With my Wife Diana and our Shih Tzu familiar, Tinkerbell,  I currently reside in New York City where I give Readings, teach classes, and write.

I began my personal journey along “the13thpath”  back in the 1990’s when I was single and working as a Medical Photographer in New York. In my spare time during that period  I embarked upon what was to become a 4-year apprenticeship in  various Esoteric Practices under the guidance of several different teachers. At the turn of the Millennium in 2000 a series of auspicious events occurred in my life (which I believed  were the result of my developing Spiritual Practice) and I was subsequently inspired  to abandon my career as a Professional Photographer and begin a new life offering Private Tarot Readings and Energy Healing Sessions.

My teaching career commenced in 2001 with a class on Qabalistic Magick at The New York Theosophical Society.  In the Spring of 2002 I began what would turn out to be an 8-year association with the A.R.E. of New York Holistic Center, which  lasted until 2010. At the A.R.E., I was a Staff Practitioner offering both Astrology and Tarot Readings as well as  presenting class programs on a wide array of subjects including Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, The I-Ching, The Runes, Psychic Development, Energy Healing, the Fourth Way Teachings of Gurdjieff, and Sacred Geometry.

Beginning in 2008 and ending in July 2017, I spent a 9 1/2 year residency at Enchantments, the legendary Occult Store in New York’s East Village.  During that period I conducted several thousand Readings as well as presenting ongoing classes in The Qabalah, Tarot, and Astrology.

With the launching of this web site my journey along “the13thpath”  is now leading me  toward new frontiers, specifically the subtle  realms of “Cyberspace” (which I believe is effectively a modern version of the Astral Plane of the Ancient Mystics)  where I intend to continue exploring the creative possibilities of my evolving Spirit .

Publishing History

My first book entitled “Modern Magickal Keys” was published  by the short-lived start-up Publishing House, Abramelin Press, and released following a lecture I delivered at the New Life Expo on the day of the Spring Equinox in 2004. While this book is currently out of print, plans are in the works with my current Publisher to re-issue it in the near future.

A second book, “Liber Quantum,” was published in 2011 and marked the beginning of my association with Rebel Satori Press, a cutting edge Indie Publisher that was founded in Bar Harbor, Maine and has since moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to “Liber Quantum,” I have published 3 other books with Rebel Satori Press ( The Exalted Man 2014, Liber Tao 2015, and Psychic Reading (A Play) 2017).

I have also written for numerous periodicals and on-line zines over the last 20+ years, including “The Astrology Quarterly” in London, “Cosmopolitan Online”, “Poetry East”, “Ashe Magazine”, “The Rumor Mill News”, “Exterminating Angel Press Magazine”, “Fleas on the Dog”, and the legendary but  now defunct, “New York Quarterly.”