Original Face

Hi kids!

Here to let you know that a short play I’ve written titled “Original Face” is now up at “Fleas on the Dog Magazine.”  Follow the link below to get your drama fix for the day…….

But first, here’s a quick synopsis of what it’s about:

Have you ever tried to meditate? In “Original Face” Tom and Tom’s Mind grapple for mastery of the moment in this short absurdist drama about what goes on in our heads when we try to break free of ourselves.



Excerpt from the Play “Psychonaut” by T.C. Eisele in E.A.P. Magazine

Hi kids!!!!!!

A portion of a play I’ve written titled “Psychonaut” is online now in Exterminating Angel Press Magazine……Here’s the link;


And to get you up to speed here’s a quick synopsis……..

“When a lucid dream places him in a mysterious jail cell and challenges his hold on reality, Franc, a Professional Astrologer and Psychic, turns to the work of the legendary psychologist Doctor Timothy Leary for answers. Once he opens himself to the good doctor’s writings (as well as the spirit of Leary himself) Franc experiences a blend of Science and Mysticism that helps him to “turn off his mind, relax, and float downstream.”

Enjoy the trip!