Excerpt from the Play “Psychonaut” by T.C. Eisele in E.A.P. Magazine

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A portion of a play I’ve written titled “Psychonaut” is online now in Exterminating Angel Press Magazine……Here’s the link;


And to get you up to speed here’s a quick synopsis……..

“When a lucid dream places him in a mysterious jail cell and challenges his hold on reality, Franc, a Professional Astrologer and Psychic, turns to the work of the legendary psychologist Doctor Timothy Leary for answers. Once he opens himself to the good doctor’s writings (as well as the spirit of Leary himself) Franc experiences a blend of Science and Mysticism that helps him to “turn off his mind, relax, and float downstream.”

Enjoy the trip!

Mr. Saturn looks at the 2020 Iowa Caucuses


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On Monday February 3, 2020 the Democratic Presidential Primaries will officially commence with the Iowa Caucuses. The day will begin with the ingress of the Moon into Gemini as well as that of Mercury into Pisces, where together these planets will form a mutable square. While Gemini is an air sign associated with communication and intellectual matters, Pisces by contrast is a water sign governing intuition, empathy, and spiritual awareness. The location of an emotional planet like the Moon in an intellectual sign like Gemini and a cerebral,  communicative planet like Mercury in a sensitive water sign like Pisces presents a very interesting paradox. It is my opinion that this aspect is a representative illustration of the choice voters will be grappling with as they try to decide between a moderate or progressive vision for the future of our country. As a result, I believe the Iowa Caucuses will be kicking off the first Presidential election in my lifetime (and Mr. Saturn is no spring chicken) where the American people will actually be concerned with voting for issues that directly affect them like Medicare for All, the future of our Social Security system, Student Loan Forgiveness, and Raising the Minimum Wage, rather than the personalities of the candidates.


The second important aspect that will occur on February 3 will be in the late afternoon when Venus, the Planet of Love, moves into a sextile with Saturn, the Planet of Structure and the Natural Order. Venus will be in the sensitive sign of Pisces, which is about compassion and creativity, while Saturn will be in its home sign of Capricorn where it symbolizes the rules that govern our society. A positive aspect between these two planets usually indicates the establishment of an idealistic and practical association that will mutually benefit the parties involved over the long-term.


With all of this in mind, what can we look forward to in the Iowa primary? I’m sure that you all have your favorite candidate that you would like to see win, however, based on the Astrological aspects I think a quote from Bernie Sanders in his comeback rally in NYC after his heart attack best sums up the situation………


“Are you willing to fight for the person next to you as hard as you’re willing to fight for yourself?”


I believe that’s the sentiment that will win the day in Iowa, and beyond.


Sincerely, Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #110 Special Democratic Primary Installment

Special Democratic Primary Installment


Candidate Profiles

Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. I’ve decided to take a departure from the usual fare of weekly horoscopes and instead focus on the natal charts of the various candidates currently running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.


Why am I doing this? Well, aside from the candidates policies (or lack thereof) and the manufactured images of them the Mainstream Media presents us, aren’t you also curious about what the stars would reveal about who these people are in a spiritual sense? I know I am.


With that said, buckle your seatbelt and let’s investigate exactly who each of these characters are that would dare to want to be the POTUS.



Senator Bernie Sanders

 While Senator Sanders is a Virgo, the natural born critic of the zodiac, he also has an Aries Moon conjunct with Mars, which would serve to make him a relentless fighter for what he believes is right. These Aries planets are in turn opposed and sextiled respectively by a Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini trine, giving him honor, integrity, compassion, and the ability to articulate his ideas in clear, accessible language to the average voter. In addition, he has a Mercury/Uranus trine with Pluto at the midpoint, making him a relentless and progressive seeker of truth and justice. No matter how much the mainstream media tries to either criticize or ignore this man, wherever and whenever people encounter him in person the energy represented in his natal chart projects a genuineness and honesty that is always acknowledged and admired.


Senator Elizabeth Warren

 With both the Sun and Venus in Cancer, Senator Warren doesn’t have to try very hard to project that folksy, Mom vibe, although with a Taurus Moon squaring Pluto in Leo she also has a very definite opportunistic streak as well. This would explain why along with fighting to restructure our country’s problem of vast income inequality she also claims to be an unabashed Capitalist. Her well-known tendency to waffle when confronted by the media is the result of her having a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Gemini squaring Saturn in Virgo and aligning with Neptune in Libra. It’s not so much that her beliefs change, or even that she’s a hypocrite, rather it’s that she wants to succeed and considers flexibility an important tool (at times even a virtue) whenever she is confronted by challenges to what she would hope to achieve. Of course there is also her Cancerian need to want to please everybody and make them happy. Needless to say, she won’t likely go to the mat on a matter if there is a chance that her overall career will be at stake.


Former Vice President Joe Biden

 With 4 major planets in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) former Vice President Biden is all about power. Add to that the fact that 3 of those Scorpio planets are aligning with Jupiter in Cancer and the fourth, Mars, is squaring Pluto, and what you’ll find with Joe is an arrogant and righteous nature that makes it very easy for him to justify doing basically anything he needs to in order to get ahead and maintain his position. In addition, he has a Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Gemini aligning with Neptune in Libra, making him a very convincing speaker, that is, if you’re not willing to check the facts. From his recent BS about “Corn Pop” to his mistreatment of Anita Hill, from his Obama era nickname of “Working Class Joe” to his infamy as “The Senator from MBNA,” this man is out to get ahead and he doesn’t care how.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg

 Mayor Pete’s Mercury in Aquarius lines up nicely with his Mars in Libra, yet it also squares his Moon in Scorpio, meaning he is a smooth talker that will say and do just about anything to get ahead. Add to this a Capricorn Sun squaring both Saturn and Pluto in Libra and one should also understand that this apparently clean cut cherub is, for the most part, more concerned with his own success than with helping others, although he is willing to be of service if he see’s that it will clearly benefit him to do so. With both Jupiter and the asteroid Ceres conjunct in Scorpio as well as an unaspected Uranus in Sagittarius, Mayor Pete also has a dark side (which he spends a great deal of effort trying to hide). If you don’t believe me consult the Young Turks investigative reporting on his firing of the Black Police Chief in South Bend as well as his fraudulent claims of support from the African-American community in South Carolina. In short, this is a young man on the make who intends to get a seat with the power brokers because deep down he is just like them.


Senator Kamala Harris

 On an obvious level having her Libra Sun in alignment with Saturn in Aquarius would make Kamala Harris a do it by the rules type, although on a subtler level her Mars in Leo squaring Neptune in Scorpio would speak to some deep approval issues and needing to succeed to feel good about herself. Of course her Venus, Uranus, and Pluto conjunction in Virgo would likely cause her to respond to the above observation with, “What’s so bad about wanting to succeed?” Nothing, I guess, yet one should try to be careful about the compromises that are made on the way up when there is such an emotional attachment to “success,” especially since the Senator has an Aries Moon aligning with impetuous Mars in ego driven Leo, whereby covetousness can (and likely will) clash with consistency and, God forbid, integrity.


Senator Corey Booker

 With a Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon in tight alignment, Senator Booker is a born reformer, although with his Venus in Aries and Mars retrograde in Sagittarius he likes to talk more like a revolutionary. In essence this rhetoric is nothing more than a harmless smoke and mirrors game he plays with himself in order to motivate his Mercury in Taurus out of its comfort zone ideology, which, in turn, is driven by a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in detail oriented Virgo that aligns with dreamy Neptune in control oriented Scorpio. Corey Booker is a curious mix of progressive fighter and corporate negotiator who is willing to start off fighting for what’s right, but then, at a moments notice, can compromise from revolution right down to something less (and sometimes even further than that) when his advancement is at stake.


Andrew Yang

 As a Capricorn Andrew Yang likes to project that he is both logical and practical, although with the Moon and Mars conjunct in the often zany sign of Sagittarius, he can also confuse theory and practice like a naïve traveller will mistake a map for the terrain, sometimes resulting in unforeseen and disappointing outcomes. Essentially he is an idea guy who consistently makes the fundamental mistake of believing that improvising a good idea out of a bad situation will effectively create a new paradigm. Of course this doesn’t take into consideration that his idea might actually just be a rearrangement of circumstances rather than any real change. Nevertheless, with a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aquarius he remains unflappable and with a Jupiter/Saturn trine in Pisces and Cancer respectively he will always be a maverick because, frankly, he doesn’t like anyone to tell him what to do. He needs to make his own mistakes, but do we need them?


Senator Amy Klobuchar

 A double Gemini with Mercury in the same sign, Senator Klobuchar is convinced that the world is exactly as she believes it to be. With Mars in Aries in turn fueling this manifesto she is therefore all about getting out there and getting things done. If this sounds well intentioned though severely limited, it is. It gets even worse when one realizes that in her natal chart she has both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, meaning that she will be experiencing simultaneous Jupiter and Saturn returns as we move into 2020. At the very least these returns will likely represent a major challenge to her philosophical outlook, which given her generally mutable nature as a Gemini and the affects of her Mars could result in her losing touch with what the people really need in favor of imposing an ideology she is convinced of. She might need an Ebenezer Scrooge moment in order to ultimately find out what the truth is, but will that be what the rest of us need if she’s the POTUS?


Representative Tulsi Gabbard


With the Sun, Venus, and Mars all conjunct in Aries and aligning with both Neptune and Pluto, Tulsi Gabbard is essentially an earthly manifestation of the Goddess of War; impetuous, courageous, and not afraid of fighting the good fight. Add to this a regal Leo Moon and the asteroid Ceres in Cancer and she is also quite capable of embodying the protective Mother Archetype as well. Perhaps though the most significant aspect in her chart is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, which then opposes Mercury in Aries. While on the one hand this line up would make her contemplative and reflective, on the other hand it would also make her outspoken, dynamic, and individualistic. It is quite appropriate that she would serve in the military and no surprise that it would be as a Medical Officer. A telling example of what is essentially a very contradictory chart would be her decision to not run again for her Congressional seat and instead commit to her Presidential campaign where she is only polling at around 2%.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #109 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/18-11/24, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/18- 11/24, 2019


 Aries- No doubt this week will be an unusual one as normally communicative and busy Mercury slows up to eventually stand still in your House of Transformation. As the rest of the planets continue mingling, aggressive Mars will leave the balanced sign of Libra and enter into his home sign of Scorpio, where he will oppose erratic Uranus in Taurus. What all of this could mean for you rams is that your desires may have to be put on hold for the time being, leading to much frustration and perhaps even an unexpected outburst. On the other hand, both Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct in your House of Philosophy and the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, meaning that if you can manage to curb your expectations and instead take things as they come, life could end up being a little bit more rewarding than circumstances would lead you to believe.


Taurus- A partnership could end up being stuck in the mud this week as Mercury, the planet of communication, goes station/direct now and stands stock still in your House of Relationships. At the same time Mars, the planet of War and Action, will also be entering into your House of Relationships where it will oppose unpredictable Uranus in your sign. You like things to be organized, planned, and consistent and if anyone tries to rearrange your comfort zone things could get a little dicey, if you know what I mean? The Sun entering your House of Transformation and the philosophical sign of Sagittarius could help to shine a light on some of your control issues, especially since both Venus and Jupiter will also be in your House of Transformation, perhaps helping you to be a little more amenable to the fact that life is change and that’s how we differ from the rocks.


Gemini- As Mercury goes station/direct this week and stands absolutely still in your House of Work and Mars also enters the same House to oppose crazy, unpredictable Uranus behind the scenes, things on the job will likely be frustrating and/or unproductive for the time being. Saturn in your House of Transformation aligning with Neptune in your House of Career could also speak to delays and needing to take one step back to move two steps forward. The silver lining in this undoubtedly gray cloud of a week will probably be the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your House of Partnerships, meaning that if you can’t seem to get anything done at work this would probably be a good time to focus on someone in your personal life you may have been neglecting and make sure they get some real quality time from you to make up for what you haven’t been doing.


Cancer- As Mercury stands still this week in your House of Creativity and Mars enters the same area to oppose Uranus in  your House of Groups and Dreams, you will likely be frustrated that your ideas aren’t being listened too either at work or in a group setting. This annoyance will likely be further compounded by the fact that Saturn in your House of Partnerships will be aligning with Neptune in your House of Philosophy, setting the stage for some serious lethargy (perhaps even depression). However, on the personal side, you may end up having quite a good week socially with lots of laughs either at home or on an outing with friends. Venus will be meeting up with jovial Jupiter in your House of Health and together they will be aligning with a balancing Libra Moon later in the week, meaning that if you do start out being frustrated with a situation beyond your control you will likely be able to let off some steam by the time the weekend comes along.


Leo- If you haven’t been getting the reactions you want from people as of late this may be the week you stop trying to fix a problem with the same mindset that created it and instead consider taking a new approach to your frustrations. Mercury station/direct along with Mars in your House of Foundations will both be opposing unpredictable Uranus in your House of Public Image, which will likely put you in an emotional cul-de-sac where the only way out is to face yourself in the mirror and go within. One you’re willing to confront an issue and see it for what it is, Venus and Jupiter joining together in your House of Creativity should provide all the inspiration you’ll need to rise to the occasion and rally to victory. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Work aligning with Neptune in your House of Transformation are about not only trusting your intuition, but also having a willingness to act on it despite whatever conventional wisdom may try to convince you of. Have the courage of your convictions and you may just change something after all.


Virgo- With Mercury standing still in your House of Communication and Mars opposing chaotic Uranus from the same House, you may end up feeling abandoned this week by someone who is very important to you. Saturn in your House of Creativity aligning with Neptune in your House of Partnerships will try to explain that this is probably not the case, although for a little while your frustrations may get the better of you. Not too worry. We learn to trust people by trusting them and sometimes the inertia that seems to exist before they come through for us is precisely how we learn the importance of faith and courage. Later in the week when Venus conjuncts Jupiter at the bottom of your chart you will realize that you didn’t suffer an ordeal at all during this time, rather you discovered some inner (and outer) resources you didn’t know you had.


Libra- With this week’s Mars/Uranus opposition in your Houses of Self Worth and Transformation you will likely be feeling frustrated if your recent efforts haven’t created the changes you were hoping for. This will probably be further exacerbated by Mercury standing still for the whole week, although in the near future the Messenger Planet will be coming into a nice alignment with both Saturn and Neptune, meaning that in the approaching weeks you will come to see that any delays that transpired were for a good reason and then it will likely be full speed ahead for your hopes and dreams. In the meantime, instead of being down at the mouth because things in your life seem to have stagnated, try to cultivate an attitude that no news is good news until you learn otherwise. And you very well might by the end of the week as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your House of Communication in the buoyant and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. Luck is falling from the sky, watch out!!!


Scorpio- You may be thinking “It’s déjà vu all over again” in regards to some recent problems with a friend or co-worker as Mercury stands still for the whole week in your sign and Mars opposes Uranus in your House of Partnerships. The frustration regarding this matter will be hard to ignore, after all, how much is enough and how many times can you do something before you realize it’s not working? The hardest thing to realize about this situation may be that it is the other person’s problem and not yours. Consider the fact that it’s only impacting you negatively because you want this other individual to be different. Venus and Jupiter holding hands in your House of Self Worth should help with your sense of self-love so that you don’t continue blaming yourself and acting responsible for someone else’s failure. Maybe this is a time in your life when you need to sink or swim based on your own merit and not another’s excuses?


Sagittarius- With Venus and Jupiter arm in arm this week in your sign you should be positively sparkling! Even with Mars behind the scenes opposing Uranus in your House of Work and Mercury stationing for the entire time, there probably won’t be anything that will be able to get you down for long, and certainly nothing that will keep you down permanently. Hell, you might even finally be okay with Saturn in your House of Self Worth as you slowly start to realize the tremendous service The Teacher has been doing for you by forcing you to deal with every kind of problem under the Sun in order to eventually realize your intrinsic value in any given situation. The Sun will also be entering your sign this week so as your season begins make sure to follow the totem for your sign and keep your arrows directed toward the heavens. Aim for the absolute best and even if you fall a little short happiness will still be yours.


Capricorn- Life is generally on a need to know basis, although this week that maxim may be taken to a new extreme, especially as Mercury stations for the entire week in your House of Groups making it seem as if you’re the last one to be told anything. You may not be happy with this neglect toward you on the part of others, especially as Mars enters the touchy sign of Scorpio to oppose Uranus in your House of Creativity and you find yourself reacting in some very non-productive ways. By non-productive I mean ways that are self-demeaning rather than just merely reactionary, particularly since both Venus and Jupiter are conjunct behind the scenes in your chart and you just can’t imagine anyone not feeling as magnanimous as you do. I think the trick here is not to try to solve what is clearly someone else’s problem in regards to relating, but instead forge your own solutions and stop insisting that the world should always be a cooperative venture; sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.


Aquarius- Your lack of ambition now might be more of a control issue rather than a matter of laziness. How so? Perhaps rebellious Uranus at the bottom of your chart opposing control oriented Mars in your House of Public Image might explain why you’d rather underachieve alone rather than risk interacting with a group where your sovereignty would be challenged. Add to that Saturn camping out behind the scenes in your chart and aligning with Neptune in your House of Self Worth and what we could have here is a recipe for withdrawal in order to reduce any possible variables that would challenge or criticize your very big (or very small) ego, depending on how you look at it. What is the solution? Venus and Jupiter together in your House of Groups would suggest that you have nothing to fear but fear itself in regards to what anyone may want of you and, conversely, everything to gain if you can realize “All you need is Love…….And you can learn how to play the game, it’s easy…….”


Pisces- With Venus and Jupiter conjunct now in your House of Career you could end up being a lot luckier than you realize. The downside, if there is any, will likely involve Mars in your House of Philosophy opposing Uranus in your House of Communication. In other words, if you can be patient and play your cards close to the vest in a professional situation, whoever seems to be lording over you now may end up needing you at some point in the near future and that’s when you can make your move to either improve your current situation or else exit to a better one that you’ve been quietly searching for on the down low. Either way, trust that the universe will provide what you need. Now if it turns out your basic needs are being taken care of in your current situation, then be willing to put up with it until you manifest something even better, and you will!

Mr. Saturns Stars #108 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/4-11/10, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/4-11/10, 2019


Aries-As Mercury travels through its first full week of being retrograde it will be in your House of Transformation where it will eventually come into alignment with Pluto, the planet of transition, in your House of Career and Public Image. At the same time, Mars in your House of Partnerships will both square Pluto and align amicably with Jupiter in your House of Philosophy. What all this means is that if you’re willing to be honest and acknowledge the pink elephant in the room then there is hope that you will be able to juggle any tense interactions in either your career or personal life. However, if you take an all or nothing attitude in your interactions with others and try to deny an obvious problem, you could very well find your self either all dressed up with nowhere to go, or else married to a job that won’t keep you warm at night. The choice is yours, just try to consider how what you do will affect someone else……..You’ll be glad you did.


Taurus- If there is anything you have been reticent to tell a friend or lover, this week may be the time to see if you can trust this person. Mercury retrograde in your House of Relationships aligning with Pluto in your House of Philosophy is about revealing secrets and sharing confidences, while at the same time Mars in relationship oriented Libra squaring Pluto is about tensions brewing under the surface. Don’t wait until something breaks to fix it, especially if you can already clearly see the need for a repair. Jupiter in your House of Transformation will be aligning nicely with Mars in your House of Routines, so any troubles you’re willing to confront now should result in happy outcomes. A word to the wise, get busy doing what you know needs to be done.


Gemini- Mars in your House of Creativity aligning with Jupiter in your House of Partnerships could be either a blessing or a curse for you now, meaning that even though you could be very inventive this week about advancing your own interests, make sure that no one has to look at the underside of a bus in order for you to get ahead. Mercury retrograde in the secretive sign of Scorpio aligning with Pluto in its ruling House of Death and Transformation is all about the truth coming out, no matter what, so be careful. You are a sign that often believes in a wide interpretation of facts, but when you consider that someone else may have to pay for you playing fast and loose with the rules (or worse, the law) don’t think that you can act with impunity. As the Moon ends the week behind the scenes with crazy, unpredictable Uranus, payback could be a real bitch if you’ve underestimated the resolve of an underling to stand up if it’s a matter of their own survival.


Cancer- As Mercury retrograde transits your House of Creativity and aligns with transformative Pluto in your House of Partnerships, you may want to rethink your attitude about someone from the past and exactly what this person did or didn’t do for you when it really mattered. Mars passing through your House of Family will be squaring Pluto, which could test a family loyalty, particularly if someone is not really thinking at all about how something they’re obsessed with will actually affect you if you help them. If you need to teach this person a lesson, do it, you might end up getting a golden opportunity for yourself if you’re not wasting your time servicing them, especially with expansive Jupiter in your House of Work aligning with Mars. Sometimes telling someone, “no” is actually saying “yes” to yourself. Think about it.

Leo- If there has been something that hasn’t seemed quite right, either at home or on the job, this week could be the time for you to do a little detective work and get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. Mercury retrograde in your House of Foundations and the secretive sign of Scorpio together with transformative Pluto in your House of Routines are all about investigations and revealing secrets, so get out your magnifying glass, keep your eyes and ears open, and start digging for clues. Mars in your House of Communication may see you coming up against some resistance if you manage to ask the right person the right question, however, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if they have something to hide. Jupiter in your House of Creativity aligning with Mars will help you to charm just about anybody you have to, so don’t hesitate to make whatever requests are necessary; the truth will reward you in the end.


Virgo- As Mercury retrograde in the penetrating sign of Scorpio and your House of Communication aligns this week with transformative Pluto in your House of Creativity, don’t hesitate to ask someone in power a hard question that needs to be answered. Of course they may choose to stonewall you, particularly as combative Mars moves into a square with Pluto, however, Mars is also passing through your House of Self Worth and the egalitarian sign of Libra, so if the cause you’re involved in is close to your heart, move forward boldly righteous warrior, particularly with noble Jupiter supporting Mars from your Foundation area. You have been put in your current situation because you are the one that can galvanize the necessary forces to right a big wrong. Take the challenge, you’ll be proud of yourself in the end, no matter what the outcome.


Libra- As Mercury retrograde in your House of Self Worth and the deep sign of Scorpio aligns with Pluto and Saturn at your Symbolic Foundation, this is the perfect time for you to re-examine your goals and motivations regarding the future. Not because you’re on the wrong track, quite the opposite, in fact, you’re a lot closer to where you’d hope to be than you might think. Re-examination would be good now in regards to finding (and maintaining) the most efficient way for you to get from point A to point B on your highway of dreams. Mars in your sign is currently giving you all the energy you need, and as the Planet of War aligns with Philosophical Jupiter in your House of Communication luck is on your side as well. If you ‘ve been working on something creative, this week would be a good time to put the finishing touches on it as next week’s Transit of Mercury will likely be the time when you will have to let your baby go out into the world to find its destiny……And it will.


Scorpio- Mercury retrograde in your sign now is likely bringing back memories of things you haven’t thought about in a long time. Add Pluto in your House of Thinking and Communication to the mix and not only will you be re-examining some long standing attitudes you’ve always held, but you’ll probably also want to set a few people in your life straight in regards to who you were as opposed to who you’re going to be from here on. Mars behind the scenes will give you some considerable gravitas as far as how strong you’ll come across with your revelations, as well as how seriously folks will take you when they hear what you have to say. Ultimately though it is Jupiter in your House of Self Worth who is the force driving this bus, as the King of the Planets guides you along into your next incarnation as the stone cold truth.


Sagittarius- With both Venus and Jupiter in your sign you are likely bubbling with charm now as luck falls out of the sky all around you. Mars in your House of Groups will also be adding an extra dose of charisma to this bandwagon, however, don’t assume you can just smile your way through anything. I say this because Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth are squaring Mars at this time, meaning that as much as you shine, someone else will feel a need to turn out your light. Not to worry though, Mercury retrograde behind the scenes aligning with Pluto will allow you to see right through a hater so that you won’t have to waste any energy stooping to their level. Helicopters can’t get jet planes, so carry on with your loop-di-loops and cart wheels up their in the clouds because for now this is your party and you can “not cry” if you want to.


Capricorn- It is said that “knowledge is power” and at this time with Mercury retrograde in your House of Groups aligning with Pluto in your sign, you have access to some information regarding an individual or a situation that someone would be willing to pay a pretty penny for. Now this could be actual hard data, or it could even be something as abstract as an insight into a matter that is literally driving someone else crazy. Either way, you have something of value now at your fingertips so don’t keep it to yourself. Neptune in your House of Communication is also aligning with Mercury and Pluto, so if you’re going to share anything make sure that you’re also discreet. Jupiter behind the scenes guiding Mars through diplomatic Libra in your House of Public Image will make sure you come out smelling like a rose, no matter who ends up going down because of your secret.


Aquarius- With Mercury retrograde transiting now through your House of Public Image and the clandestine sign of Scorpio, what you say (or what someone else say’s about you) could be a matter of concern at this time, especially if you are in the public eye or have recently scored a success someone else could be envious of. Pluto behind the scenes aligning with Mercury is all about knowing one’s enemy, whether that be another party who actually dislikes you, or your own worst tendencies. Make sure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to being vigilant about your public image, which could be easy to overlook at this time as Jupiter in your House of Groups and Dreams aligns with Mars in your House of Philosophy to give you the illusion that you’re invincible (or at least have no enemies). A word to the wise, “loose lips sink ships.”


Pisces- Mercury retrograde in your House of Philosophy aligning with Pluto in your House of Dreams may find you re-thinking what you want out of life and how you’ll get it. Mars in your House of Transformation is challenging you now to do the right thing (even if it’s not necessarily in your own best interests) while Jupiter in your House of Career is countering with the notion that if “God didn’t want them sheared, he wouldn’t have made them sheep.” While public morality is about politics and private morality is about honor, they each have their consequences. Just make sure that whichever one you choose you can pay the bill when the waiter brings it.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #107 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/28-11/03, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/28- 11/03, 2019


Aries- You will start this week with four major planets in the intense sign of Scorpio and your House of Transformation, meaning  that you will no doubt be chomping at the bit to restructure everything around to your liking, especially with Saturn and Pluto moving back together in your House of Public Image where they will insist on you presenting a tightly put together image to the world. Of course this will probably cause you some stress, after all, who wants to go out there thinking their fly may be open? Mars in your House of Relationships will be moving into an exact square with Saturn, which will likely mean you’re going to need to compromise on just how much you can have your way in any given situation, just try not to look at taking no prisoners as the only option for making yourself happy.


Taurus- Relationships, friendships, and family associations could all be very challenging for you at this time, especially since you have four major planets in your House of Partnerships and at the same time individualistic Uranus in your sign is opposing them all. It’s not that you’re especially hard to get along with now, rather it’s that you detest anyone trying to tell you what to do. Add to that sentiment the fact that Saturn and Pluto are currently in your House of Philosophy and you’ll likely be feeling particularly sensitive about maintaining autonomy and control over your own existence. Jupiter in your House of Transformation aligning with Mars in your House of Routines will have you feeling the need to expand your sphere of influence, while at the same time you will not want to compromise very much on your vision of what your life should be now. Although the song say’s, “You’ve got to give a little, take a little,” I sense you’re not feeling that at this point in time.


Gemini- With four major planets now in Scorpio and your House of Routines opposing erratic, unpredictable Uranus behind the scenes, you could be experiencing a power play at work that might end up rocking your whole world. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation will insist on enforcing the rules, so if you’ve been playing fast and loose with the status quo expect to be taken to task. Jupiter in your House of Partnerships will have you believing you’re above it all, especially as the King of the Planets aligns with feisty Mars in your House of Creativity. You’ll no doubt try to rewrite some of the rules at this time or maybe even create a few new ones of your own, just don’t forget that what goes around comes around and those who live by the sword often die by it as well.


Cancer- Your House of Creativity is packed now with four major planets and they’re all opposing revolutionary Uranus in your House of Fondest Hopes and Dreams. Whatever it is you’re feeling now is so strong that you don’t really have any choice but to go out there and try to make it happen, especially with visionary Neptune in your House of Philosophy filling your head with added doses of both inspiration and righteousness. If not now, when? If not here, where? Saturn and Pluto together in your House of Partnerships have been waiting in the wings for almost a year now to help you with this struggle, so don’t hesitate to forge new associations and rejuvenate older ones in an effort to rally a new support system to begin your manifest destiny. Aside from all this recent inspiration and coinciding perfectly with the aforementioned alignments, Jupiter and Mars are also starting to muster troops at a grass roots level in your chart, so be sure not to waste another second in implementing your recent ideas for a newer, more creative life……..All roads lead to Rome, so get going Spartacus.


Leo- If you’ve been feeling restless lately or it seems like you have a splinter in your brain that something isn’t right and you just can’t dislodge it, be willing to follow your intuition and see where these irresistible urges lead. Uranus, the planet of the psyche, is in your House of Career, which could cause some of these subconscious urges you’re experiencing to manifest into challenges and disruptions designed to motivate change, particularly if you’ve been feeling a little too comfy as of late in your endless complaining. Neptune in your House of Transformation will likely have all the answers you’ll need, although the Ruler of the Ocean often likes to teach us via illusions and fantasies that blow up in our faces rather than with an easy to recognize menu of logic. In other words, expect to feel uncomfortable for the time being because nothing worth having comes without a price and if all turns to be is a little discomfort, then consider yourself lucky.


Virgo- If there’s something you feel you need to say, then say it. And if others won’t listen, or else they try to gaslight you and undermine your message, then shout it to the rooftops. Because now, more than any other time in your life, you are the voice of reason, the voice of truth. What you want to communicate at this time will only sound unreasonable to those who are embodying the problem that’s being pointed out, or else those who are too stupid to see how they’re getting screwed. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity are a revolutionary pair, and as they align with four planets in your House of Communication and Neptune in your House of Partnerships, make sure you are speaking in no uncertain terms. Say what you mean and don’t count among your friends those whose would stand on the sidelines and let what you’re trying to do be undermined. If you truly believe change is necessary, then let that change begin in you……..Get Pushy!!!


Libra- Four Scorpio Planets now in your House of Self Worth opposing individualistic Uranus in your House of Transformation are providing you with the sort of quiet determination that gets shit done. Mars in your sign squaring both Saturn and Pluto at your Symbolic Foundation is also a driving factor in this equation, as it is motivating you to stop at nothing in order to finish what you started, especially as the Planet of War is also aligning with Jupiter in your House of Communication where it will inspire your efforts and turn them into a labor of love. And if there’s one thing that’s always true, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love, That’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of…” So keep your nose to the grindstone for no matter how dark it may seem at any given moment, the Sun has yet to fail in bringing us a new day.


Scorpio- The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all in your sign now making you penetrating, insightful, sexy, and more than a little threatening. You may be laughing at this characterization, but be aware of what I’m saying because crazy old Uranus is opposing all those planets in your sign, which could bring some very unexpected consequences as a result of the unsettling influence you’re having on others. Mars behind the scenes in your chart is also having something to do with those around you feeling intimidated, particularly as the Planet of War is squaring status quo Saturn and aligning with over the top Jupiter. The best thing you can do now is to avoid focusing on what annoys you, lest anyone should have a brick fall out of the sky and hit them in the head. Also, be aware of attracting strays with that big old mojo you’re sashaying around with. If you can keep it on the down low now, you could have a very pleasurable (and lucky) week…..Wink! Wink!


Sagittarius- Four Scorpio Planets are behind the scenes now in your chart, which could have you feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go, particularly since Uranus in your House of Routines is bored beyond belief with the same old same old and desperately wants to bust a move. The tension is so palpable now you could probably cut it with a knife, especially as Mars in your House of Dreams is squaring Saturn in your House of Self Worth and aligning with Jupiter in your sign. I know the voices in your head are saying you can’t, but instead of responding to them emotionally listen to what they’re actually saying. Does it remind you of a little boy or girl whining rather than a grown up man or woman making sense? There ya go……It’s all about getting to the bottom of the illusions you keep alive rather than being powerless against some reality that you’ve convinced yourself exists.  As the poet Rimbaud once wrote, “Go everywhere and do everything, no one will hurt you any more than if you were a corpse.”


Capricorn- This week for you is about power, not strength, and resolve, not stubbornness.Four Scorpio planets in your House of Groups opposing Uranus in your House of Creativity is all about talking softly and carrying a big stick, while Mars in your House of Public Image aligning with Jupiter behind the scenes is about taking the high road because that’s who you are. Let the world think what it may, for with Neptune in your House of Communication aligning with both Saturn and Pluto in your sign, you have all the mojo you need right now to kill the bad folks with kindness, and you should. Mostly because non-violence is more noble, but also because it will confuse the hell out of your adversaries and mental torture is a lot more fun that getting down in the mud with animals……..Wouldn’t you agree?


Aquarius- Like an elderly Qi-Gong Master who can stop several younger and stronger men in their tracks with a wave of his hand, you are wielding a pretty hefty mojo now as Saturn and Pluto together behind the scenes in your chart align with Neptune in your House of Self Worth and square Mars in your House of Philosophy. At the same time, Mars is also being supported by Philosophical (and esoteric) Jupiter in your House of Groups, subsequently allowing you to connect with something far more intuitive and powerful than any run of the mill logic. Add to all this a stellium of planets in mysterious Scorpio and your House of Public Image and you essentially become the original inscrutable ninja who is managing to make shit happen that no one can figure out. If truth be told, you  probably can’t figure out why your luck has turned either, however, don’t think of it that way. The Tao that can be figured out is not the true Tao……..Nuff said!!!


Pisces- With four Scorpio planets in your House of Philosophy you want what you want right now, however, maybe at this time it’s not about your ego, but rather what the Tao will allow. You see we all live in a holistic, interactive universe in which various things depend on one another and, at times, inadvertently control each other’s fates. The fact that you see this sort of interdependency as an inconvenience doesn’t mean shit to the rest of the universe. The planets will revolve, all things will come to pass, and you will accept it, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t believe me then you need to talk to Saturn and your own ruler, Neptune, as they put aggressive and self-centered Mars in his place in your House of Joint Resources. You will not benefit now at another’s expense……..Period!!!

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #106 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/21-10/27, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/21-10/27, 2019


Bernie Sanders was in NYC this week at a rally at Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, where he was endorsed by his #1 protégé, the inimitable Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

I was able to sneak into the press gaggle before the event, where I got to be in close proximity to the Great Man and Lady and snap this week’s Mr. Saturn’s Stars pic. I think the title should be, “Two Future Presidents.” What do ya think?


 Aries- As the Sun enters your House of Transformation and Mercury engages in an unusually slow transit through the same House (covering only 4 degrees this week) you should be prepared for some deep and difficult changes, particularly since both of these planets will be in the dark, cathartic sign of Scorpio. With Uranus opposite in your House of Self Worth expect that you won’t be amenable to most of what will go on, however, with Venus starting out the week in beneficial aspect to Saturn you’ll likely be able to suck it up and make some acceptable lemonade if all you have to work with is lemons.


Taurus- Niceties in your interactions with others may very well be over for the time being,  especially as the Sun passes from Libra to Scorpio and enters into your House of Relationships, where it will oppose individualistic Uranus in your sign; not exactly the right frame of mind for people to get along, if you know what I mean? Don’t be disheartened though, Venus will begin the week in alignment with stable Saturn and together those two are about long term commitment and loyalty. With Mercury having a very slow week in your House of Relationships (the Messenger planet will only be moving 4 degrees in the next 7 days) it may be hard for you and someone else to say what you really mean to one another, although your actions (or lack thereof) will say everything that needs to be said. Follow your heart.


Gemini- With three major planets as well as a New Moon this week in your House of Health and the deadly sign of Scorpio, you need to be careful how excited you let yourself get now as stress may end up wreaking no small amount of havoc on your physical well being. Mars in your House of Creativity will be moving into alignment with Jupiter in your House of Relationships, so make sure you know where you stand with certain individuals before you assume they will be willing to fall on their sword for you. Your sense of yourself can often be a little too self-congratulatory so before you judge anyone else, first put yourself in their position and then think what you’d do in a pinch. Selfish, erratic Uranus behind the scenes opposing the Sun entering power hungry Scorpio is about as Machiavellian as it gets and that’s something you can understand very well. In other words, don’t blame someone for being just like you if they put their own interests over everyone else’s.


Cancer- Saturn and Pluto in your House of Relationships will have you feeling responsible for everyone in your life now, while Mars at your Symbolic Foundation will have you asking yourself the same old question, why does it always have to be me that has to give up something in order for someone else to be happy? Interesting question, but one that can’t be answered unless for once you’re willing to put yourself first and to hell with what anybody else is pressuring you about. The New Moon in your House of Creativity opposing Uranus in your House of Groups will likely result in the apple cart being upset either at work or in a social situation, meaning that if the shit’s going to hit the fan anyway you might as well be ahead of the curve and do what makes you feel good…….And screw whoever doesn’t like it!


Leo- If everything isn’t as it should be on the home front, then this may very well be the week when you are forced to deal with it. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and a New Moon will all be in your digs this week so if there’s a pink elephant in the room with you and a loved one it would be wise to either offer it a drink or get out the blunderbuss and blow it to kingdom come. If you hesitate or try to avoid the situation, expect Saturn and Pluto to turn it into a long, drawn out affair where nobody wins and everyone ends up miserable. The one blessing here (if there is one) will likely be Neptune in your House of Transformation, as the Planet of Compassion will have everyone on the same page emotionally. The trick though is for everyone to admit how they’re feeling and then perhaps this clusterf*ck may just end up getting solved.


Virgo- A stellium of planets are finally exiting your House of Self Worth and the balanced sign of Libra, leaving you with that frustrated feeling of having been a nice guy with nothing to show for all your pleasantness. Take heart, for the New Moon this week will be in the tough ass sign of Scorpio and will oppose individualistic, rebellious Uranus in your House of Philosophy. If no more “Mister Nice Guy” is your new motto, you’ll probably end up discovering that approach is a lot more fun. Do what you think is right, call a phony a phony, and make a personal vow not to take shit from anybody and you just might end up having one of the best weeks you’ve had in a long time. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity aligning with inspirational Neptune in your House of Partnerships will be able to help you with either picking up the pieces for something that’s broke, or else flushing down the toilet any crap that’s been lingering in your life. Aaaah……now doesn’t that feel good?


Libra- The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and a New Moon will all be in your House of Self Worth this week, with Mercury going unusually slow (moving only 4 degrees) meaning that you’ll probably be very serious about where you want to be headed and especially impatient that it seems to be taking forever to get there. Have faith, Saturn and Pluto at your Symbolic Foundation are making sure they cross every “t” and dot every “i” so that whatever you’re trying to set in motion will have a firm base for you to build on. Jupiter in your House of Communication should find you waxing poetic and/or philosophical this week, especially with Neptune in your House of Routines pumping up your sense of angst, particularly if you’ve been feeling stuck in a situation with no way out. Some of the best art has come from suffering, so face what you’re feeling and it just might show you who you really are and what you’re truly capable of.


Scorpio- This is your time of the year as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and a New Moon are in your sign and they all oppose individualistic, iconoclastic Uranus in your House of Relationships. This could mean that you will likely be a very hard person to pin down if anyone is pressuring you, or else you’ll be the undeniable Dom in any B and D situations you might find yourself in. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Communication will make you a person of very few words, although Neptune in your House of Creativity will make you undeniably expressive and poignant in all your interactions. Despite a sparkling charisma with Jupiter in your House of Self Worth, Neptune at a harsh angle to the King of the Planets will also give you a very intriguing and smoldering vulnerability…….In other words, get ready to be the center of attention, whether you want it or not.


Sagittarius- Jupiter in your sign is currently serving as a midpoint between Mercury behind the scenes and Pluto in your House of Self Worth, meaning that you could happen upon a secret now that will unlock the mystery of why you haven’t been all you can be, either at work or in any other circumstance that has been frustrating for you. Sound like a who dunnit? With 3 major planets and a New Moon all happening behind scenes in your chart, this is a time when conundrums and paradoxes will abound as unexpected situations reveal just how much you are being driven by some very deep and dark programming. It will be hard to know what the answer to any of this will be, so best to go with the flow and let your inner voice be heard…..And not just by you, there are some people in your life who need to hear this shit too!


Capricorn- There is a lot of activity now in your House of Groups, which in your case is governed by the dark and passionate sign of Scorpio. Uranus in your House of Creativity is looking across the zodiac at all these current Scorpio planets and trying to explain that a one size fits all philosophy doesn’t really fit anyone (much less you) so why are you dressing down? Get your Halston on and strut out into that world around you as the one and only star in your life, that’s the show everyone came to see, not whatever else you may be pretending to be as you brood yourself a tragedy. The old cliché states, “all dressed up with nowhere to go,” however, in your case it’s more like, “underdressed with everywhere to go.” Get that shit straight and get going!


Aquarius- As the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and a New Moon this week in your House of Career and the intense sign of Scorpio opposes individualistic Uranus at your Symbolic Foundation, you may have an epiphany about your professional goals now that will have nothing to do with what you don’t have, but will instead be about what you do have that you’re failing to see. Have you forgotten what a maverick you are just because you’ve been less successful as of late? Life has it’s cycles or, as the song say’s, “There is a time to every purpose under heaven,” so why are you thinking about conforming to the herd when it was the frustration of being in a herd that drove you to find your own way to begin with? Like the Mountain Men of the Old West who turned their backs on the encroaching civilization and its lemming-like stampede to materialism, go to the mountain top and seek your dream, you will survive, after all, it’s who you are.


Pisces- You are standing at a crossroads now, like Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams” when his brother in law tells him, “sell, or you will go bankrupt,” yet at the same time the voices in the cornfield are whispering, “build it and they will come.” A stellium of planets in your House of Philosophy along with a New Moon are all opposing Uranus in your House of Logic, recreating pretty much the same scene as the movie in your own little life……So, what do you do? Jupiter in your House of Career will soon be getting a significant push from Mars in your House of Transformation, meaning that you should hope for the best, but plan for the worst and try not to fear being surprised either way……. Admittedly, this is not very logical advice, but to hell with logic, especially with Neptune in your sign apsecting both Saturn and Pluto. You need to be developing your Spidey-sense now, so use it!…….And learn to trust yourself.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #105 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/14-10/20, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/14-10/20, 2019


 Aries- With the Sun in your House of Partnerships aspecting Jupiter in your House of Long Distance Affairs, you could become possessed by some wanderlust this week, although this case of itchy feet won’t be just your run of the mill need to get away. With Mercury in Scorpio passing through your House of Transformation and aligning with Pluto in your House of Career, the need you’re feeling now to go exploring is being driven by something much more deep and transformative. Neptune behind the scenes aligning with both Mercury and Saturn will likely motivate you to follow a feeling you can neither explain nor ignore, meaning there is nothing you can really do but allow your inner voice to guide you to new frontiers and levels of consciousness……….Find “The Center of the Cyclone.”


Taurus- How have you been feeling as of late? The Sun in your House of Health and the balanced sign of Libra might have you noticing that you could feel better, particularly as Jupiter in your House of Transformation is aligning with the Sun and accentuating any little ache or pain that comes up. Mars is also in your House of Health and as the planet of strength and physicality inconjuncts erratic Uranus in your sign, you may be feeling some recent stress in a much more visceral way than you ever have before. Mercury in your House of Relationships aligning with Pluto in your House of Philosophy could indicate that this stress is the result of something bubbling under the surface in a relationship with someone close. Look around in your life to see if there’s a pink elephant in the room everyone is ignoring ……. Leave no stone unturned……Your day to day wellness may depend on it.


Gemini- As Neptune transits your House of Career and Public Image, make sure you’re not overestimating your ability to make the world be what you want it to be. Mercury in your House of Routines aligning with Pluto in your House of Transformation will create the necessary cracks for the truth to leak out, so make sure you’re careful about what you say in regards to any accusations being leveled at you. There may be a smoking gun you’re either not aware of or you think no one will ever find. Before you assume anything though think again. Saturn in your House of Other People’s Money is being approached by Venus, meaning that it won’t be the proof of a matter that sinks you, but rather the completely dishonest way you’re trying to cover it up that will be your downfall. Distraction can go just so far and I think no one is going to be fooled anymore by the lipstick you’re trying to put on this pig.


Cancer- As the Sun and Mars go through your House of Foundations don’t be surprised if the apple cart gets upset and you’re forced to confront either a bully or a problem at work that just won’t go away. Jupiter in your House of Routines aligning with the Sun will find others looking to you for guidance in this matter and as Mercury in your House of Creativity aligns with Pluto in your House of partnerships, you could end up joining forces with a past adversary to take down a common threat. The redeeming quality about many low vibrational, evil people is that they are usually not very smart, which will likely be your ace in the hole as Mercury also aligns with Neptune in your House of Philosophy and you completely out maneuver and out strategize someone who thinks they have your number. Stupid is as stupid does and that should turn out to be very good for you indeed.


Leo- With Saturn and Pluto transiting your House of Work and aligning with Neptune in your House of Transformation, problems that arise now on the job are not designed to thwart you or make your life a misery, rather the challenges facing you now are there so that you will discover through necessity just how resourceful and dynamic you can be. If you don’t believe me then just listen to Jupiter in your House of Creativity as he aligns beautifully with the Sun passing through your House of Communication. If you have any ideas about how to turn a shit show at work into a well-oiled machine then speak up! Uranus going through your House of Career will begin the week joining hands with the Moon, meaning that if you’re willing to take a chance you could wind up being the next big thing……Let your freak flag fly, it may turn out to be more mainstream than you think.


Virgo- Often leadership is based on someone willing to take charge rather than being given charge. With Mercury in Scorpio now passing through your House of Communication and aligning with Pluto in your House of Creativity, maybe it’s time for you to call out some of your colleagues on their bullshit, especially if they’re skating by you up the ladder of success by convincing everyone their shit don’t stink. Saturn is also in your House of Creativity and as he lines up with Neptune in your House of Partnerships don’t assume that someone else has your best interests in mind or that they’re even being fair in regards to dealing with you behind the scenes. We have one go around in this life, so follow your heart, do the right thing, and don’t shy away from fighting the good fight, especially when everything you hold dear is at stake.


Libra- Mercury going through your House of Self Worth and aligning with both Saturn and Pluto at your Foundation should provide you with the break you so desperately need, but only if you’re willing to speak your truth and not compromise based on worrying that everyone might not understand what you’re trying to do. Uranus in your House of Transformation opposing Venus could bring this unexpected good news through a very unusual channel or via a circumstance that will at first seem like what you want is not going to happen. Remember though, Uranus is unpredictable and as he inconjuncts Mars in your sign that dark cloud that looks like it’s going to soak you may very well have a silver lining. And don’t forget, Jupiter in your House of Communication will be aligning nicely with the Sun in your sign so miracles are entirely possible………Surprise!!!


Scorpio- As Venus and Mercury pass through your sign and come into alignment with both Saturn and Pluto in your House of Communication, you could end up being a very pithy and entertaining fount of wisdom this week. You clearly see people and situations for who and what they are and your ability to discern truth from BS will be invaluable to friends, family, and colleagues. What needs to change for you though is that you can’t be giving away all this experience and insight for free, especially since those you’re helping are profiting from your pearls of wisdom and not giving you credit where credit is due. Jupiter in your House of Self Worth aligning with a Libra Sun behind the scenes may make you want to take the “charitable” high road, but don’t you dare. Neptune in your House of Creativity should be able to help you to figure out some fair and equitable compensation, so crunch some numbers and see what works for everyone. Now that would be some true idealism!


Sagittarius- Jupiter in your sign aligning with the Sun in your House of Friends should make you a very good companion this week, so if you get any invites make sure you accept them. Mercury and Venus behind the scenes in the deep sign of Scorpio will likely provide you with a penetrating wit, especially as they align with both Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth. Mostly your banter will be delightfully snarky, but if anyone is dumb enough to try and get a laugh at your expense they might find out just how cutting you can be……Ouch!!! Uranus in your House of Work will be irritated by an inconjunct from Mars passing through your House of Dreams, so be careful. You are sharp as a tack right now, but you don’t want to inadvertently turn off a potential benefactor who doesn’t have as developed a sense of humor as you…….Especially about themselves.


Capricorn- AsSaturn and Pluto in your sign are each aspected by both Venus and Mercury passing through your House of Groups, you could be thrust into a position of leadership at this time, though it might be contingent on if you’re willing to tell the truth no matter what the cost. At first this will seem like a scary proposition, but with Neptune also in the mix in your House of Communication you should be in possession of the proper tact and insight to be able to accurately express what’s really going on in a situation to the benefit of everyone involved. Uranus in your House of Creativity will be inconjuncted by Mars passing through your House of Groups, which could mean that while there will be those who will reward you for your candor, there will also be others who will hate you for it. The good news is that the haters are soon to be on their way out, so no worries.


Aquarius- What you don’t say now could end up being just as important as what you do say, so think before you toot your horn. Uranus at your Foundation is mixing things up and as he inconjuncts Mars going through your House of Philosophy discretion will most certainly be the better part of valor at this time. Mercury and Venus going through your House of Public Image and the clandestine sign of Scorpio will be in positive alignment with both Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes, setting the stage for actions to be far more eloquent (and affective) than words. Noble Jupiter in your House of Groups and a balanced Libra Sun in your House of Philosophy would second the motion, so try your best to be as Zen as possible this week and you’ll likely end up riding the Tao right into the catbird seat……


Pisces- Your sign is generally thought to be more intuitive than intellectual, however, as they say in Zen, it’s all mind and it’s all a mystery. Venus and Mercury in your House of Philosophy and the penetrating sign of Scorpio will be aligning with both Saturn and Pluto in your House of Dreams and Neptune in your sign, making you about as insightful now as one could be in a physical body, so make sure you listen to that mystical mind of yours and do what feels in alignment with what’s around you. Uranus in your House of Thinking and Communication could represent an element of genius, particularly as he inconjuncts Mars in your House of Transformation. The trick now will be to act on your premonitions and not limit your true creative insight in a box of logic that may not be appropriate to the unique set of circumstances you’re being confronted with.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #104, Special Bernie Sanders “Get Well” Edition

Special Bernie Sanders “Get Well” Edition


On Tuesday October 1stpresidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont experienced chest pains during a campaign event and was subsequently rushed to the hospital where it was determined he had a blockage in one of his arteries. Doctors inserted two stents into the artery in question and on Wednesday October 2ndit was reported that the Senator was in good spirits and resting peacefully.


While the preceding paragraph outlines the basic facts of what happened to the 78 year old Politician, it gives no indication whatsoever of the emotions that swirled around the country when literally millions of working class people of all races, nationalities, and sexual persuasions started hearing news reports that their champion had possibly fallen. Yet in true Bernie fashion, by late Wednesday (the day after his incident) the Senator was both tweeting and posting on instagram in his inimitable style proclaiming how lucky he was to have good healthcare, adding that it also made him think of how scary it would be for someone who didn’t have insurance. He went on to say how many Americans are uninsured or underinsured and would be facing financial ruin if they were to have to pay out of pocket for a procedure like he had received. Even as he lay recuperating in the hospital this lion of a man was still thinking about and fighting for those less fortunate.


Now of course the mainstream corporate media will try to write Bernie off because of this recent health episode, engaging in subtle (and not so subtle) criticisms that he is too old. And of course no such criticisms will be made against his competitors Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, despite the fact that Biden is only a year younger than Bernie and Warren at 70 is pretty close to the life expectancy for an adult woman in the U.S. While this sort of double standard seems unfair, it is something that Bernie Sanders has become used to in his long and storied career. Since being elected the Mayor of Burlington Vermont in 1981, he has continuously rubbed the establishment the wrong way and irked those in power with his relentless demands for a more equitable society. From marching with Gay Activists as Burlington’s Mayor in the 1980’s, to Feminist Gloria Steinem announcing her support for his 1996 House Campaign by declaring him an “Honorable Woman”, to his recent marches with Amazon and Walmart workers for a $15 minimum wage, Senator Bernie Sanders has been a warrior for social and economic justice his entire career. As his campaign chair former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner would put it, “Bernie has the receipts”, meaning simply that his record speaks for itself.


Bernie Sanders has done the right thing and been on the right side of the issues consistently throughout his career, even when it was unpopular and at times dangerous to do so. As a young man he marched for Civil Rights with Doctor Martin Luther King and later got his ass beat by Chicago police demonstrating for affordable housing for minorities. As a young Congressman he stood up in the House of Representatives and strenuously took exception when someone testifying in the chamber referred to “Homos in the Military.” During that incident Bernie would not yield to the Speakers gavel until the bigot had been put in his place. He was also one of the few serving in the Congress at the time that risked being labeled unpatriotic when he voted against the Iraq War and the lies of the Bush Administration.


At this point in his career it could be said that Senator Bernie Sanders is arguably the most influential Legislator of his generation. During his first Presidential run in 2016 his platform included programs such as Medicare for All, Free tuition at State Colleges, a $15 Minimum Wage, Corporate Tax Reform, and Bold Climate Change Legislation, all of which his Democratic colleagues and the mainstream corporate media criticized him for, claiming it was unrealistic and “pie in the sky,” adding “how are you gonna pay for all this?” When Bernie pointed out to his opponents that they didn’t worry about where the money would come from for the country’s $700 Billion Defense budget or that highly profitable corporations like Amazon and Walmart payed $0 in Federal Taxes, suggesting perhaps that’s where the money could be found to fund his social programs, no one paid attention. When he also announced he would not take money from big donors to pay for his campaign expenses the pundits said he didn’t stand a chance. Fast-forward now to the current Democratic Presidential Primaries of 2019 and everyone in the field is repeating one or more of Bernie’s ideas and spinning them as their own, while at the same time his campaign has raised the most money of any candidate so far; 61.5 million dollars from over 3.4 million donations with the average contribution being $18.


It is Mr. Saturn’s opinion that Bernie Sanders is the only honest politician out there. Certainly he’s the only one with a consistent track record of actually doing what he say’s he’s going to do and fighting the good fight for working people no matter what he’s up against. An example of this occurred during the second democratic presidential debate when he called out CNN’s Jake Tapper for using Republican talking points to criticize the idea of a single payer health insurance program adding, “During the commercial breaks tonight CNN will be airing pharmaceutical ads” (which in fact happened). Now for those who may not be paying attention, if CNN is taking ad money from Big Pharma it would then seem likely that they would also want to discourage presenting a national health plan in a favorable light, especially since Bernie’s Medicare for All would eliminate private insurance and put price limits on prescription drugs. It’s not often here in the U.S. that we see a politician speak truth to Corporate Power, most of them simply take the big donor money and then vote according to their contributors interests, ignoring what the constituents who elected them might actually need.


When I initially heard of Bernie’s health episode the first thing I thought of was that America would once again lose a great leader when the country needed him most.  Since the hope of the 1960’s we have watched the nation slowly succumb to corporate control as our visionaries get assassinated, the rich get richer, the rest of us get poorer, and the society at large passively accepts a high-tech, sound bite, celebrity driven, virtual substitute for what was once a real world with real people and real responsibilities. We are undeniably at a critical crossroads in our nation’s history and it can’t be ignored. At a time when Corporate monopolies and their cancer-like need for profits are destroying our environment and ignoring the plight of the average person, when the vast majority of wealth in our society is ascending like a helicopter to the top 1%, and 90% of the country is being left to drown in a combined undertow of stagnated wages and rising inflation, we desperately need someone who will tell the truth and fight with us to get out of this maze where all that’s waiting for our children when they grow up is a Minotaur of financial, spiritual, and global ruin.


Bernie Sanders is a fighter. He’s had a health episode. He’s also received the standard treatment for it that should leave him in better shape in the long run. Of course his adversaries will begin their death knell that he’s done, but as long as he can walk, Bernie will get out there and fight for us. He’s proven that over the last 40 years of his career. While he’s healing let’s send him our prayers. It’s Our Revolution, but we still need him out there in front of us for a while.


“Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there……..I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad-I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry and they know suppers ready. And when folks eat the stuff they raise and live in the houses they build- why, I’ll be there. See? God, I’m talkin’ like Casy. Comes of thinkin’ about him so much. Seems like I can see him sometimes.”

-John Steinbeck “The Grapes of Wrath”




The Astrology of Bernie’s Health Episode


Even though Bernie’s episode occurred on October 1st , it is necessary to look back a couple of weeks to around September 15thwhen the Vermont Senator had his Mercury return in order to gain some valuable insight into what happened. While a Mercury return is a brief transit, it can often indicate a dramatic increase in activity and stress as the Messenger Planet brings with it the potential for an avalanche of communications and social interactions. For those who might not be aware, Senator Sanders was averaging 5 to 10 events a week all around the country prior to the time of his feeling chest pains.


On the day of his episode Saturn, the planet of structure and the natural order, was in alignment with Bernie’s natal Sun in Virgo, the sign of health. At the same time, transiting Neptune was in opposition to his Sun, meaning that because Bernie is a tough S.O.B he was probably ignoring the signs that he needed a rest, however, when Saturn comes calling if you won’t do the right thing voluntarily, then you may just find that circumstances will force you to do what is necessary. In addition, Saturn was also squaring Bernie’s natal Moon in Aries, a placement that no doubt gives him his prodigious drive and energy but also at that time might have been running amok and making him try to do way too much. In short, Saturn the Teacher pulled Bernie out of the mix in order that he partake in some necessary rest in order to pace his 78 year old body for the long campaign ahead. Because Saturn is also about discipline and routines, it would probably be a good idea as well if Bernie (and his staff) began watching his diet a little more carefully while he’s traveling, particularly when it comes to the many heart un-healthy foods one is forced to eat when jetting all around the country.


A saving grace at this time was that the episode happened during Bernie’s Venus return, which occurred in the balanced sign of Libra where his natal Venus was in harmonious aspect with both his natal and transiting Jupiter. Whenever Jupiter is involved there is always the possibility of excess, yet when it combined with Venus at the time of that planet’s return in the Senator’s chart, it also made me think that an important realization would be made on the part of Bernie (and his staff) that he’s not a young man anymore and it would be wise to pacethe campaign a little more evenly.


In short, it seems that both Saturn and Jupiter, with a little help from Venus (All you Need is Love) have conspired together to slow down our possible future POTUS just enough so he can rejuvenate himself. He still has a long journey to the White House and after he gets there he’s still going to need a lot of energy in reserve to be able to govern and change this country the way it needs to be changed.


Like a fine wine, I think we will see a vintage Bernie Sanders in 2020.