Mr. Saturn’s Stars #56 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/8-10/14, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/8-10/14, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

Well, Bart O’Kavanaugh has been confirmed and I have a feeling all of his cronies who couldn’t recall anything are probably raising a glass now in their respective country clubs. On the other side, I salute all those who came forward (both men and women) to support the allegations of both Ms. Ford and Ms. Ramirez, too bad the FBI was told not to talk to you.

But most of all, as far as Mr. Saturn is concerned, Christine Blasey Ford is a true heroine who showed more Judicial temperament, more courage, and more leadership than whining Bart did.

So now all of you Ladies out there (as well as the men who love and respect you) know what you need to do in November. We can give ourselves a Holiday Gift of a Blue Congress so we can start to begin to fix this mess we’re in. Let Justice be done on the rebound.




Aries- The week will begin with a New Moon in your House of Relationships squaring Pluto in your House of Career, which could mean the time has come for you to re-evaluate your associations with certain colleagues. Venus retrograde in your House of Transformation squaring Mars in your House of Dreams will also involve your professional associations, particularly in regards to how some of your commitments may actually be holding you back from recognizing your full potential. As Mercury changes sign from Libra to Scorpio it will join Venus in your House of Transformation and subsequently oppose Uranus retrograde in your House of Self Worth, signaling that perhaps it’s time to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk in regards to what you can no longer live with if your dreams are ever going to come true.


Taurus- If you’ve been feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to find time for what’s important to you, then maybe it’s time to eliminate some of the stuff you just do without really thinking about it. The New Moon in your House of Routines will be squaring Pluto in your House of Philosophy, meaning that if your time is at a premium, then you should be reorganizing it based on your priorities and not anyone else’s. In support of this, Venus retrograde in your House of Relationships squaring Mars in your House of Career would further speak to all the creative energy you have pent up due to demands being made on you by individuals too lazy to do for themselves. As Mercury enters your House of Relationships and opposes Uranus, don’t be afraid to kick these freeloaders to the curb, you’ll be glad you did.


Gemini- The New Moon in your House of Creativity squaring Pluto in your House of Transformation this week will be about letting go of whatever you feel is weighing you down, whether that be a person, idea, or situation. Venus retrograde squaring Mars could find you wanting to either step away or completely revamp a situation at work, just make sure you’re not cutting off your nose to spite your face. Mercury entering into the secretive sign of Scorpio to oppose Uranus retrograde behind the scenes could see you having to scramble because of something you did in the past that is coming back to haunt you. If you can take the hit for this indiscretion then come clean and tell the truth. Continuing to lie may just make things worse and may even get too out of hand even for your prodigious talents at fabrication.


Cancer- The New Moon in your House of Foundations squaring Pluto in your House of Relationships could find you re-evaluating some friendships that may have run their course. You hate to let go of stuff, but this may just be a time when you have to let someone drift away into the void of their own ego. This may end up being a blessing in disguise as Venus retrograde in your House of Creativity rubs passionately against Mars in your House of Transformation and you suddenly discover that with one less person to worry about in your life you suddenly have more time to pursue something far more interesting, like whatever you damn well please. As Mercury enters into your House of Creativity and opposes Uranus in your House of Dreams, take a chance on trusting an inspiration, you may find you have what it takes to make yourself ecstatically happy!


Leo- If you’ve been working too much and neglecting someone special in your life then you better just stop that shit right now! Venus retrograde squaring Mars in your House of Relationships would indicate that being too tired after work is not going to fly for very much longer, so if you don’t want to end up sleeping alone then you’d better find that lost libido of yours. The New Moon in your House of Communication squaring Pluto would suggest that much of the mojo you invest in work is entirely misplaced, especially if half of it is spent complaining how much you’re suffering there. Why don’t you redirect some of your whining into a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, or at least a willingness to pay attention to someone other than your disgruntled self? Maybe a little Whoopee will help to bust through whatever is damming you up and you’ll turn into the courageous adventurer we all know you are?


Virgo- The week will start with a New Moon in your House of Self Worth and it will be squaring Pluto in your House of Creativity, meaning that if you’ve been looking to break out of a rut then this is the time to do it! Venus retrograde in your House of Communication will be squaring Mars in your House of Routines, so why don’t you try a little experiment? Like stop doing shit you don’t like to do, especially if you’re just using it to distract yourself from what you really want to do (but may be too scared to try)? As Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio it will be aligning with Saturn in your House of Creativity, which will in turn be aligning with Uranus in your House of Philosophy; in other words, if not now, when in regards to your dreams? If not here, where? Think about it…..but not for long before you DO something….anything… long as it’s different than your same old, same old.


Libra- As the New Moon in your sign squares Pluto in your House of Foundations, you can rest assured some big changes are coming, you just won’t know what they are until they happen. Mars in your House of Creativity should mean you’re up for whatever comes along, while Venus retrograde in your House of Self Worth would indicate that what will see you through this time won’t necessarily be based on what you have, but rather who you are and the magickal power of what your essence will attract. Do you believe? As Mercury enters your House of Self Worth to oppose Uranus retrograde in your House of Transformation, stop trying to imagine what the bumps in the road may be and instead “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel……”Let it roll baby, roll….”


Scorpio- With Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury all in your sign now you should have the charm, insight, and eloquence to get whatever you want…..So, what do you want? The New Moon behind the scenes in Libra angling with Pluto in your House of Thinking would suggest that whatever you would hope to accomplish will likely have more to do with what you’re willing to let go of rather than worrying about what you can acquire. I know that sounds more Zen than you’d care to hear, but with the Lunar Arc this week progressing through the depths of your mind, whatever you would hope to find in the future will likely be more about how you can ask questions creatively (which is really voicing your intuitions) rather than remaining in the comfort zone of your current understandings and getting meaningless assurances of what you already know.


Sagittarius- The New Moon in your House of Groups angling against Pluto in your House of Self Worth will be requiring you to move past the judgments of others, especially if you’ve said or done something as of late that was a matter of conscience. Mars in your House of Communications squaring Venus behind the scenes would indicate that your words have had a great deal of power, just realize that telling the truth can make you just as many enemies as friends and there’s no accounting for taste. As Mercury, the planet of communication, moves behind the scenes in your chart, make sure to get back to a familiar routine in which you can relax and feel productive again; leave fixing the world to those who are arrogant enough to believe they can. You did your bit and you should be proud.


Capricorn- The New Moon will be in your House of Career to start the week and it will be squaring Pluto in your sign, meaning that you will likely be challenged to let go of something you might have once thought was important but right now may not be all that and a bag of chips. Mars in your House of Self Worth squaring Venus retrograde in your House of Dreams could either motivate you to try and hold on like a pit bull or else let go like a fist when you open your hand; it’s up to you so make sure you’re seeing the forest for the trees before allowing yourself to worry that all may be lost. As Mercury moves into your House of Dreams to square Uranus retrograde in your House of Creativity, you may just discover that whatever has departed from your life may just turn out to be a blessing in disguise by providing a space for something better.


Aquarius- Mars in your sign squaring Venus retrograde in your House of Career may have you scrambling desperately to try and salvage what is seemingly a lost cause, especially since an unpredictable Uranus retrograde is lingering in your House of Foundations to oppose Mercury as it enters the revealing and often blunt sign of Scorpio. Something you had hoped would remain hidden is now going to be in the open for all to see. The New Moon in your House of Philosophy squaring Pluto behind the scenes will be trying to tell you that ambition has been your undoing in this matter, not some conspiracy on the part of those who have asked sensible questions that you simply felt above having to answer. Only the true king can pull the sword from the stone….Amen.


Pisces- Sometimes the journey to make a dream come true is meant to change us rather than our getting what we think we want. The New Moon in your House of Transformation squaring Pluto in your House of Dreams could perhaps be indicating that this is such a time or, on the other hand, any delays that are occurring now could be hinting that the time is not right yet for your ambitions to be fulfilled? Mars behind the scenes is probably making it hard for you to accept this, especially as it squares Venus retrograde in your House of Philosophy, which keeps your desire in front of you like a carrot baiting a donkey. As Mercury enters the secretive sign of Scorpio and your House of Philosophy, an important piece of information could be revealed in the near future that will either indicate you should remain patient, or else move on once and for all.

Looking Back at “An Astrologist Examined the Trump Family’s Star Charts” published in Cosmo Online 2/9/2017

In January of 2017 I was hired by Cosmopolitan Online Magazine to analyze the Astrological Birth Chart of then President Elect Donald Trump along with the charts of his immediate family, specifically Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner. The article was published on February 9, 2017 with the title “An Astrologist Examined the Trump Family’s Star Charts and the Results Are Crazy.”

I thought it would be interesting to republish this piece on the day that marks Mr. Trump’s first full year in office in order to see if what I originally wrote bears any resemblance to  the current situation.

What you are about to read is what I originally submitted to Cosmo before their editorial staff made changes. I was disappointed at what was removed from my original text, so I am happy at this point to be able to present  my original, unadulterated views on what the man many of us refer to as #45 was likely going to do during his first year in office.


Analysis of the Trump Family Birth Charts

 by T.C. Eisele


 Donald Trump born June 14, 1946

A natal or “birth” chart is a basic tool Astrologers use to gain insight into an individual’s personality. In looking at the birth chart of Donald Trump we are presented with a clear example of “what you see is what you get.”

Beginning with an opposition between his Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, the stage is immediately set for a natural conflict between Mr. Trump’s emotions and ego that can often result in his having difficult relations with others. These difficulties are enhanced by a harsh relationship between Mercury, the planet of communication in the emotional sign of Cancer, and Neptune, the planet of illusion, showing a tendency for Mr. Trump to be convinced that the truth is whatever he feels it should be.

His Gemini Sun is also in conjunction with Uranus and works powerfully with Mars in Leo to make Donald Trump proud, individualistic, and highly unpredictable. An addition of Jupiter in Libra to this mix amplifies all of the aforementioned qualities as well as providing a continuous need for Donald Trump to be in control of any situation he is in. A Jupiter-Uranus trine further symbolizes an almost magical ability to manifest whatever he needs, although from an esoteric perspective, Magical Power that is directed by the ego instead of the Higher Self can ultimately result in one’s undoing rather than success.

It is interesting that Mr. Trump began his race for the White House in the year of his Jupiter return, a 12-year cycle traditionally associated with expansion. His Inauguration was approximately a month after the actual return and on that day Jupiter was in square to a conjunction in his birth chart of Venus and Saturn in Cancer. This is an alignment usually indicating someone who is both loyal and family oriented, although when mixed with the egocentric qualities previously cited would also explain the controversial first weeks of the Trump administration that were dominated by an unapologetic cronyism and “alternate facts”.

Jupiter will linger in this square to Mr. Trumps Venus-Saturn conjunction for a while and also include transiting Pluto in Capricorn. As result we could very well see this Presidency turn into a Reality TV Show over the Summer with a plot line more out of Machiavelli or “The House of Borgia” rather than the All-American, well scripted images we usually see coming out of the White House.


Melania Trump born April 26, 1970

Because there is no record for the time of day when Melania was born it is not known whether her Moon is in late Sagittarius or early Capricorn. If it’s in Sag it would be conjunct her husband’s moon, which is a great indicator of emotional compatibility and shared values. However, if her Moon is in early Capricorn (which is my guess) it would square her husband’s Neptune and essentially motivate them to see each other as whatever they wish; he as the powerful provider and her as the beautiful trophy.

This fantasy continues when we look at her Capricorn Moon in aspect to both Jupiter in Scorpio and a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, a combination indicating the ability to attract whatever Melania desires from her marriage as all three of these planets aspect her husband’s emotional Mercury.

With a powerful Venus-Pluto alignment, Melania fits snuggly with her husbands Venus-Saturn conjunction symbolizing attachments to home and family. In addition, her Venus in Taurus provides a strong tension to The Donald’s Mars in Leo serving to insure plenty of fire works between them (both romantic and otherwise).

The public image of Melania has so far been that of a subservient and dim spouse, however, with a grounded Mercury-Pluto relationship in her chart I think she may be somewhat different behind the scenes. After all, she did manage to seduce the man who is our President.

While her Taurus Sun craves luxury and comfort and her Capricorn moon will do whatever it takes to keep the situation going, Melania also possesses a pair of very volatile Mars-Uranus and Mars-Jupiter aspects. With an addition of Neptune to these positions, I suspect that the First Lady can be quite rebellious and is extremely sensitive to anyone trying to control her. While Mr. Trump may drive some of us crazy with his antics, we should rest assured that his wife likely does the same to him.

My overall sense is that if the walls of the White House had eyes (and Melania ever ends up living there) perhaps those halls of power will witness behavior by the First Lady during the next four years that could get her “Fired” by the Boss when they eventually vacate the premises.


Ivanka Trump born October 30, 1981

When it comes to dealing with a powerful personality like Donald Trump, you either agree or disagree, you’re either on the team or you get axed. Nobody gets to agree to disagree with a man like Donald Trump, except maybe his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

With a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius aligning nicely with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Libra, on the surface Ivanka is glamorous, privileged, sophisticated, accomplished, and seemingly very lucky. However, with Mars in Virgo aspecting both her Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Moon, the real lady behind the glamorous mask might be better described by Burt Lancaster’s line in the classic film, “Sweet Smell of Success” when he says to a colleague, “I wouldn’t want to take a bite out of you, you’re a cookie full of arsenic.”

With an additional Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Libra, Ivanka is nobody’s fool. She’s as smart as a whip but is also possessed of the same ruthlessness as her father when it comes to getting what she wants. This similarity results from the fact that they both possess an afflicted Sag Moon, a placement that can often facilitate the individual believing whatever they want to.

Ivanka also has an interesting anomaly in her chart in the form of Uranus in Scorpio being un-aspected. Generally when a planet has no aspects to it in the birth chart it is an indication that the energy associated with it will be either repressed or uncontrollable.

While Ivanka’s Scorpio Sun is quite well heeled behind her Sag-Libra glamour, that Uranus in Scorpio represents some very deeply rooted issues having to do with control, independence, and power. If she can maintain her cool and learn some important lessons of compromise and humility from the blowback of her Father’s natural hubris, it is quite possible that Ivanka Trump could end up unexpectedly emerging as a kind of Herkimer Diamond amidst a rough Presidency.


Jared Kushner born January 10, 1981

In comparison to the intoxication of power we have witnessed Donald Trump indulge in so far, his Son-in-law Jared Kushner would no doubt be seen as his designated driver. Somebody has to keep this heap on the road and with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn working with both Uranus and Pluto, Mr. Kushner has the chutzpah to do so.

Born into privilege, Jared Kushner has seen both the pros and cons of ruthless ambition as a result of the conviction and imprisonment of his father, successful real estate developer Charles Kushner, for tax evasion and witness tampering. With a Pisces Moon, the above incident no doubt left a lasting impression on the young man and combined with his healing Chiron in Taurus and nurturing Ceres in Cancer, he is perhaps the perfect Dark Knight to stand behind the hard charging Mr. Trump.

Kushner is a natural strategist having Mars in powerful alignment with both Jupiter and Saturn, which no doubt serves as a potent antidote to Mr. Trumps arrogant Mercury-Neptune square, making Kushner the perfect Devil’s advocate to the Devil himself. In addition, Kushner’s nurturing Ceres sits right in the lap of Donald Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction with all three in turn closely flanked on both sides by the younger man’s Sun and Pluto, thereby making these two men a deeply loyal and Karmic Cabal.

Jared Kushner also possesses the same identical Neptune-Venus conjunction as his wife, which in turn relates back to his own Pluto and Ivanka’s Jupiter-Pluto, making this pair the real power couple in the Trump Court. Both of them are smart, driven, and loyal, as well as mutually turned on by power, money, and each other.

The real question though regarding Jared Kushner is if he has learned enough from the mistakes of his father to truly be of service to his new mentor before Mr. Trump ends up making the mistake of believing the United States Government is either his personal fiefdom or a Reality TV show.