Mr. Saturn’s Stars #61 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/19-11/25, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/19-11/25, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. The Thanksgiving Holiday will be happening this week, so as you’re stuffing your pie hole  make sure you take a moment to reflect on all you have to be thankful for (and even the stuff you didn’t care for if it ended up making you better in some way…..after all, that’s the way the evolutionary cookie crumbles).


 Aries- With this week’s Full Moon in your House of Communications opposing Jupiter in your House of Philosophy and squaring Mars behind the scenes, be careful that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself (or someone else) with a “Freudian Slip.” Your emotions are very close to the surface now and if you’ve been experiencing frustrations or delays in the work sphere your editing faculties will likely be a little bit off. They say “loose lips sink ships,” well, just make sure you don’t deep six a lot of what you’ve worked for by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. If you have something to vent do it at the gym instead of running your mouth.


Taurus- There are 4 major planets this week in your House of Transformation, a Full Moon in your House of Self Worth, and a bunch of decisions that need to be made. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Philosophy are promoting a slash and burn approach to anything that contributes to your comfort zone and prevents you from moving ahead, while Uranus retrograde behind the scenes has you itching to press forward regardless of the circumstances; in other words, you could exhaust yourself by trying to let go and hold on at the same time. Mercury retrograde starting off the week squaring Neptune could have you losing sight of the forest for the trees, so ask someone you trust for help. Just be willing to follow their advice if you know it’s true. Any hesitancy you’re feeling about change is merely the seductiveness of your comfort zone trying to anesthetize you; Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.


Gemini- This week’s Full Moon is in your sign and as it opposes Jupiter in your House of Partnerships and squares Mars in your House of Career, be prepared to take one step back to move two steps forward. Your ability to strategize and compromise will catch your enemies off guard and re-establish confidence in you from those who have been supportive but doubtful as of late. The question is can you transcend that ego of yours that needs to be in control? Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation are going to force you to let some things go, just realize that this will allow you travel lighter and farther than you ordinarily would if you were totally in control, especially if that control was just going to precipitate your demise by stretching you too thin and making you seem unqualified and ill prepared….A word to the wise, less is more.


Cancer- An epiphany could be coming to you this week as the Full Moon shines into your House of Secrets. Jupiter in your House of Work squaring Mars in your House of Philosophy, which then aligns nicely with Saturn in your House of Partnerships, could see you joining forces on the job with someone you ordinarily wouldn’t want to be associated with. The caveat here is that the advantage in this situation is all yours because you’re the only one this individual thinks they can trust. Politics no doubt makes for strange bedfellows, but if you can both benefit from this association give it a chance; particularly if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mercury retrograde squaring Neptune in your House of Philosophy could have you doubting all of the above, however Mr. Saturn thinks the illusion usually associated with this pair of planets will be about ultimately trusting your intuition rather than getting stuck in the illusions of conventional logic…..What do you think?


Leo- You’ve been procrastinating about an idea long enough. As the Moon goes Full in your House of Dreams and opposes Jupiter in your House of Creativity, the time has come to go out and make that first step. Mars in your House of Transformation aligning with Saturn in your House of Maintenance will be there to back you up once this project gets in gear, so don’t let yourself get overly bogged down in details at the onset, after all, needing to have everything figured out ahead of time has always been your excuse in the past not to start. (Touché.) With Uranus retrograde at your Mid-heaven, expect the unexpected, and with Venus finally going direct the unexpected might just end up being that the idea you’re about to take a risk on is a lot better than you realized. That’s not to say there aren’t a few glitches, but with Mercury currently retrograde it’ll all get figured out eventually. The question is, do you believe?


Virgo- Marlon Brando in “The Godfather” said, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” As the Full Moon ascends into your House of Career and enters into a testy alignment with Jupiter at your Foundation and Mars in your House of Partners, it should become quite apparent now who has your best interests in mind and who doesn’t. Make a note of who’s who, but don’t let on to anyone what you know. There may be some surprises, particularly if you realize a partner has been passive aggressively undermining you, however, with Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity you should have no problem seeing what needs to be capitalized on and what needs to be let go of. If you’re feeling some regrets about what needs to be done, just remember what happened to Don Corleone in the end….Que sera sera.


Libra- Now that Venus is direct in your sign and moving into an opposition with Uranus retrograde in your House of Partnerships, expect some feelers you sent out in the past to unexpectedly track you down. This should be further accentuated as Jupiter combines with the Sun in your House of Communications and aligns with the Full Moon in your House of Publishing and the dissemination of ideas. Mercury retrograde is also in your House of Communication and as it enters into a harsh angle with Neptune in your House of Work, don’t underestimate how much those who are seeking you out need you; be humble and all that, but don’t be a doormat.


Scorpio- The Full Moon in your House of Transformation opposes Jupiter in your House of Self Worth and as they both square Mars in your House of Creativity you are likely feeling it’s finally time to take decisive action in regards to controlling your own life. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Ideas have seen you going back and forth between considering the merits of being a worker or a boss, but the one thing you consistently shy away from thinking about is being your own Master (or Mistress). Venus behind the scenes opposing Uranus retrograde is probably finding you yet again in a position to have to bail out some incompetent superior. While this individual may have had the money to start this business, you’re the one who’s actually running it. A suggestion for the future; find an investor not a boss.


Sagittarius- As the Full Moon illuminates your House of Relationships and squares Mars in your House of Home, the time has likely come for you to get out of the nest and begin your own life. Jupiter in your sign knows you’re ready, but Neptune also in your House of Home has you hedging on whether or not you’re willing and able. Really? Having your own life is not just about money (which you have) but also about maintenance, which you lazily and co-dependently always palm off on someone else. Just don’t underestimate the control that you’re giving away by being too lazy to take care of your own shit. Saturn in your House of Self Worth is also impacting Mars in your home area, so if you’re willing to take responsibility then you can have true freedom in return, after all, that’s the most important bill you’ll ever have to pay.


Capricorn- Having Saturn and Pluto in your sign for a while has likely put everything you’ve been used to into disarray. As the Full Moon in your House of Work squares Mars in your House of Communication, now would probably be a good time for you to establish some new routines that will draw on all the change you’ve been through. Venus going direct in your House of Career should see you finally getting some rewards for any hard work you might have done in the past, although Mercury retrograde behind the scenes might still have you worrying about stuff that you shouldn’t and waiting for the shoe to drop. The antidote for this funk is to let the Sun and Jupiter lead you in a jailbreak from your House of Confinement….as the man once said, “Follow your bliss.”


Aquarius- Too many choices can lead to confusion and that might be exactly where you are now as you contemplate a myriad of possibilities that exist in a new situation. Mars in your House of Self Worth has you feeling quite ambitious, although where the Warrior Planet is now in Pisces is more about strategy and timing rather than overwhelming something with energy and brute force. Venus passing through your House of Philosophy to oppose Uranus in your House of Communication is about killing them with kindness, so be willing to be patient and negotiate and you could go far in a what might currently appear to be a chaotic situation. Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes will keep you going two steps forward and one step back for the next little while, so try to be patient and go with the flow, your future may depend on it.


Pisces- Mars and Neptune in your sign is not necessarily the best combination, as their qualities of action and illusion can tend to make it feel as though you’re trying to drive a car through a heavy fog. Likewise, the Full Moon at the bottom of your chart and Jupiter at the top is like the foam overflowing out of a beer mug, so make sure you start out sipping slowly in a new situation or you could end up with a wet face and very little beer. Mercury retrograde in your House of Career squaring Neptune could have you believing that everything that glitters is gold, however, be careful that your check book is balanced and you’re not assuming you can draw on resources that aren’t really there. It’s true that “when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose,” but face it, debt can accumulate as easily as dust, so try not to neglect what needs to be taken care of right now.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #34 Weekly Horoscopes for 4/30-5/6, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 4/30-5/6, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.


“There is only one plot- things are not what they seem.”

-Jim Thompson


“A raven’s call from

A nearby tree lingers like

A premonition”

-The Exalted Man


Aries- What do you want to believe? Venus in your House of Mental Activity in a harsh angle to Neptune behind the scenes will have you coming up with whatever you need to justify anything you want, however, Mercury in your sign moving into a square with Pluto might foil your best constructed fantasies by acting like a whistleblower who knows where all the bodies are buried. A Taurus Sun also aligning with Neptune would further suggest it is easier to create a solution for just about anything if you’re honest with yourself rather than trying to concoct a series of fabrications to avoid what you fear. Venus inconjunct a retrograde Saturn will probably have the last word here and it will likely be something along the lines of; “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose, you’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal.” So what are you worrying about?


Taurus- The Sun in your sign coming into alignment with Neptune in your House of Dreams could see you willing to invest a great deal into a developing project, while Venus in your House of Self Worth will likely cause you to overlook what there may be to lose in this situation. With Mercury behind the scenes in a harsh aspect to Pluto in your House of Philosophy make sure that you pursue your due diligence in this matter and be certain that what you’ve been told is the real deal. Mars in your House of Long Distance matters approaching a square to Uranus will be yelling “surprise” when you least expect it, hopefully it won’t involve having to rethink (or, God forbid re-do) anything you thought was already done and delivered, or even worse, bought and paid for.


Gemini- You have some great ideas now but be careful about what you’re willing to compromise to make them come true. Mercury in the sign of Aries and your House of Dreams will give you all the success you’d want, although because the Messenger Planet is also moving into a square with Pluto in your House of Transformation be sure that your soul hasn’t been surreptitiously added to the purchase price of your time and effort. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Work is also aligning with Pluto and this should guarantee rewards for your efforts, just make sure those rewards are an accurate reflection of how much you think you’re worth and not simply what someone else is willing to pay. Don’t be someone else’s deal of the century just because you’re more worried about being nice.


Cancer- The danger now with Neptune in your House of Philosophy squaring Venus behind the scenes is that you will doubt yourself unnecessarily in regards to your ability to weather adversity, whether it be a simple case of not getting what you want when you want it, or having to work through a situation involving some very intractable and recalcitrant people. A good rule of thumb to follow would be let folks say what they say, but know what you know. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Creativity is still aligning with Pluto as well as getting closer to Neptune everyday, meaning that it is important to realize that no matter what the circumstances, patience must always begin by first being patient with yourself. That way your destiny will always be more than your fear if you’re willing to look your fear in the eye.


Leo- With Venus in your House of Dreams clashing with Neptune in your House of Transformation, make sure that you’re not seeing someone for who they were rather than who they are now. For a fixed sign like yourself this could be a harsh realization, especially if this is a partnership that you’ve invested a lot of yourself in. I would like to be able to say that if you’re willing to be honest about what’s really going on they will too, but that isn’t the case. Their denial and inflexibility may shock you. Just make sure that by feeling sorry for them you’re not inadvertently enabling their agenda. They may try to devalue the unhappiness you’re feeling at their behavior by justifying their manipulations and dishonesty as necessary, but don’t let this self-absorbed whiner off the hook. See if they love you enough to admit what they’re doing and change.


Virgo- It’s time to examine the significant relationships in your life, both personal and professional. With Venus traveling through your House of Career in hard angle to Neptune in your House of Partnerships, be careful of trying to be all things to all people. Likewise, don’t be so willing to reveal your personal business to any inquisitive new acquaintances. The Sun in your House of Philosophy is also interacting with Neptune, as well as slowly moving into an alignment with Jupiter in your House of Communications, meaning that honest and open dialogue with any significant others will be critical at this time, especially if you need to speak up and tell a partner they are pushing you too hard or else have crossed a line. Let Saturn in your House of Creativity and Mercury in your House of Transformation help you to find the cojonesif someone you work with is ego tripping a little too much and needs to get a piece of your mind.


Libra- There are three major planets in the sign of Capricorn right now and they are all transiting across the bottom of your chart in what would be your House of Home and Foundations. Saturn represents the Natural Order, Mars is Action, and Pluto is Transformation, meaning it would be safe to say that you have reached a crossroads in your life where the landscape around you is spinning and all the cardinal points on the horizon have completely changed. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Self Worth is aligning with both Pluto and Mars, so you can bet any coming changes will be deep. At the same time the Sun in your House of Transformation along with Mercury moving into a square with Pluto should help to illuminate whatever depths you have been exploring for that elusive Grail of satisfaction and success.


Scorpio- Whether you want it or not, a leadership role could be thrust upon you now and your ability to deliver what’s necessary will end up affecting a lot more than you currently realize. Jupiter retrograde in your sign aligning with both Mars and Pluto in your House of Communications would indicate that your reticence to accept this responsibility is precisely what qualifies you to have it, meaning this can’t be about ego, it has to be about being respected, which you are! As Venus squares Neptune you may initially feel at a loss as to how you should handle this, but as a stable Taurus Sun aligns with Neptune you will come up with an idea or two that may amaze not only you, but others as well. As Mercury ends the week squaring Pluto some interesting secrets could be revealed, not the least of which will be that you are the leader this situation always needed.


Sagittarius-William S. Burroughs wrote in his novel, “Naked Lunch,” “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” With this in mind, you should be aware that whatever you may want (or not) right now should be based on your beliefs and not on whatever the supposed rules may state. In other words, you can leave a bad situation and choose something better, tell a family member “no”, or improve your self in any way you see fit, simply because there is nothing that say’s you can’t if you’re willing to bear the responsibility. Mercury in the sign of Aries and your House of Creativity is chomping at the bit to get going on this, but Saturn in your House of Self Worth is saying, “Wait a minute, not so fast.” Now Saturn could be reminding you of your duties, but what if he’s really just answering an arbitrary “because” to your sincere “Why?” Perhaps you should let Jupiter behind the scenes aligning with both Pluto and Neptune inspire you to respond with a resounding “Why not!” and go for it, whatever “it” may be.


Capricorn- With Saturn, Mars, and Pluto all in your sign the theme for you now is discipline, direction and organization. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Dreams has been working with these energies for a while and certain ambitions you have long held as nothing more than hopes or fantasies are now

visible on the horizon as viable realities. The Sun in your House of Creativity aligning with Neptune in your House of Communication will further illuminate these possibilities, as you will likely be brimming with ideas (and perhaps even visions) this week. Mercury transiting your House of Foundations is pushing you to make room in your world for all the things you are now believing are possible, while in the meantime Saturn in your sign is saying, “Everything you want is certainly doable, just make sure you’re willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk in order to make all this stuff happen.”


Aquarius- I know life is hard now but an unwillingness to fully acknowledge your circumstances could mean you’re not realizing the challenges in front of you aren’t meant to be insurmountable obstacles, but rather stimulants for evolution. Mercury in Aries is not making this any easier by squaring Saturn behind the scenes and turning what could have been some real creative torque into something that instead probably feels like a frustrating uphill battle. The saving grace here though could be Jupiter retrograde as he tries to reverse engineer with Pluto and Mars a new recipe for success in your House of Career and Public Image. The Sun moving through your House of Symbolic Foundations and aligning with Neptune in your House of Self Worth is a very good omen as well, likely symbolizing that a new you is on the horizon and soon it will be time to roll away the stone and resurrect into a new life.


Pisces- Right now it is necessary to acknowledge the instability in your life if you sincerely want to ever get past it, even if Venus in the sign of Gemini and your House of Foundations has you feeling that you can skirt any difficult issues and Mercury in your House of Self Worth is telling you to simply hit the highway and run. Try instead to hear Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in your House of Groups as they act like a revolutionary militia to try to get you to dig in and face the music by suggesting that if criticisms have been leveled at you then either meet them head on and refute them as untrue, or else learn from what you have done and improve the situation. Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and your House of  Philosophy is also involved here as he works along with his buddies Saturn, Mars, and Pluto to instill within you the ethics of honor and responsibility. If you are willing to listen to the deep inner wisdom of these Spiritual Warriors then you will likely find the answers to the problems that are currently plaguing you.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #28 Weekly Horoscopes for 3/19-3/25 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 3/19 – 3/25, 2018


Hi kids!!! We have selected the 3 winners for the St. Patrick’s Day Raffle. If you entered make sure to check your email to see if you are going to be receiving a Witchy Prosperity Package courtesy of the lovely and powerful “MagickalLuna.”

Thanks to everyone who participated! Both Mrs. Saturn and I hope you all had a Happy Saint Patty’s Day. “Erin go bragh.”

“I was court martialled in my absence, and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence.”

-Brendan Behan


Aries- The Sun enters your sign this week where it will immediately be confronted by Mars and Saturn (aka “The Malefics”). Pay careful attention to your frustration levels now as the archetypal optimist and skeptic within you try to establish their respective philosophies. Mercury and Venus are also in your sign this week with the former going station/retrograde and the later squaring Pluto, which could lead to some very testy confrontations if you feel you are being denied what you believe you have earned. Neptune will also be a culprit for you this week, first when it combines with a Taurus Moon to remind you of what you don’t have and secondly when it aligns with a Cancer Moon to help you feel angry about it. Mr. Saturn usually doesn’t recommend drinking alone, but it might be a better idea than killing someone.


Taurus- As Mercury goes station/retrograde for you behind the scenes and falls just short of a square with Pluto, you could be remembering someone from the past and a misunderstanding you both had. Neptune aligning with the Moon twice this week (first in your sign and then later on in Cancer) could have you feeling sentimental about this situation as you ponder how things might have gone differently. Let Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto remind you that in order to have become who you are now, things back then played out exactly as they were meant to. As the Sun passes behind the scenes for you and squares Mars in your House of Philosophy, try to take solace in making a commitment to move on and not make the same mistakes twice.


Gemini- When the Sun enters your House of Dreams in the middle of the week it will be rapidly approaching squares to both Mars and Saturn, meaning that for every kilowatt of energy you spend fantasizing, an exponentially larger force will be exerting the realization of responsibility upon you. Mercury going station/retrograde in Aries would suggest that the more carefully you’re willing to review what your next move should be, the more likely that Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto will help you to discover some new resources you may have previously overlooked. Neptune conversing this week with both the Moon in Taurus and the Moon in Cancer will be all about listening to your intuition. To illustrate this, Mr. Saturn would add a Taoist quote he loves, “Strength knows how to bide its time, while weakness feels a need to act.”


Cancer- The Sun enters your House of Public Image this week to join Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus so be prepared for others to start looking at you differently. No, you won’t be having a zit outbreak or a succession of bad hair days, it’ll be more like the person you always knew you could be will suddenly be there for everyone to see. A life change that you’ve been working on behind the scenes for awhile is about to come to fruition, so be sure to pinch yourself and start realizing that someday is now! With Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto take stock of all you’ve learned over the past months while you were struggling to evolve with your circumstances and then clearly realize that you are a warrior and you have prevailed. It would also be a good idea to remember who was there for you and who wasn’t through your various initiations and then make sure you dole out your extremely valuable friendship accordingly.


Leo- As the Sun enters your House of Philosophy and approaches the Spring Equinox, be willing to take on whatever you feel is holding you back rather than just complaining about it as though it were an irrefutable natural law. With Mercury now in retrograde in that same Philosophical House, this would be a perfect time to question everything you believe, especially if those beliefs are not making you happy. Likewise, Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Symbolic Foundations moving closer to Pluto could help you realize that you’ve only misplaced something you thought was lost; like your unique individuality. Be open this week as Neptune aligns with the Moon in both Taurus and Cancer, you could find yourself being visited again by an artistic inspiration you haven’t felt in a long time. You don’t have to do a Gauguin, but you should start making time to nurture your innate creativity.


Virgo- When the Sun enters your House of Death and Transformation this week that will make 4 major planets currently in that House for you. One of them will be Mercury Retrograde, another will be the Sun squaring Mars and Saturn in your House of Creativity, while the third will be Venus, who in turn will be flirting with the 4th , that wild and crazy guy Uranus. At this point if you’re not willing to change something in your life, you could inadvertently be asking to have a brick fall out of the sky and hit you in the head. Ouch!!! In other words, things can’t (and won’t) stay the same. If romance has been lacking in your relationship then let Neptune help you out as he first aspects the Moon in Taurus and then the Moon in Cancer. If you’re stuck in a boring job let Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto in your House of Creativity help you re-do that resume, or perhaps start acting on an idea you’ve been harboring that’s all dressed up with no place to go. In short, you can’t go wrong if you commit to defining this week with a verb (whatever that may mean to you).


Libra- This week you have 4 planets in your House of Relationships squaring 3 planets in your House of Home and Family. On the relationship side there is the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus, while at home you have Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. Mr. Saturn would venture to say that some serious life changes have either served to significantly strengthen a relationship or else sever it (perhaps permanently). Either way you have learned the power of sacrifice so that now you understand the true meaning of love is forgiveness. Congratulations, this new sense of humility you have developed (which was probably discovering that you don’t need to be right all the time) will serve you very well when this whirlwind period is over. Rest assured that all is as it should be as Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Self Worth prepares the student within you so the teacher within you can appear.


Scorpio- With Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in your House of Communication squaring the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus in your House of Work and Routines, a lot is being expected of you now and those who want something have no problem letting you know about it. Of course your control oriented nature wants to be all things to all people, yet the power of being able to say “no” at this time could be what prevents you from being taken away in a straight jacket. Neptune in your House of Creativity will motivate you to be helpful in novel ways, just make sure you prioritize those who are worth your time and those who aren’t. Your sign rules sinners and saints, try to refrain from being the later to save the former.


Sagittarius- In the middle of the week the Sun will enter the sign of Aries and join Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus in your House of Creativity, which is a lot of dynamic energy at your disposal. Now the question is, where should you direct it? Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are all in your House of Self Worth so how about asking yourself (and perhaps even your employers) what am I worth and if I’m not getting that, why not? An answer to this question could be revealed on the home front as Neptune shows how you can be overly accommodating to the demands of others while ignoring your own needs. Mr. Saturn would suggest you eventually go to therapy about this aspect of your character, but for now how about pushing for a promotion or even looking for another job?


Capricorn- Having Pluto, Saturn, and Mars all in your sign now will make you nothing if not somewhat dissatisfied, just like having the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Symbolic Foundations right now will make you nothing if not impetuous; see the problem? Of course Neptune in your House of Communication early in the week will help you overlook what you’d prefer not to see, especially as it aspects the Lunar Arc moving through your Houses of Creativity, and Work. The buck will stop though in your House of Dreams when Jupiter Retrograde aspects Pluto and you are forced to re-evaluate your current position in regards to where you had planned to be when you started this journey you are presently on. As a now departed Capricorn once sang, “Watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream.”


Aquarius- Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus each of you Water Bearers has the potential to be either a dictator or a rebel depending on the circumstances. Such extremism is probably most true for you right now with Saturn, Pluto, and Mars behind the scenes squaring the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Communication. As a result, your karmic lesson at this time could very well be that the more obsessed you are with accomplishing something (whatever that may be) the more you probably feel subconsciously that you are not good enough for it. Of course you will reject this suggestion outright, probably even laugh at it, but the simple fact is that pathological people usually have no idea they are pathological. And since you Aquarians take special pride in believing that you know yourselves better than any other sign, I think it would be best to stop here.


Pisces- If dreams are about looking up at a mountaintop then accomplishments are about looking down from one. This has never been truer than now as Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in your House of Dreams watch you make the arduous climb toward their exalted perch, while at the same time Mercury Retrograde and Uranus in your House of Self Worth complain over the fact that you’re not there yet. At this point enter Neptune, the planet of dreams (and your ruler), which is currently in your sign. Be careful not to let your impatience spin excuses that sound practical but would essentially add up to you either chickening out or blaming circumstances for making things too hard. A word to the wise, listen to Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Philosophy as he sings you a little song, “The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all… and all.”