree of Life combined with the symbolism of the Tarot and Astrology can be utilized as a diagnostic tool for healing.


Western Esoteric Philosophy

 The Western Esoteric Method, sometimes referred to as Hermetic Philosophy or “Magick,” is a mystical system that mixes the symbolism of the Hebrew Qabalah with the divination systems of Tarot and Astrology. It is hard to say where this method originated from or who might be responsible for its creation, but it first came to public attention in the early 1600’s during a period known as “The Rosicrucian Enlightenment when certain arcane documents revealed how the symbolism of the Tarot, Astrology, and some of Alchemy fit perfectly into the basic template of Qabalistic Philosophy known as “The Tree of Life.”


The Tree of Life

Consisting of ten symbolic spheres or energy vortices connected by 22 pathways, The Tree of Life is a symbolic map illustrating the basic concepts underlying the Hebrew Mystical teachings known as “The Qabalah.” (See following diagram).

On a macrocosmic level, the ancient Hebrew Adepts considered the Tree of Life to be a theoretical representation of the universe. On a microcosmic level it was referred to as the body of Adam Kadmon or “The Heavenly Man,” whereby it represented a prototype for a perfect human being created in the image and likeness of God. With the anthropomorphic ideal of Adam Kadmon in mind, it is my theory that the Tree of Life (including the Tarot and Astrology) can be applied to the human body just like the Acupuncture map of Chinese Medicine in order to reveal the underlying esoteric and/or spiritual factors at work in human health.

For the sake of clarity, I will begin by  explaining how this method works with the Tarot. Afterwards, once the general mechanics of my system have been outlined,  I will then demonstrate how it works using the symbolism of Astrology.


The Tarot

Comprised of 78 cards, the traditional Tarot deck is divided into 2 sections, the Minor Arcana totaling 56 cards and the Major Arcana totaling 22.

The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana are subsequently divided into 4 suits that each relate to one of the 4 symbolic elements of Hermetic Philosophy, namely Wands or Fire, Cups or Water, Swords or Air, and Pentacles or Earth. Each of these suits in turn contains cards numbered from 1-10 as well as 4 court cards (King, Queen,  Knight, and Page). Traditionally the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana are assigned in numerical order to the 10 spheres of the Tree of Life, while the court cards are assigned as follows; the Kings are placed in the second sphere, the Queens are placed in the third, the Knights in the sixth, and the Pages in the tenth.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana have nothing to do with the spheres of the Tree but are instead assigned in numerical order to the 22 pathways, beginning with “The Fool 0” in the 11thpath and ending with “The World XXI” in the 32nd. Below is a diagram illustrating all of these placements.

Going back now to what I previously mentioned about applying the Tree of Life to the human body, what follows is a diagram of the Tree with its subsequent Tarot associations superimposed over a generic human form.

When applying the Tree of Life to the body, it is important to keep in mind that the diagram on the printed page is a mirror image and must be reversed for it to correctly correspond to your own body. For example, it can be observed in the preceding diagram that the 5thsphere would be on your left side from the perspective of looking at the diagram, however, the 5thsphere is traditionally associated with the right shoulder, hence the need to reverse the map when applying it to your body. Aside from the optics just cited, another reason to reverse the diagram is that if you don’t then you are effectively saying that the energy of God or the “Heavenly Ideal” is something separate from you as an individual. By reversing the image you are essentially acknowledging the body of Adam Kadmon to be your own and thus accepting the higher responsibility of being a Co-Creator with the Universe rather than merely a product of it.


The Method

 Before explaining how to use the Tarot in the Tree of Life as a diagnostic tool, I would first like to make clear that what I am about to share is not intended to be a replacement for health care by a trained professional. What I am presenting is a different way of thinking about health and disease in order to reveal how sometimes physical symptoms can actually be driven by psychological issues that exist on a deeper, more esoteric level of consciousness than we are commonly aware of.


I would also like to point out that in my experience the following exercises are best performed with an actual deck of Tarot Cards rather than a book. For that reason I would suggest that the reader purchase a deck of cards. I use the classic Waite/Smith deck because to my mind it connects the best with the mystical symbolism of the Qabalah. The bottom line though is that one should buy whatever deck they feel personally connected to.


In my opinion the best way to start using this system would be to first try it out on your self. After all, we each know our own pain more intimately than anyone else could. To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If you have not committed the placements of the Tarot within the Tree of Life to memory, then it might be a good idea to have a copy of the Tree nearby for easy reference. Next, you will want to enter into a short meditation. If you already practice some form of meditative exercise such as yoga or zazen, then using whatever you’re familiar with will be fine. If you are completely new to all of this then I would suggest learning “The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, “ a basic Magickal exercise that is both short and effective for clearing yourself as well as the space you are in of any unwanted or “negative” energy. Instructions for the Pentagram Ritual can be obtained either by doing a search online or consulting my first book entitled “Modern Magickal Keys.”


Once you have become sufficiently relaxed and focused, the next step will be to contemplate any aches or pains you are experiencing. After you have identified your discomfort, it will then be necessary to pinpoint its relative location on the Tree of Life. When doing this it is important to keep in mind that the area you’ve identified on your body might not fall exactly on a specific pathway or sphere in the Tree of Life. If this is the case, then find the nearest pathway or sphere to your area of discomfort. If the area in question is situated at the junction of more than one pathway, or perhaps includes both a sphere and a pathway, then simply take into consideration all the corresponding Tarot Cards. If a sphere is involved, it will be necessary to either muscle test or use a pendulum to determine which of the four Tarot suits applies to the number card associated with that particular sphere. For example, if your left shoulder hurts then it will be necessary to determine whether its is the four of wands, cups, swords, or pentacles.


At this point, you have now obtained a Tarot reading about your body that can include anywhere from one to several cards. If more than one card is involved, make sure to take your time and meditate on the images that have come up. The idea behind a divination system like the Tarot is that it is supposed to induce you to go within for answers; therefore, don’t be impatient. Keep in mind that everything our socialization and education has taught us would lead one to believe an exercise of this sort is a waste of time, but don’t buy into that! Another important thing to consider is that if you’re not accustomed to using your intuition then it would be unreasonable to think that it would emerge fully developed the first time you called upon it. In my own experience there have been times when I have used this method and the deeper meaning of what I was looking at didn’t dawn on me until after I had walked away from the cards and was knee deep into something else. Once again, be patient. In some cases it takes years to develop bad habits and imbalances so be willing to allow yourself a healing curve and don’t expect instantaneous results. Also, don’t be locked into only considering the meanings of the cards that are listed in some book. The traditional meanings outlined in most books are just a starting point. It is important to remember that the cards present us with archetypal images, meaning our understanding of them will vary somewhat in regards to each person’s unique experience.


Now of course a skeptic might immediately reply that because there are only a limited number of Tarot Cards does that mean everyone with a lower backache would be diagnosed by the same card or cards and therefore have the same root problem? Just like an aspirin doesn’t get rid of everyone’s headache, using this method is not a one size fits all cure. In fact, it’s a flat out mistake to think that just because there are millions of people in the world there are millions of different problems. In my experience with clients, I have found that there is a basic menu of problems out of which develops an infinite number of variations. Therefore, in answer to the above question, yes, everyone with a lower backache will end up being diagnosed by the same Tarot cards, yet each particular person’s life will involve different circumstances. For instance, the two cards associated with a lower backache would be “The Tower XVI,” symbolizing the false structures in our lives that must be dismantled and rebuilt to better suit our needs, and “Temperance XIV,” which is about the need for emotional balance if we intend to attain our highest potential and have harmony in our lives. With that in mind, while it is true that two different people with a lower a backache will essentially have the same cards involved in their diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that these individuals need to be healed in the same way. Each will have markedly different life circumstances surrounding their imbalance. For instance, the symbolism of “The Tower” speaks to eliminating the false structures in our lives that inhibit growth. This could pertain to either a bad marriage or a lousy job, as both situations stem from the individual identifying with something that doesn’t honor them.


From an objective point of view, much of what I have just said may appear to be stating the obvious, but that’s only if you’re indulging an obvious frame of mind and are expecting certain results. It is often easy to see the problems of others, yet it is truly a revelation if we can manage to accurately see the imbalances in ourselves. It is truly an aware person who can make the connection between their bodily discomfort and the deeper psychological patterns driving the circumstances of their lives.


Sharing the Love

After first exploring the efficacy of this system on one’s self, the next step if you are a Healer would be to use it as a general method of diagnosis for others. This does not mean that you need to abandon whatever other healing modality you may be using. In fact, the act of employing this diagnostic method may very well be instrumental in evolving your current practice.


When working with a patient, begin by putting them in a relaxed position, either lying on a healing table or sitting comfortably in a chair. At that point you can then ask them to describe their ailment or else use whatever technique you commonly employ to determine where their blocked area is. When the problem area has been identified, you should then make a mental note of the portion of the Tree of Life being affected and the Tarot cards associated with that section. At this point, the Tarot symbolism can be used to supplement your own intuitive impressions about what issues may be driving the patient’s condition. Once you are done, any cards that may have come up during the reading can also be prescribed to the patient after the session as a meditation aid to empower their own healing process.



 Besides the Tarot, the Planetary and Zodiac archetypes of Astrology can also be placed into the Tree of Life. Below are a pair of diagrams showing the Astrological correspondences to the Tree as well as their direct application to the human body.


The method that was previously outlined for using the Tarot in the Tree of Life can also be used for Astrology, with some slight differences.


Begin as before by identifying the problem area on the body and then locating it on the Tree of Life diagram. Once you have determined what Planets and/or Zodiac signs are involved, the next step will be to consult the natal (birth) chart of whoever is being examined. As a result, you will need both the birth information of the person involved as well as the ability to construct their Astrological chart. The reason for this is because it will be necessary to check where the particular planet or sign identified on the Tree of Life is located within their chart, as well as what current transits may be affecting that sign or planet. For example, an acute pain in the left leg or knee would correspond to the Astrological sign of Pisces (pathway 29 in the diagram). One would then need to look at the natal chart to determine what house is ruled by Pisces as well as what planets are situated there. It will also be important to see where the rulers of Pisces (Neptune and Jupiter) are located in the chart, both natally and by transit, along with whatever planets are currently transiting through the sign.


Once the natal and transiting planetary influences have been determined in the individual’s chart, the resulting aspects will serve to reveal what may be at the root of the patient’s discomfort. For instance, let’s use our previous example and say an individual is suffering from a sore left leg. Let’s additionally assume that Pisces is the ruler of their seventh house and that Uranus is currently transiting there. At this point it would be reasonable to deduce that the esoteric cause for the pain may be the result of some unexpected change or stress (the effect of Uranus) on a one to one relationship such as a marriage or business partnership (the domain of the 7thHouse). If the circumstances in the person’s life confirm this observation, then it would be reasonable to assume that dealing with the relationship constructively would be an important supplemental aspect to whatever steps are being be taken therapeutically to treat the leg.


Of course what I’ve just written may sound fantastic to an individual who is not intuitive or esoterically inclined, yet in my experience the validity of this method is far more effective than one might think. It should also be noted that using the Tarot and Astrological methods together allows for a much more detailed analysis of the situation, as well as having the advantage of being able to use one method to confirm the other.



 Admittedly, the efficacy of being able to use this method depends to a great extent on the operator’s experience with the symbolism of the Tarot, Astrology, and the Tree of Life. On the other hand, if the mechanics of the Western Esoteric Method are new to you don’t allow yourself to get discouraged so easily. Anyone possessing an experiential understanding of spiritual energy as the connecting force of the Universe, whether they know that force as Tao, Prana, or Grace, should easily be able to use what I’ve written to begin to “feel’ their way into an understanding of the above mentioned systems.


Something else that I feel is important to keep in mind when working with this method involves giving some thought to what is known as a “Placebo” in scientific medical trials. What is commonly referred to as “The Placebo Effect” occurs when some of the patients being treated in a study are told they are receiving the test medicine, when in actuality they are being given a sugar pill. Amazingly enough, it has been found in an alarming number of cases that the individuals who have been given the sugar pill during these tests are sometimes the only ones whose condition improves! While I feel this is utterly remarkable, conventional thinking customarily disregards the placebo effect as merely the power of suggestion…..But wait a minute, if those who are given a placebo end up getting better and those who are given the actual medicine don’t, wouldn’t it also stand to reason that there is a great deal to think about here in regards to the untapped power of the human mind? After all. Modern physiology tells us that the average human being utilizes only about 10% of their brain capacity, if that’s the case, then what is dormant and waiting to be discovered in the remaining 90%? Perhaps these unexplored regions of our awareness hold the answers for many of the unsolved mysteries of the Universe, like for instance how a placebo (or this method I’ve written about) could actually work?


I guess the ultimate question that remains now is whether or not you believe it’s possible for us to heal ourselves with the power of the mind? I won’t make any promises I can’t keep nor will I say anything is for sure, but if our socialized, compulsive and misguided thoughts can make us sick by masking over our inner wisdom with conformity and fear, then why can’t it also be possible to reverse such dis-ease by actively seeking out the hidden possibilities within us?


Learn to be your own placebo.


When The Fit Hits The Shan / Uranus in Taurus


One hundred and sixty two years ago, in 1859, Charles Dickens began his novel “A Tale of Two Cities” with, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity…” Of course this opening sentence goes on a bit longer in the actual novel, but you get the idea. Mr. Dickens was writing about a crazy, polarized time, much like what we’re experiencing now with the Covid Pandemic and its deniers, Climate Change and its deniers, Racial Inequity and its deniers, Truth and its deniers.


As a Professional Astrologer for over 20 years it is my business to pay attention to the movements of the planets and look for trends. Like for instance, a common thread linking Mr. Dickens time to our own is that the planet Uranus is shaking things up in the sign of Taurus.


One of the slower moving planets in our Solar system, Uranus or “the ringed planet resting on its side”, takes approximately 84 years to circle the Sun. Named after the violent and uncontrollable King of the Titans in Greek Mythology, Uranus is the planetary archetype associated with revolution and unexpected change on a grand scale, as well as individuality, freedom, and genius on a personal level. By contrast, the fixed earth sign of Taurus (where Uranus is currently transiting) is about stability, tradition, and conformity. Hence, when a volatile planet like Uranus passes through a fixed, status quo sign like Taurus, the walls of our institutions can be expected to shake and the  people will cry out (or lash out) for change. Sound familiar?


There is no doubt that over the last year Uranus’s signature unpredictability has been severely testing not only our society, but the world at large. In fact, here in the U.S. one need look no further than the utter collapse of our health care system during the Covid pandemic to find Uranian chaos (Uranus was finally in Taurus for good  by March 2019) . But that’s not all, how about the mysterious failure of Washington D.C. law enforcement to adequately respond to the violent insurrection that occurred in the U.S Capitol on January 6, 2021, especially when they knew it was coming (Uranus and Mars were squaring Jupiter in Aquarius at the time)? How was such a lapse of duty possible when a mob of thousands hoping to overturn the election started marching toward the Capitol while it was being covered live on CNN? Add to that the unbelievable denials afterwards by some of the elected officials who were present regarding whether or not anything even happened on that fateful day, particularly since film footage exists showing many of these deniers literally running and hiding for their lives. Let’s also not forget the Presidential election in 2020 that triggered the aforementioned insurrection (Uranus was opposing the Sun in Scorpio). After a record voter turnout that was by all official accounts a fair and secure process, there were nevertheless those who questioned the outcome despite President Biden winning by a landslide margin of over 7 million votes. To make matters even more absurd, after these election challenges were defeated in over 60 court cases around the country there is still to this day, almost a year later, a major media network in our country still telling its viewers we have an illegitimate President and the election was “stolen.”


As I previously mentioned, the antics of Uranus have not been limited only to the U.S. Just ask the Palestinians and their supporters around the world how they feel about the recent actions of the Israeli government, or vice-versa, if you want to hear what both sides of Uranian reactionary insanity sound like. And of course there is also the sudden “unexpected” collapse of the Afghan government less than 2 weeks after the U.S. military departed following its 20-year presence there (Uranus had been in an extended square with Saturn in Aquarius at the time). This of course happened after American Intelligence experts assured us that the ability of the radical, fundamentalist Taliban to regain power was “unlikely.” To an average person like myself who routinely expects everyone in the government to fail upwards no matter what they do, everything I’ve been recounting still sounds like the workings of a world spinning out of control (or fake news depending on your IQ) yet to any competent Astrologer these events I’ve listed have Uranus in Taurus’s eccentric fingerprints all over them. If you don’t believe me just reread what Mr. Dickens wrote, or perhaps you could try and find somebody in England who is old enough to remember back on September 30, 1938 when Prime Minister Chamberlain came back from Germany and told them Hitler wasn’t going to be a problem (yes, Uranus was in Taurus then too!).


Another interesting phenomenon going on now in our society that has piqued my interest and also seems to smack of Uranus’s influence, particularly when it comes to the total disregard and rejection of traditional mores, would be the “Non-gender identifying” phenomenon that is being championed by many young people. Here in America the act of exchanging a traditional pronoun like “he” or “she” for a more ubiquitous and supposedly freeing “they” adheres to the sort of individualism and rebelliousness that could easily be linked to Uranus’s influence.  This phenomenon becomes even more interesting after one realizes that in the Western Esoteric Tradition (as well as in many of the Spiritual systems of the East) the act of merging the duality of masculine and feminine into a single, unified awareness is considered the apex of spiritual realization and a significant transcendental step upwards. A second example of an esoteric phenomenon that I feel is linked to the Non-gender identifying movement and which has long fascinated me involves the numerous descriptions of extraterrestrial encounters (also ruled by Uranus) in which the abductors are described as exhibiting a genderless appearance. If that’s the case, then maybe the whole abduction phenomenon is not really about the invasion of our planet by another form of life. Perhaps what we think of as Aliens is really the archetype of a higher, universal, non-gender identifying wisdom within humanity that is trying to emerge?  During the Summer of 2025 as it exits Taurus to enter Gemini, Uranus will eventually catch up to directly aspect Neptune, the planet of transcendental love, meaning that perhaps by then we could have a better understanding if humanity as a whole is actually evolving toward a more universal “they” or will instead remain within the limits of a partisan he, she, or whatever else?


Now of course I am sure there are some who might want to challenge me and ask why I’m suggesting Uranus is so influential at this time? What about the other planets?  No doubt there are those who might say Saturn is more of a widespread influence now because of his authoritarian nature and predisposition for the rules. In addition, he’s also currently transiting through a sign he holds dominion over, namely Aquarius (which by the way is co-ruled by Uranus). On the other hand, there are probably some who might feel that Pluto is a more powerful energy on earth now, particularly because he symbolizes perhaps the two most powerful forces of change known to humanity, specifically death and regeneration. Another important point in favor of Pluto would be that the atomic bomb was invented shortly after his discovery, thus making him not only the Archetype of the Nuclear Age (which we’re still caught up in) but also the Patron God of every hawk politician on the face of the earth (war being humanity’s favorite pastime). Another planet that could be considered as having a strong influence now over the earth would Neptune, the archetype of enlightenment, although in my opinion his converse sides of illusion and escapism are far more effective tools for helping humans to experience the truth, albeit by default . Also, like Saturn, Neptune is transiting a sign he rules, in this case, Pisces.


After weighing all the above evidence, and in spite of the worthy cases that can be made for the influence of these other planets on humanity at this time, I would have to say that  Uranus still gets my vote as the prime mover and shaker over our current destiny here on earth. Why? Well, for one reason he’s about change for change’s sake, good, bad, or indifferent, and that’s a daunting force  to deal with. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who’s been caught in the reasonless, random destruction of a Tsunami or an earth quake (like those in Haiti last week). Uranus is not concerned with teaching us a lesson or helping us to gain any maturity or wisdom after one of his unexpected occurrences, that’s much too pre-planned for an “on the edge” type like him. Uranus likes to be strapped to the front of the rollercoaster for the fun of it. He’s not about the trial and error of incremental innovation (practically or morally) he’s about that “Aha!” moment of realization that seemingly emerges out of a vacuum. Uranus is the flash of satori, not the study of philosophy. As an example, take that revolutionary invention from not too long ago known as the internet (which, by the way, is ruled by Uranus). At its inception it was touted as something that would effectively shrink the world by instantly expanding our ability to access unlimited information. Remember the first time you heard that mystifying, transcendental sounding term,“cyberspace?” Well, fast forward a little more than a decade and the once space age sounding notion of the internet is now nothing more than a universal shopping mall where thieves (along with government organizations like the NSA) can access your life and personal information with impunity. What was at one time thought of as a major technological step forward has essentially turned into a lawless land of disinformation; a hall of mirrors where base-less propaganda like “Stop the Steal” is promoted along with anti-mask and anti-vaccine lies that proliferate among the unwitting like mosquitoes in a swamp.


Now you may be asking yourself, “what can an average person with average illusions like myself do to prevent being ravaged by this current and unpredictable chaos of Uranus?” That’s more than a fair question, so let’s look at how Uranus is affecting each of the signs (No, I will not be talking about romance or career prospects.)


Of course the sign at ground zero for all this is Taurus, therefore Taurians in general should be ready for both welcome and unwelcome surprises into their well-ordered, aesthetically pleasing worlds (though at first it may be hard to tell which is which). On the other hand, Leos and Aquarians should be careful about thinking that they understand more than they do about any of this, after all it’s not always about you and no one put you in charge. At the same time, Scorpions should be careful not to use their stingers every time something happens that they didn’t expect (if you want to think like Machiavelli then you should expect the unexpected). For the earth signs, such as Capricorn and Virgo, they will likely find themselves touched by a bit of genius, so a useful mantra for them might be, “Build it and they will come” although the necessity for vaccinations and masks may put a damper on any dreams of manifest destiny for the time being. Last but not least, Cancers and Pisceans may find themselves feeling a lot more sensitive (and cranky) than usual, meaning they should seriously work on transforming some of their excess stress into a relaxing or liberating creative endeavor; perhaps a bread and breakfast or a massage parlor, but then we’re back to the vaccination and mask stuff….Oh well……..


In closing, I would like to stress how important it is when dealing with an unpredictable planet like Uranus to try and remain as objective as possible. You are not defined in this life by what you have, or by what you’ve accomplished, because at the drop of a hat all of that can be taken away “like a fist when you open your hand” (up to and including your life). Realize instead that what at first may seem like the world collapsing could, in actuality, be a blessing in disguise.  After all, contained in the word “revolution” is the word “love” spelled backwards, meaning that the ability to recognize and decipher hidden clues amidst the chaos could ultimately turn out to be the difference between experiencing this Uranus transit as either stressful or enlightening. In other words, pay attention; the world may not be what you’re assuming it is and Uranus is just trying to point this out.


Excerpt from the Play “Psychonaut” by T.C. Eisele in E.A.P. Magazine

Hi kids!!!!!!

A portion of a play I’ve written titled “Psychonaut” is online now in Exterminating Angel Press Magazine……Here’s the link;

And to get you up to speed here’s a quick synopsis……..

“When a lucid dream places him in a mysterious jail cell and challenges his hold on reality, Franc, a Professional Astrologer and Psychic, turns to the work of the legendary psychologist Doctor Timothy Leary for answers. Once he opens himself to the good doctor’s writings (as well as the spirit of Leary himself) Franc experiences a blend of Science and Mysticism that helps him to “turn off his mind, relax, and float downstream.”

Enjoy the trip!

Mr. Saturn looks at the 2020 Iowa Caucuses


 Hi kids!!!!! Long time no see.


On Monday February 3, 2020 the Democratic Presidential Primaries will officially commence with the Iowa Caucuses. The day will begin with the ingress of the Moon into Gemini as well as that of Mercury into Pisces, where together these planets will form a mutable square. While Gemini is an air sign associated with communication and intellectual matters, Pisces by contrast is a water sign governing intuition, empathy, and spiritual awareness. The location of an emotional planet like the Moon in an intellectual sign like Gemini and a cerebral,  communicative planet like Mercury in a sensitive water sign like Pisces presents a very interesting paradox. It is my opinion that this aspect is a representative illustration of the choice voters will be grappling with as they try to decide between a moderate or progressive vision for the future of our country. As a result, I believe the Iowa Caucuses will be kicking off the first Presidential election in my lifetime (and Mr. Saturn is no spring chicken) where the American people will actually be concerned with voting for issues that directly affect them like Medicare for All, the future of our Social Security system, Student Loan Forgiveness, and Raising the Minimum Wage, rather than the personalities of the candidates.


The second important aspect that will occur on February 3 will be in the late afternoon when Venus, the Planet of Love, moves into a sextile with Saturn, the Planet of Structure and the Natural Order. Venus will be in the sensitive sign of Pisces, which is about compassion and creativity, while Saturn will be in its home sign of Capricorn where it symbolizes the rules that govern our society. A positive aspect between these two planets usually indicates the establishment of an idealistic and practical association that will mutually benefit the parties involved over the long-term.


With all of this in mind, what can we look forward to in the Iowa primary? I’m sure that you all have your favorite candidate that you would like to see win, however, based on the Astrological aspects I think a quote from Bernie Sanders in his comeback rally in NYC after his heart attack best sums up the situation………


“Are you willing to fight for the person next to you as hard as you’re willing to fight for yourself?”


I believe that’s the sentiment that will win the day in Iowa, and beyond.


Sincerely, Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #110 Special Democratic Primary Installment

Special Democratic Primary Installment


Candidate Profiles

Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. I’ve decided to take a departure from the usual fare of weekly horoscopes and instead focus on the natal charts of the various candidates currently running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.


Why am I doing this? Well, aside from the candidates policies (or lack thereof) and the manufactured images of them the Mainstream Media presents us, aren’t you also curious about what the stars would reveal about who these people are in a spiritual sense? I know I am.


With that said, buckle your seatbelt and let’s investigate exactly who each of these characters are that would dare to want to be the POTUS.



Senator Bernie Sanders

 While Senator Sanders is a Virgo, the natural born critic of the zodiac, he also has an Aries Moon conjunct with Mars, which would serve to make him a relentless fighter for what he believes is right. These Aries planets are in turn opposed and sextiled respectively by a Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini trine, giving him honor, integrity, compassion, and the ability to articulate his ideas in clear, accessible language to the average voter. In addition, he has a Mercury/Uranus trine with Pluto at the midpoint, making him a relentless and progressive seeker of truth and justice. No matter how much the mainstream media tries to either criticize or ignore this man, wherever and whenever people encounter him in person the energy represented in his natal chart projects a genuineness and honesty that is always acknowledged and admired.


Senator Elizabeth Warren

 With both the Sun and Venus in Cancer, Senator Warren doesn’t have to try very hard to project that folksy, Mom vibe, although with a Taurus Moon squaring Pluto in Leo she also has a very definite opportunistic streak as well. This would explain why along with fighting to restructure our country’s problem of vast income inequality she also claims to be an unabashed Capitalist. Her well-known tendency to waffle when confronted by the media is the result of her having a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Gemini squaring Saturn in Virgo and aligning with Neptune in Libra. It’s not so much that her beliefs change, or even that she’s a hypocrite, rather it’s that she wants to succeed and considers flexibility an important tool (at times even a virtue) whenever she is confronted by challenges to what she would hope to achieve. Of course there is also her Cancerian need to want to please everybody and make them happy. Needless to say, she won’t likely go to the mat on a matter if there is a chance that her overall career will be at stake.


Former Vice President Joe Biden

 With 4 major planets in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) former Vice President Biden is all about power. Add to that the fact that 3 of those Scorpio planets are aligning with Jupiter in Cancer and the fourth, Mars, is squaring Pluto, and what you’ll find with Joe is an arrogant and righteous nature that makes it very easy for him to justify doing basically anything he needs to in order to get ahead and maintain his position. In addition, he has a Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Gemini aligning with Neptune in Libra, making him a very convincing speaker, that is, if you’re not willing to check the facts. From his recent BS about “Corn Pop” to his mistreatment of Anita Hill, from his Obama era nickname of “Working Class Joe” to his infamy as “The Senator from MBNA,” this man is out to get ahead and he doesn’t care how.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg

 Mayor Pete’s Mercury in Aquarius lines up nicely with his Mars in Libra, yet it also squares his Moon in Scorpio, meaning he is a smooth talker that will say and do just about anything to get ahead. Add to this a Capricorn Sun squaring both Saturn and Pluto in Libra and one should also understand that this apparently clean cut cherub is, for the most part, more concerned with his own success than with helping others, although he is willing to be of service if he see’s that it will clearly benefit him to do so. With both Jupiter and the asteroid Ceres conjunct in Scorpio as well as an unaspected Uranus in Sagittarius, Mayor Pete also has a dark side (which he spends a great deal of effort trying to hide). If you don’t believe me consult the Young Turks investigative reporting on his firing of the Black Police Chief in South Bend as well as his fraudulent claims of support from the African-American community in South Carolina. In short, this is a young man on the make who intends to get a seat with the power brokers because deep down he is just like them.


Senator Kamala Harris

 On an obvious level having her Libra Sun in alignment with Saturn in Aquarius would make Kamala Harris a do it by the rules type, although on a subtler level her Mars in Leo squaring Neptune in Scorpio would speak to some deep approval issues and needing to succeed to feel good about herself. Of course her Venus, Uranus, and Pluto conjunction in Virgo would likely cause her to respond to the above observation with, “What’s so bad about wanting to succeed?” Nothing, I guess, yet one should try to be careful about the compromises that are made on the way up when there is such an emotional attachment to “success,” especially since the Senator has an Aries Moon aligning with impetuous Mars in ego driven Leo, whereby covetousness can (and likely will) clash with consistency and, God forbid, integrity.


Senator Corey Booker

 With a Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon in tight alignment, Senator Booker is a born reformer, although with his Venus in Aries and Mars retrograde in Sagittarius he likes to talk more like a revolutionary. In essence this rhetoric is nothing more than a harmless smoke and mirrors game he plays with himself in order to motivate his Mercury in Taurus out of its comfort zone ideology, which, in turn, is driven by a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in detail oriented Virgo that aligns with dreamy Neptune in control oriented Scorpio. Corey Booker is a curious mix of progressive fighter and corporate negotiator who is willing to start off fighting for what’s right, but then, at a moments notice, can compromise from revolution right down to something less (and sometimes even further than that) when his advancement is at stake.


Andrew Yang

 As a Capricorn Andrew Yang likes to project that he is both logical and practical, although with the Moon and Mars conjunct in the often zany sign of Sagittarius, he can also confuse theory and practice like a naïve traveller will mistake a map for the terrain, sometimes resulting in unforeseen and disappointing outcomes. Essentially he is an idea guy who consistently makes the fundamental mistake of believing that improvising a good idea out of a bad situation will effectively create a new paradigm. Of course this doesn’t take into consideration that his idea might actually just be a rearrangement of circumstances rather than any real change. Nevertheless, with a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aquarius he remains unflappable and with a Jupiter/Saturn trine in Pisces and Cancer respectively he will always be a maverick because, frankly, he doesn’t like anyone to tell him what to do. He needs to make his own mistakes, but do we need them?


Senator Amy Klobuchar

 A double Gemini with Mercury in the same sign, Senator Klobuchar is convinced that the world is exactly as she believes it to be. With Mars in Aries in turn fueling this manifesto she is therefore all about getting out there and getting things done. If this sounds well intentioned though severely limited, it is. It gets even worse when one realizes that in her natal chart she has both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, meaning that she will be experiencing simultaneous Jupiter and Saturn returns as we move into 2020. At the very least these returns will likely represent a major challenge to her philosophical outlook, which given her generally mutable nature as a Gemini and the affects of her Mars could result in her losing touch with what the people really need in favor of imposing an ideology she is convinced of. She might need an Ebenezer Scrooge moment in order to ultimately find out what the truth is, but will that be what the rest of us need if she’s the POTUS?


Representative Tulsi Gabbard


With the Sun, Venus, and Mars all conjunct in Aries and aligning with both Neptune and Pluto, Tulsi Gabbard is essentially an earthly manifestation of the Goddess of War; impetuous, courageous, and not afraid of fighting the good fight. Add to this a regal Leo Moon and the asteroid Ceres in Cancer and she is also quite capable of embodying the protective Mother Archetype as well. Perhaps though the most significant aspect in her chart is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, which then opposes Mercury in Aries. While on the one hand this line up would make her contemplative and reflective, on the other hand it would also make her outspoken, dynamic, and individualistic. It is quite appropriate that she would serve in the military and no surprise that it would be as a Medical Officer. A telling example of what is essentially a very contradictory chart would be her decision to not run again for her Congressional seat and instead commit to her Presidential campaign where she is only polling at around 2%.