Mr. Saturn’s Stars #66 Weekly Horoscopes for 12/24-12/30, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 12/24-12/30, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. I wish you all a happy holiday! Let’s each try to remember back to when we were young and hopeful and Christmas was magickal. I don’t know about any of you, but even Mr. Saturn can get a little mushy over a good old story about the true meaning of Christmas.


Aries- With Mercury in your House of Philosophy this week squaring Neptune behind the scenes, don’t be surprised if you get a bad case of the Christmas Blues this season. It doesn’t mean that you’re turning into a scrooge, instead it’s because you feel a need to experience a certain sense of idealism that is currently lacking in what seems to be going on all around you. Don’t let yourself get disappointed by all the jaded commercialism that appears to be eclipsing any true sense of the holiday spirit. Later in the week as the New Year gets closer, Venus in your House of Transformation will move into a cathartic alignment with Pluto in your House of Career. It’s entirely possible that you can follow the beat of a different drum this season without having to feel cornered like you’re the last human alive in what seems to be a Zombie Christmas Apocalypse.


Taurus- Don’t let your Holiday expectations make you cynical when you realize that all the Christmas lights shining on every street are not necessarily radiating the spirit of giving and brotherhood that you would like to see, especially with Mercury in idealistic Sagittarius squaring illusory Neptune in your House of Fondest Hopes and Dreams. Twice during the week the Moon will align with solid Saturn as the Lunar sphere passes through your Houses of Creativity and Relationships, meaning that if you’re willing to embody the true spirit of giving and compassion then Christmas for you and yours should be just fine. As the year comes to a close Venus in your Houses of Relationships will align with Pluto in your House of Long Distance Affairs, meaning that perhaps you should plan a trip to bring in the New Year with someone special who is currently not within hugging distance and wouldn’t mind some unexpected company?


Gemini- If you feel like you need to assist Santa in the overwhelming task of making everyone happy and satisfied this Holiday Season, then you may be setting yourself up for utter exhaustion or a nervous breakdown. Take care of yourself and approach the weeks festivities with a relaxed and unassuming attitude and you may be surprised that you can actually have fun without everything needing to be perfect. This is especially true at work where you might have the responsibility for the Office party thrust upon you by someone who likes to talk the talk but rarely walks the walk. In regards to any ideas you may discuss with this individual, don’t feel you have to pick up their slack when they flake out. After all, they’ll get the coal in their stocking not you.


Cancer- Pay careful attention this week not to take on the feelings of others, especially if they’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves and trying to pretend they’re more sensitive and deep than anyone else simply because they’re willing to act like such drama queens. The waters within you run as still and deep as it comes, so there’s no reason for you to be guilty if you don’t feel the need to perform your feelings for the peanut gallery. Your love has been fully known and felt by everyone who has ever been close to you in your entire life. Therefore, just make sure to stay present in the moment and pay attention to what others truly need and not necessarily what they would like to advertise to camouflage their own guilt.


Leo- As a fixed sign there is always the possibility that you can get stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of, just make sure wherever that space in time is it doesn’t inadvertently ruin someone else’s Christmas because they’re not strolling down the same memory lane as you. The theme of the season is supposed to be sharing and brotherhood. Being tolerant of how someone else wishes to experience their holiday is just as important (if not more so) than singing the correct carols, serving the correct food, or giving the correct gifts. As Venus passes through your House of Family take the time to pay attention to someone you have gotten comfortable ignoring. Maybe there are things you could have blamed them for in the past, but you’re to blame now if you can’t let shit go.


Virgo- Make sure to pay careful attention to your communications with a loved one, for with Mercury transiting your House of Home and squaring Neptune in your House of Relationships, misunderstandings are quite possible and could end up creating needless tension around a holiday gathering. As Felix in “The Odd Couple” once said, “when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.’ Now with that in mind, Pluto passing through your House of Creativity and aligning with Venus in your House of Communication later in the week would indicate that speaking your mind clearly and directly could open up some unexpected doors to some new and exciting possibilities, that is, if your willing to speak your truth without having to be asked.


Libra- Don’t underestimate the need to ignore an asshole this week. When we buy into someone else’s drama we become a character in search of an author and as such set ourselves up as minions to fate. Mercury in your House of Thinking being squared by Neptune will likely be a misplaced self-righteousness that will have you taking the bait that sets the trap (e.g.) someone needs to put this individual in their place….really? Wrong! Their stupidity, hatefulness, and obnoxiousness have nothing to do with you unless you engage. Venus in your House of Self Worth aligning with Pluto at the Foundation of your chart represents the chance to liberate yourself from being part of another’s onanistic orgy of ego so that you can instead create your own world from the inside out. Admittedly this all sounds very philosophical, but you need to work this shit out in order to create a true reality for yourself.


Scorpio- As Venus crosses through your First House this week you may be drawn to foolish extravagances, which will likely be compounded by the fact that Mercury in your House of Self Worth is squaring Neptune in your House of Creativity and making you believe all that glitters is gold. Jupiter in your House of Self Worth will also contribute to this nonsense, though a word to the wise, don’t mistake what you have for what you are. Pluto transiting your House of Communication will be aligning with Venus later in the week so that something you might not be able to afford at this time may just be the necessary comeuppance for you to realize what is of true value in this virtual life of illusion you have inadvertently fallen into.


Sagittarius- The Holiday Season could be particularly trying for you this year as you attempt to keep your head above water in a churning sea of other people’s illusions, fantasies, prejudices, and general bullshit. Mercury and Jupiter in your sign should keep you fairly personable, however, Neptune in your home and family area could make you particularly susceptible to the classic manipulations that your loved ones have used on you before, like guilt, guilt, and, oh yeah, guilt. Venus behind the scenes is a virtual guarantee you’re not the one who’ll get coal in your stocking, yet it’s not about keeping score, instead experiment with ignoring and avoiding altogether whoever you don’t want to be with this season. They’ve got no trouble pointing out where you’re lacking, so feel just as empowered to tell them you’re not available.


Capricorn- As the Holidays rapidly approach having Mercury and Jupiter behind the scenes would indicate that you are actually feeling the spirit this season, on the other hand, with Neptune in your House of Communications you need to be careful who you get festive with. Stay away from scrooges who will make you feel sappy and sentimental, as well as tacky Christmas freaks who wear reindeer horns everywhere and think that the North Pole and Las Vegas are connected through the same garish, fluorescent wormhole. Take your lead from a reserved Venus in Scorpio as she transits your House of Groups and aligns nicely with a very serious Pluto in your sign. Stay behind the scenes, keep your shit on the down low, and plan your celebrations around a few trusted friends and family who won’t necessarily make you watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” but will instead want to quietly celebrate one with you.


Aquarius- Either you’re a total Scrooge who thinks Christmas is for the intellectually inferior, or else you’re the one who dresses up like Santa and “Ho ho ho’s” everyone like a righteous preacher at a fundamentalist revival. Either way the true spirit of the season would require that you back off both stances and instead maybe volunteer with the homeless or drive a truck to deliver toys for tots. Venus is in your House of Public Image as well as the reserved sign of Scorpio, and as she aligns with Pluto behind the scenes, try and make this holiday season about humanity and charity rather than an agenda of any sort……there’ll be plenty of time next year to grind whatever ax you hope to slay the world with. “Be of good cheer.”


Pisces- You may be feeling especially vulnerable this holiday season with Neptune in your sign being squared by a gregarious (and often insensitive) Mercury in Sagittarius. As a result you may find yourself exhausted by the demands of friends and relatives as they each compete with one another to be the ultimate Christmas Warrior. A subdued Venus in your House of Philosophy and the discreet sign of Scorpio will likely motivate you to remain behind the scenes with those who are also feeling a little shell shocked by the twinkling commercial holocaust of gift giving and excessive spending. Be sure to take some time and review how the year went for you. If there was more love and friendship than not, then make sure you’re with those particular people. And if there was someone who was there at the times when no one else was, make sure you rendezvous with them underneath the mistletoe.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #39 Weekly Horoscopes for 6/4-6/10, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 6/4-6/10, 2018


  “I’d sooner, except the penalties, kill a man than a hawk;

but the great redtail

Had nothing left but unable misery

From the bone too shattered for mending, the wing that

Trailed under his talons when

he moved…..


  …I gave him the lead gift in the twilight.

What fell was relaxed, Owl-downy, soft feminine feathers; but


Soared: the fierce rush: the night-herons by the flooded river

cried fear at its rising

Before it was quite unsheathed from reality.”


-Robinson Jeffers



 Aries- You are standing on a precipice and looking into the distance at where you’d like to be, however, since you’re not there yet how are you dealing with where you are now? Part of the problem might be that you’ve been misinterpreting delays in your forward progress as your goal receding further away, instead of realizing it is more a matter of the speed of your approach. In other words, if a town is a hundred miles away the distance doesn’t change no matter how fast or slow the train goes. With Pluto retrograde in your House of Career and Jupiter retrograde in your House of Transformation, the treasure map you started following at the beginning of the year is still valid. What’s going on now is that when one embarks upon the actual trail to his or her dreams it is no longer about hoping or fantasizing, but rather a matter of dealing with the sorts of illusions that inevitably arise between theory and practice; a dialogue that is playing out now between The Sun and Mercury in your House of Logical Thinking and Neptune in your House of Confinement and Obstacles. As an old Pop Song used to advise, “Just hold on loosely/ But don’t let go/ If you cling too tightly/ You’re gonna lose control.”


Taurus- As the attainment of a goal gets closer you could be starting to see how the journey is no longer about what you’re trying to manifest, but rather about how you’ve transformed yourself by becoming what you needed to be in order to succeed. Venus at the bottom of your chart and Pluto at the top would further indicate that this transformation was as much driven by a newfound sense of self-love as by any need for control or material acquisition. The Lunar Arc this week travels through your Houses of Public Image and Dreams where it will then go around to the back door and enter into your sign, meaning that You are on the verge of realizing that you have managed to find yourself by surrendering yourself; congratulations and Namaste!


Gemini- You have no idea how people are really seeing you now, which could find you accused of being either a blithering idiot or an arrogant S.O.B. Likewise, you could also end up overestimating yourself, or else be driven to an act of desperation by fearing that you aren’t good enough for a particular person or situation. Oh, the rollercoaster ride of being a Gemini! As Venus transits through the nurturing sign of Cancer and your House of Self Worth to come into an opposition to Pluto, you could also decide to escape your confusion by instead becoming immersed in someone else’s problems. This may satisfy a desire you have to be needed but be careful, someone who is willing to dump on you might very well also have no problem blaming you if  your help doesn’t fix his or her life. In short, try to stay on the down low this week and keep it simple; don’t give any sh*t or take any wooden nickels.


Cancer- If the week starts out looking like it’s going to be a re-enactment of the Alamo try to remember not to sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff). Over the last few months some shit has certainly hit the fan, but what you may be overlooking is that you are no longer the same person that drew said shit to yourself. Instead, you have become a Spiritual Warrior/Jedi-Ninja Badass who has managed to find a solution for everything the Universe has thrown at you. Notice as well who is still standing there beside you as the dust from this tragic year begins to settle. If you have love and a little luck then you always stand a chance, no matter what comes down the pike. Remember as well that luck can sometimes come to us in the form of a test, like when the Greek Gods would disguise themselves as unfortunates and then reward those who offered them hospitality and punish those who didn’t. In other words, don’t stop being the good person you are and don’t believe “nice guys finish last.” As the song goes, “If you have a friend on whom you think/ You can rely/ You are a lucky man!/ If you’ve found the reason to live on and/ Not to die/ You are a lucky man!”


Leo- With Pluto retrograde in your House of Work and Jupiter retrograde in your House of Foundations, you may be reflecting on your current career status and thinking perhaps you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. Venus behind the scenes opposing Pluto may be adding to this sense of melancholy, but don’t cue up “Is that All There Is?” just yet. The Sun and Mercury in your House of Dreams could offer up a little inspiration if you’re willing to try, but Neptune in your House of Transformation could also offer up a little hopelessness if you’re willing to indulge in a pity party. Uranus crossing your House of Career would indicate a change is definitely coming, while at the same time Saturn retrograde in your House of Work will be trying to remind you how you arrived where you currently are. So, if you don’t want the new boss to be the same as the old boss, just make sure that you’re starting “TO DO” some things differently to get a different result. Get it? Got it? Good.


Virgo- It’s time to make a choice. Doing something just because someone said you can’t may be a good way to say f*ck you, but it is not a recipe for finding your own brand of happiness. Likewise, finding fault with everything will eventually leave you all by yourself with nothing to do. Remember in The Matrix when Smith had Neo in a choke hold on the train tracks and as the train approached Smith commented that the train whistle was “the sound of inevitability…”? Well, for you that train is embodied now by Pluto as it opposes Venus in your House of Dreams and likewise aligns with Jupiter in your House of Communication and Neptune in your House of Partnerships. Without a destination in life all we’ll ever have is a house full of travel brochures laying all over the place. Pick a destination, buy a ticket, take the ride, you’ll have no one to blame or rebel against except yourself. Can you handle that much responsibility? Can you handle that much happiness?


Libra- If you’re feeling like a “Rider on the Storm,” don’t despair, just continue driving as carefully as you can through the deluge and keep those high beams on. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Self Worth and Pluto retrograde in your House of Symbolic Foundations represent the distance you’ve traveled and the experience you’ve gained, so with each of these planets in esoteric aspect to the Sun and Mercury in your House of Philosophy, expect some new possibilities to crop up like a rainbow over the drenched landscape. The Lunar Arc this week will travel from your House of Creativity through your Houses of Work, Partnerships, and Transformation, meaning that along with these new possibilities just mentioned you can also expect some new challenges as well, but don’t worry, “Intrepid Traveler,” a wise journeyman like you should be able to come up with some novel solutions from the depths of your well earned wisdom and understanding.


Scorpio- A word used to describe something is not the thing itself, which Aleister Crowley pointed out in “Magick in Theory and Practice” when he commented that the letters d-o-g are not an actual dog. With this in mind, it will be very important for you in the coming week to clearly determine the difference between what you think is real and what actually exists. While there are certainly an infinite number of possibilities in the universe, actualities eliminate just about all of them as soon as one makes the choice to eat a veggie burger or ride the subway. Likewise, making additional choices creates myriad new possibilities; therefore, realize that the best way to change your reality is to act on any intention you have about what you’d like to do with it. With the Sun transiting now through your House of Death and Transformation, this is a time when you can clearly see things for what they are, just make sure you’re actually doing something with this info; “Break on Through to the Other Side!”


Sagittarius- If you want either an unhappy relationship or an unsatisfying situation to change, it’s important to first realize how you feel you benefit by these circumstances being as they are. Sometimes we allow others to use us because it makes us feel needed. Other times we use others because it makes us feel important, or else we believe we are owed something. Either way, nothing can or will change for the better until you re-evaluate whatever the reward is you think you’re getting that justifies being unhappy. With the Sun and Mercury in your House of Relationships, Pluto retrograde in your House of Self Worth, and Jupiter retrograde behind the scenes, how you think about yourself right now is going to be a strong determinant in how you deal with others, but even more importantly, it’s also going to reveal why they deal with you the way they do. As the Beatles once sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”


Capricorn- Responsibilities at work or in a project you’re involved with could increase right now, although before agreeing to expend any more of your time and energy you should first examine the situation and see if more of an effort on your part is really the solution. In other words, make sure that your need to be all things to all people hasn’t become an inappropriate matter of pride that could very well allow some lazy ass to benefit at your expense. I am pointing this out because a Mars/Uranus square in your Houses of Self Worth and Creativity would indicate that overworking yourself at this time could end up being both frustrating and stressful, especially if some of your personal priorities have to be shifted in order to accommodate whatever is being demanded from you. Saturn retrograde is also in your House of Self Worth and as it trines Uranus make sure you remember how unhappy you were the last time you shelved your dreams to take care of something that was ultimately another’s responsibility…  “I remember when the darkness doubled, and lightning struck itself…”


Aquarius- With the Sun and Gemini passing through your House of Creativity and entering into an esoteric alignment with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Career and Pluto retrograde behind the scenes, you need to be careful now not to allow yourself to get caught up in other peoples excitement, especially if it plays to your need to be loved and admired in exchange for promising something you just won’t be able to deliver. Neptune in your House of Self Worth could contribute to such hubris if you let it, so try to be vigilant and don’t allow yourself to get talked into trying to be superman. Ego or pride can be far more dangerous than kryptonite, so beware. In the meantime, a Pluto/Venus opposition squared by the Moon in Aries midweek could find you in hot water at work if you don’t watch your mouth with a fellow employee, or even the boss. Uranus having just entered your House of Symbolic Foundations to square Mars in your sign may have you feeling you oats, just don’t think you’re more of a thoroughbred than you are or you could end up as dog food before you know it.


Pisces- If you have been letting your responsibilities slide either at work or on the home front, you could get a rude awakening as circumstances suddenly take an inconvenient or even downright embarrassing turn. This could come in the form of an unexpected attack from someone you didn’t even realize was mad as Uranus in your House of Communication squares Mars behind the scenes. How could they feel this way, you’ll think to yourself as they scream, “how could you do this to me?” Of course you will be able to apologize your way out of this due to the fact that Jupiter retrograde aligning with Neptune will help them to remember that you are really nice even if you’re more than a little flakey. On the other hand, with Saturn retrograde squaring an Aries Moon in the middle of the week, you better remember to make a note on your “to do” list to seriously work on whatever it was that may have upset someone, or else you may have to hire a full-time bodyguard; just saying.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #10 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/13-11/19, 2017

Weekly Horoscopes 11/13-11/19, 2017

 Hi kids!!! Glad y’all could make it back this week to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.


“For those who have an intense urge for spirit and wisdom, it sits near them waiting.                                    -Patanjali


 Aries- You could really be torn this week between your head and your heart. A part of you knows you need to compromise, yet another part of you is still driven by the fear of possibly losing your independence and, ultimately, yourself. Part of the problem here is looking at your vulnerability as weakness when it is actually strength. Mars and the Moon in your House of Relationships squaring Pluto will bring out your ingrained patterns and fear, while a Venus/Jupiter conjunction combined with Neptune represents the Mystic in you that can’t be repressed. Over the weekend a Scorpio New Moon inconjunct Uranus in your sign should bring you a Satori experience as you rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. Mr. Saturn’s haiku this week is yours;

“A candle exists

To be consumed by both the

Flame and the darkness”

Taurus- A wise guy once said, “There is no freedom without responsibility, and for each of us the rest of the world represents responsibility.” Venus and Jupiter in your House of Partnerships would suggest that compromise with a colleague or roommate is key and idealistic Neptune would concur. On the other hand, Mars squaring Pluto has you feeling like any infringement on your comfort zone would be like an invasion by a barbarian horde. What did Nietzsche say? “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Even though erratic Uranus in your House of Hidden Fears has you hyperventilating, Mr. Saturn is trying to remind you that any difficulty you face resulting from a choice made of your own free will is a blessing. Why? Because it will allow you to make another choice if you don’t like the way things turn out, and that, my dear, is freedom!

Gemini- Mercury squaring Neptune to start the week could reveal how a partner has deceived you. The arc of the Moon over the remainder of the week will then in turn outline how you should deal with the situation. The Moon and Mars in Libra squaring Pluto will have you seething, and Mercury with Mars will make you want to rip this person a new orifice. However, the Moon in Scorpio midweek along with Venus and Jupiter will try to convince you to take the highroad and think about your healing rather than revenge. The New Moon over the weekend should offer some insight about this unraveling of events, especially when you realize this isn’t the first time this person has misled you. As the Moon finishes the week in Sagittarius squaring Neptune, Mr. Saturn would advise, “make sure your sadness hasn’t sentenced you to the same gallows that your betrayer should be swinging from.”

Cancer- The Moon beginning the week at the bottom of your chart will have you wrapped up in family and home matters. A situation is changing and as the saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no one.” With Mercury squaring Neptune, try not to blame yourself too much for your role in something that was inevitable. When the Moon meets up with Venus and Jupiter in your House of Creativity and they all get some visionary help from Neptune, you should finally see (and feel) the bigger picture. Mars and Mercury should provide a further burst of energy and before long you’ll likely be humming to yourself that horribly contagious song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” The New Moon over the weekend inconjunct Uranus will bring on some unexpected developments but hey, don’t worry, if you just stop humming that stupid song Mr. Saturn will probably agree to lend you a helping hand.

Leo- With a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, the Sun, and the Moon all in Scorpio this week you will be in a reflective mood regarding your roots. Combine this with the fact that Neptune is in your House of Legacies and the stage is all set for a little Freudian Chess. Why do you do what you do? What will be your next move? Mars in Libra squaring Pluto will bring all your unexplainable frustrations to the forefront, while at the same time Uranus in your House of Philosophy will want to rebel when Mr. Saturn tells you to put away your toys. At some point all this righteousness (and fear) about your independence could suddenly turn into a long forgotten memory of a little child fearing to say “no” for the first time: Hmmm, interesting….. Mr. Saturn say’s, “your time is up, but for next week you should think about who that little child is currently saying “no” to; could it  be you?

Virgo- Mr. Saturn at the bottom of your chart has been a good disciplinary influence as of late, but then along comes Mercury the Trickster with a hip flask of Neptunian escapism and there you go right into the gutter. What were you thinking of? The Moon and Mars in your House of Self worth squaring Pluto have brought up some old patterns of powerlessness and rebellion. It’s a shame that you haven’t figured out yet that rebellion is essentially the paradox of giving your power away so you can feel strong and righteous by taking it back. Therapy would be helpful, but this time you have probably bitten off your nose to spite your face. There will be a price to pay for your blunder and it will probably end up costing you a great relationship. Even Mr. Saturn is sad about this one.

Libra- This week begins with a lot of energy for you as both Mars and the Moon are together in your sign. At the same time Mercury and Neptune will form a mutable square in your Communication and Work areas, so get ready for a period of confusion or misdirection either on the job or while you’re running some errands. Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun all in your House of Earnings could bring a unique income opportunity, especially since the Sun is inconjunct Uranus. Mars will move into a square with Pluto and a sextile to Mercury later in the week, which means if you can stay cool you’ll probably manage to turn around a tense situation by either saying or doing the right thing at the right time. Even Mr. Saturn will say, “Well done!”

Scorpio- With Mars behind the scenes, Mercury hustling for advancement, and Pluto driving you ever onward, this could be a week of some real accomplishment for you. Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in your sign along with Neptune in your House of Charm are all making you a real magnet in both work and play. Mr. Saturn has been keeping your books for a while and his influence has allowed you to really consolidate your resources so that you can forge ahead into some new places, both within yourself and professionally. Uranus in your House of Routines has been making things hectic and perhaps you haven’t been taking as good care of yourself as you should. The New Moon over the weekend should see you resting and coming to grips with the fact that you’re not immortal. ”At least not until the work week starts again,” say’s Mr. Saturn.

Sagittarius- Mr. Saturn has been trying to tell you, “Luck is not about what you do, it’s about who you are.” As the week unfolds this little bit of wisdom will be illustrated for you by the developing planetary transits. First, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in your House of the Subconscious would symbolize the seed for luck. Second, Mercury squaring Neptune in your House of Foundations would symbolize the illusions you harbor about all that you feel you need to do to be accepted. Third, Mars in your House of Hopes and Dreams represents your frustration as it squares Pluto in your House of Earnings. The New Moon in Scorpio over the weekend will then combine all of this into an illuminating catharsis as it inconjuncts Uranus in your House of Creativity and everything comes full circle back to Mr. Saturn sitting there with annoying calm and reminding you, “I told you so.”

Capricorn- What does the Taoist concept of Non-action mean? Mr. Saturn would explain it like this; “When there is a solo in a piece of orchestral music everyone except the soloist stops playing. The musicians who are not playing can then be said to be practicing non-action because that’s what the composition called for.” After a significant pause, Mr. Saturn would then add, “Take this to heart my cloven hoofed friend.” With Venus and Jupiter currently conjunct in Scorpio in your House of Groups, it’s not about doing anything but being patient and going with the flow. At the start of the week Mercury behind the scenes squaring Neptune will make you anxious and Mars squaring Pluto will drive you to overcompensate, but stay cool. When Mercury eventually joins together with Mars the conductor will point to you to solo. The New Moon over the weekend will then make an esoteric connection with Uranus to reveal a surprise and then you’ll understand what all this non-action stuff really means.

Aquarius- As a fixed air sign you’re convinced that you’re always right regarding just about everything. If it turns out that you’re wrong, you’ll usually just incorporate the correct info into a modified point of view as though that’s what you said in the first place. Mercury squaring Neptune at the beginning of the week will start this flip-flopping process, but when Mars squares Pluto you’ll once again be found trying to put the proverbial egg back in its shell or tell us the rain isn’t really wet. The truth will eventually surface when Mercury connects with Mars, although over the weekend as the New Moon does its hoodoo with Uranus and uses the glamour of Venus and Jupiter to its advantage, once again you will be convinced that you’ve fooled everyone. Everyone that is except Mr. Saturn, who will be muttering under his breath, “Jive Turkey!”

Pisces- This should be a whirlwind week for you as Mercury crosses your Public House and you overbook yourself and bite off more than you can possibly chew. Don’t expect any sympathy though as others will take you at your word and then be ticked off when you can’t deliver. Part of the problem is that you only hear what you want to and then assume the truth is someone else’s responsibility. The arc of the Moon won’t enlighten you much this week as it goes from charming Libra to ruthless Scorpio and then into oblivious Sagittarius. Nevertheless you will be unsinkable as Venus and Jupiter trine Neptune for luck and the New Moon creates a spell with Uranus to confuse matters and help you make a clean getaway. In the aftermath of it all, Mr. Saturn will be shaking his head as he comments, “You were lucky this time, but don’t try that sh*t ever again.”