Mr. Saturn’s Stars #79 Weekly Horoscopes for 4/1-4/7, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 4/1-4/7, 2019


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Aries- With Mercury, Venus, and Neptune all behind the scenes for you this week in the ultra-sensitive sign of Pisces you could find yourself feeling a lot more reflective and poetic than usual. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Public Image have been throwing you a lot of challenges as of late, which no doubt has transformed how you’ve been feeling about yourself. Jupiter in your House of Philosophy will have you pondering all of this and more as a New Moon in your sign compels you to move upward and onward through the anxiety and frustration that rebellious Uranus in rigid Taurus is causing in your House of Self Worth. If all this seems like it’s too much and you’re looking for an escape, Mars in your House of Local Affairs can no doubt furnish you with the necessary distractions. However, if you’re more concerned about finding the real you then I’m afraid you’re going to need to wade through a little more insecurity first. As the song goes, “The Harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all……”


Taurus- Now that unpredictable Uranus has entered your sign and will be there for the next 7 years, get ready to be dragged kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone. The New Moon in Aries behind the scenes this week will likely affect you like waving a red bandana in front of a Bull, but before you come charging out with your head down, realize that blindly reacting to circumstances out of annoyance can lead to some very ignoble outcomes. After all, it’s the matador who usually wins the bullfight while the bull ends up dead. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Philosophy are the dynamic duo that have been preparing you for this coming psychological revolution in your life, supported in turn by wise Jupiter in your House of Transformation. “All a man can do when death smiles at him is smile back….” If you can just manage to breathe and calm down for a second Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in your House of Groups are precisely the teachers who can show you how to relax and go with the flow…….So, with all due respect, shut up and listen.


Gemini- Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in your House of Public Image aligning with Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation are all no doubt bringing out your most chameleonic tendencies (which are considerable) however, try not to thumb your nose too much at your detractors now. The New Moon in aggressive Aries and your House of Groups could see a concerted effort by those who are not fans to not only bring you down, but to throw your ass out as well. Mars in your sign will make you want to come out swinging and no doubt Uranus behind the scenes would concur. With that in mind, watch your mouth and try to make sure that whomever it is you think you’re fighting doesn’t turn out to be yourself. Biting off that nose of yours to spite your face would be stupid, stupid, stupid.


Cancer- This week’s New Moon in impetuous Aries will be in your House of Public Image, which could mean it’s makeover time!!! Mars behind the scenes will likely serve as a major motivating factor behind this attitude, while at the same time rebellious Uranus in your House of Groups will make it hard for you to give up all those bad habits that you just love to engage in with your friends. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Friends (and enemies) will probably be asking you to review all those who currently have security clearances in your life, after all, you don’t want your fondest hopes and dreams being dashed by a hater camouflaged as a besty who encourages you to burn bridges today and worry about shit tomorrow. Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in your House of Philosophy will be all about love, however, make sure you’re planting those seeds in your own garden before you worry about undermining yourself to please somebody else.


Leo- With the New Moon in Aries in your House of Philosophy and Neptune, Mercury, and Venus all in the mutable, touchy-feely sign of Pisces and your House of Transformation, the notion of changing anything in your life now probably seems like a somewhat cool but distant idea. Be careful of making “should I or shouldn’t I” your mantra, especially with Saturn and Pluto in your House of Daily Routines keepin’ it real with responsibility after responsibility and Uranus in your House of Career throwing you curveball after curveball until you can hit the junk. You need to do something besides maintaining your status quo, especially when the users and takers have you hamstrung with their quid pro quo. Jupiter in your House of Creativity won’t be there forever, so this is the time for you to think big and bust a move…and I don’t mean on the Playstation!!!


Virgo- This week’s fiery New Moon in Aries will be in your House of Transformation, while at the same time you’ll be having Neptune, Mercury, and Venus pirouetting through your House of Relationships next door. Translation? Don’t let a partner distract you from what you know you need to do for yourself. Have your radar up and all your feelers out; if they can’t bully you then they’ll try to manipulate you by whining or crying or whatever other evil, pathetic device they can come up with. Uranus in your House of Philosophy will give you two choices on how to deal with this kind of bullshit; stress yourself out or do what you gotta do. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity have been preparing you for this so be willing to kamikaze your way to your dreams if necessary. That means if they try to make it them or the relationship, pull the pin on the grenade because I have news for you; they…..ain’t……going…..anywhere. This is a power struggle and you have the power! Get it? Got it? Good!!!


Libra- Saturn and Pluto at the root of your chart have been shaking your world like an earthquake for the past few months and now Neptune, Mercury, and Venus are making your daily life seem like the funhouse hall of mirrors in “The Lady From Shanghai.” There are two ways this situation can be dealt with; you can destroy all the mirrors until you hit what’s real, or you can have fun, after all, it is a fun house and it’s not like you won’t eventually find your way out, right? The New Moon in your House of Partnerships would suggest help is on the way, so take a moment to think about how whoever is coming to your aid would react to ton of broken glass? See what I mean? Uranus in your House of Transformation would indicate you’re on the verge of crossing between worlds and Mars in your House of Philosophy would suggest that you should march proudly forward. You’re about to get the life you’ve earned……Now if that scares you, take a moment to think about exactly what it is you’ve been doing….and why?


Scorpio- We are body, mind, and spirit. This week’s New Moon will be in your House of Health and the martial sign of Aries, that’s your body. Neptune, Mercury, and Venus will be in the transcendental sign of Pisces and your House of Creativity, that’s your spirit. Saturn and Pluto, the planets of revolution, will be in your Third House and that’s your mind. You may be facing a specific challenge now in your life, but the possible rewards you could gain across the board by addressing this problem as a full spectrum issue affecting body, mind, and spirit will likely yield an outcome you never would have dreamed of. There is a popular saying, “The Buddha is in a blade of grass,” meaning the possibility for Buddhahood exists everywhere. If you can understand that then you will probably also realize that the Buddha exists within all of us as well. The trick to realizing your Buddhahood is to deal with your immediate reality as something that needs to be addressed by your body, mind, and spirit together. Do what you need to do, fully, and it will create the Buddha you were meant to be.


Sagittarius- Sag is an outgoing sign, but it is also an eccentric one, meaning that you Centaurs can be known to hide. With a lot of conflicting influences going on now in the heavens you might be thinking that the safest place for you to be is behind the scenes….wrong! Neptune, Mercury, and Venus at your Foundation would be encouraging you to stay out of sight, however the New Moon in Aries and your House of Fun is yelling “Party!!!” Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth represent that sense of ambition you just can’t keep down, while Uranus in your House of Routines is likely telling you the status quo is bullshit, be a rebel. Of course this cross talk is confusing, but within chaos is an implicate order we just haven’t recognized yet and the only way to get a glimpse of the method behind the madness is to engage. In other words, get out there……because if you don’t, as Jimi Hendrix would say, “It’s Comin’ to gitcha”!!!!!


Capricorn- Saturn and Pluto in your sign now are probably causing you to want to keep things under wraps, but just like in the Handmaiden’s Tale there is a revolution brewing under the surface that can’t be denied. The New Moon in Aries at the bottom of your chart is setting the detonations, while Jupiter behind the scenes in his home sign of Sagittarius is passing out the revolutionary leaflets. Uranus in your House of Creativity is organizing the guerilla fighters and Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in your House of Communication are composing the anthem that will inflame people’s hearts and make them take to the streets. So how do you feel about this? Yay, or Meh….? You’re a tough sign, but do you want to continue to suffer in responsible silence or would you rather risk something in glorious uncertainty? I know, I know, you always get the tough questions.


Aquarius- If you’ve been holding back saying something that really needs to be expressed then I have some bad news; nothing is going to get better until you come clean. Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes are constantly reminding you what’s at risk if you buck the status quo, while on the other hand Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in your House of Self Worth represent your conscience that just won’t shut up. Likely it will all come down to the New Moon in Aries in your House of Communication, which will probably make you speak your peace with the same sense of urgency like being hungry makes one want to eat. Mars in your House of Creativity will also have a big role to play in this because, let’s face it, you’re bored with the rules and when it gets to that point, well, you just can’t help yourself, can you? Make sure you have the proper accelerant before you set that bridge on fire…. And oh yeah, an escape route too.


Pisces- Saturn and Pluto in your House of Dreams have held your nose to the grindstone for a long time now and even though you’re getting closer to a much anticipated goal you can’t help but feel a little ambivalent about the whole thing. Why is that? Having Neptune and Mercury so close together in your sign now doesn’t help, if anything those two are known for their mixed messages and vague, mirage-like ideas. The new Moon in Aries is also contributing to all this, but rather from a rebellious “do I really want this” point of view. Add to that Uranus in your House of Communication making you edgy so that you don’t want to talk about anything and, well, what is there to do? Finish what you started, that’s when things will begin to feel new and exciting.

Excerpts from “Liber Tao” by T.C. Eisele published by Rebel Satori Press 2015


***If you wish to purchase a copy of “Liber Tao” select “Books”  on the main menu where there are links to both Amazon and Rebel Satori Press.


From the Introduction

“This book is a love child born from the mingling of the Mystical Traditions of both the West and the East. To illustrate its mixed heritage I have chosen to title this work “Liber Tao,” a pairing of the Latin word Liber or “Book” with the Chinese word Tao or “The Way” whose combined translation, “The Book of the Way,” is a direct reference to the legendary classic of Chinese Mysticism known as the “Tao-Te Ching.

It has been my intention with “Liber Tao” to recreate my own version of the “Tao-Te-Ching.” By “my own version” I do not mean another translation or interpretation of the original masterwork, but rather a brand new effort based on the experiences and insights I have gained while trying to forge my own “Way” in life. In homage to the great Chinese classic I have subsequently organized this current work into the same format and style as the original “Tao-Te-Ching,” namely a collection of 81 entries (none longer than a single page) with each one written in a direct, minimal fashion………….”


“…………..By itself, the term “Tao” represents an idea that is at the center of all Chinese thought. While its most common translation is “ The Way,” conceptually the Tao may also be thought to mean a path, a method, a principle, a doctrine, or even the matrix of universal consciousness. Yet beyond all these possible translations, the Tao is ultimately recognized by the Chinese mind to be the symbolic name for the eternal essence from which all other reality emanates.

Even though it is believed that the true nature of the Tao is beyond human comprehension, ancient Taoists nevertheless endeavored to find traces of the Way in nature, the social world, and also within the individual. As a result, the Chinese feel there is a Tao or Way that represents the purest and most truthful approach to any activity or form of being. The desire to be more in touch with this type of awareness is essentially the driving force behind all evolution, so when the Chinese speak of understanding the Tao, they are essentially referring to the possible bridge that can be forged between our normal daily perceptions and the Intuitive, Divine presence that permeates all life…………”


From the Text



 The usefulness of a vessel is not how much it can hold

But rather how much it serves


This distinction is subtle, yet forms the root

Of the difference between fear and courage


Fear wants the vessel to always be full

And will hoard in anticipated need


Courage uses the vessel with impunity

Seeing the cycles of emptiness as the way of life


This dynamic is the root of all creativity

And allows the student to see how letting go


Is the first step to acquiring what is necessary



 When small children are brought to cemeteries

They want to run and play between the headstones


Yet they are scolded and told to respect

Something they do not understand


When small children are brought to churches

The candles, shadows, and echoes, seem like a funhouse


Yet they are scolded and told to respect

Something they do not understand


This is how we all get divided from the Tao

Into the illusory world of this and that


Yet there is room in a cemetery for more than death,

After all, a cemetery is maintained by the living


And there is room in a church for more than piety,

After all, a church is a refuge for the wayward in spirit


Therefore, to reunite ourselves with the Tao

We must remember to sometimes forget


All we’ve been taught to understand



 When we perceive the world

Without intending to do so


Like a mirror that reflects

Everything it faces


This is called “no mind”


What we think of as “mind”

Is because we discriminate


Between ourselves

And what is around us


This is why the mind is always in conflict

With the world in which it exists


Therefore, just as a mirror can be useful

For expanding the sense of a small room


So too can embracing “no mind” be of use

As a doorway beyond our discrimination


And into the Tao



 Creativity is how we interact with the unknown

The Tao is how the unknown interacts with us


Thus our consciousness is an alchemical marriage

Of an awareness of form and a formless awareness


When one does not allow this partnership to deteriorate

Through attachment to temporary conditions


This is known as relinquishing the mind

Without abandoning it



 The Tao allows for every possibility

Yet the mind seeks perfection


Eternity is endless

Yet the mind searches for conclusions


Birth and death are infinitely recurring

Yet the mind forms a sequence


Being and Non-being require each other

Yet the mind retains a preference


It therefore makes perfect sense

Why museums preserve the brains of famous men in jars


It is a way for us to see

The nature of our limitations



 What are the sounds of wind and rain?


Moving in the heavens, the wind is silent,

Only to be heard when it meets resistance


As it shakes the trees

Or fills our ears


Falling from the heavens, rain is also silent,

Only to be heard when it meets resistance


As it hits the roof

With its steady drumming


Both wind and rain come from silence

Yet are known by how they disturb the silence


Likewise, we come to know ourselves

Only by what we do,


Unaware of what we truly are.



 Our mind is a flame

And our body is a candle


Yet what remains

When the fire and wax are done?


Such is the essence of the Tao