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Psychic Reading

Since ancient times people have sought guidance from individuals who were believed to possess special powers that made them “Psychic”. This current volume entitled “Psychic Reading” contains a pair of dramatic dialogues that describe what it’s like to have an authentic Psychic session.

While both of the readings included are fictional creations, their subject matter is drawn from thousands of actual consultations that were performed by the Author during his career as a Professional Psychic, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader in NYC over the last 17 years.

Conducted with a member of each sex, the readings address issues confronting both women and men as they attempt to relate to one another in a modern world where reality can slip precariously back and forth between the virtual and the actual.

Part Dramatic Play, part Occult Teaching Manual, part Psychotherapy Session, and part Socratic Dialogue, “Psychic Reading” is an exploration into the nature of the relationships we have with both others and ourselves.




Liber Tao

A famous poet once commented, “good artists borrow, great ones steal.” With this book my intention has been to split the difference between borrowing and theft with what I believe is the more genteel act of homage. My inspiration for this effort has been an ancient masterpiece of Chinese Mysticism known to posterity as The Tao-Te Ching or “The Book of the Virtuous Way.”

Imitating the basic format and style of the original Tao-Te Ching, this current volume entitled “Liber Tao” (Liber is Latin for “book” and Tao is Chinese for “The Way”) is a collection of 81 short poems that explore the subtle connections between consciousness, mind, and reality.

A well known proverb states, “Give a person a fish and you will feed their hunger, teach them to fish and they will be able to feed themselves.” In a similar vein this book is not about answers, but instead introduces some perspectives worth thinking about for anyone who is interested in their Spiritual Evolution.




The Exalted Man

In the Qabalistic Tradition, the 4-letter name of God known as the Tetragrammaton represents an explanation for how the creative power of the Divine manifests in the material world. With a simple rearrangement of these 4 Hebrew letters, a design can then be created that resembles a human figure (see book cover). This transmutation between a name for the Divine and an image of humanity is called “The Exalted Man” and symbolizes the potential for a higher consciousness that exists within us all.

This present book entitled “The Exalted Man” was inspired by the passing of a friend and is my humble attempt to try and find some kind of spiritual understanding in the aftermath of such a loss.

Using the Haiku style, which is a 17-syllable Japanese poetic form, “The Exalted Man” is a collection of 161 mini-meditations designed to introduce the reader to a more expanded perspective on life and change, much like the example set by many monks in the Zen Tradition who, on the verge of dying, would spontaneously compose a Haiku as a lesson to their students on the transition between the known and the unknown.




Liber Quantum

What is Occultism and how does it work?

As opposed to Science, which is the systematic effort to develop a better understanding of our material existence, Occultism attempts to embrace the non-material, yet equally real dimension of consciousness and being.

The Scientific Method deals with what can be objectively proven within a given context. The techniques of Occultism take the same basic experimental approach, but instead seek to reveal an understanding that is relevant in a broader sense. In other words, where the Scientist believes in exactitude and perfection, the Occultist comes to realize that perfection can only be realized by acknowledging how everything fits.

This book is an attempt to present a perspective on Occultism sensible to the Technological Age. In plain language and utilizing a common sense approach, “Liber Quantum” has been written for those who would clearly recognize the validity of Occult Philosophy if they could have it presented to them in the practical and grounded fashion in which it was originally conceived.

As a result, this is not a work promoting either fantasy or dogma, but rather a set of experiments showing how the Occult systems created long ago are an inner technology that can help us to better understand the deeper meaning of our lives here in the 21st Century.




Modern Magickal Keys

Currently Out Of Print

A contemporary Grimoire for the 21st Century, “Modern Magickal Keys” is both a classic introductory manual and an innovative original text on the Western Esoteric Method or “Magick”.

Written in a clear and concise style, “Modern Magickal Keys” is unique among other books on the Occult in that it presents the fundamentals of Qabalah, Astrology, and Tarot in a single volume, thereby allowing the student to directly experience the important relationships between the three symbolic languages that represent the foundations of Magickal Practice. In addition, there are also chapters on Sacred Geometric Shapes, Sigils, and an analysis of a pair of Ancient Magickal Manuscripts.

Once the fundamentals of Magickal symbolism have been explained, “Modern Magical Keys” then presents for the first time in print a collection of original Acrostic Talismans in Hebrew created by the Author to both teach and inspire those interested in learning the Qabalah.

The book concludes with easy to follow instructions for a pair of Classic Rituals, thus providing the reader with a comprehensive overview of the steps for making and consecrating a talisman along with a practical strategy for transforming oneself through Daily Spiritual Practice.