Mr. Saturn’s Stars #67 Weekly Horoscopes for 1/7-1/13, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 1/7-1/13, 2019


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to another year of Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

We’re starting this year with a government shutdown ordered by everyone’s favorite rump. I wonder, should the 800,000 government workers not getting paid eat cake? Inquiring Americans would like to know.


Aries- Mars is the planet of action, courage, energy, and ambition, and it has come home to your sign to start the year, meaning you’re probably chomping at the bit to move forward in just about every area of your life. Venus and Jupiter in your House of Philosophy will give you high hopes, while Uranus going station/direct in your sign could bring a little luck or, at the very least, a surprise or two. The Sun and Mercury together in your House of Career aligning with Neptune behind the scenes could bring that Zen moment that sometimes occurs when you stop thinking about things and instead just let your intuition guide you into a groove where everything seems to work in harmony. Make sure you keep your cool so you can enjoy it while it lasts.


Taurus- With Mars rattling around behind the scenes in your chart and Uranus just about to cross your Ascendent, try and be aware of how energy is building up within you in the form of impatience and anxiety about where you are as opposed to where you want to be. Neptune in your House of Dreams could potentially add to your emotional instability, however, with Saturn and Mercury moving into a conjunction in your House of Philosophy you should be okay if you can focus on what’s in front of you. In other words, keep your attention on what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter in your House of Transformation should provide all the luck you’ll need so that everything ends up okay. Just remember to breathe and take it one step at a time.


Gemini- Probably more now than anytime in a while it is important for you cross your t’s and dot your i’s and not be cavalier about anything that you’re expected to be responsible for. With Jupiter and Venus in your House of Relationships squaring Neptune in your House of Public Image, it would be very easy at this time to be perceived by others as an arrogant flake that thinks the rules apply to everyone but you. Instead, take your lead from the Sun and Mercury in your House of Transformation and make sure to do your homework so that you are prepared for anything that involves having to work with others to get something done. In other words, this is a time when it is very important to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. A word to the wise.


Cancer- Make sure at this time that you aren’t allowing your current circumstances to convince you of something that just isn’t true. With Jupiter in your House of Work squaring Neptune in your House of Philosophy it may seem like no matter what you do you can’t get ahead, although with the Sun and Mercury in your House of Relationships having a much better relationship with Neptune, my advice would to be keep your nose to the grindstone and play the role you’ve been given, at least for the time being. The Lunar Arc will be moving from your House of Transformation through your House of Philosophy and into your House of Career, meaning that as it aspects Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars in succession you may just end up discovering that you’re a lot luckier than you gave yourself credit for. Don’t be surprised if an unexpected payback on a favor you did someone in the past transforms the winter of your discontent into some early Spring crocuses.


Leo-As Venus enters your House of Creativity and aligns with Mars in your House of Philosophy, take the time to play and follow your inspirations, whatever they may be. Neptune in your House of Transformation squaring Jupiter (also in your House of Creativity) could represent a tendency you’ve had in the past to repress such visions and activities out of either guilt or fear, however, with the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your House of Routines this could be the time when you’ll finally find the courage to confront that pesky little demon who keeps whispering in your ear that you don’t have the time for fun.  In the meantime, as Uranus gets closer to your House of Public Image, get ready to be exposed to a whole new group of free and intelligent people as you little by little start to let your freak flag unfurl.


Virgo- A wise man once said that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission and I would concur. At the very least it’s a sure way to find out who really cares for you. With that in mind, don’t be afraid at this time to do what’s in your heart if that’s what you truly feel. Have faith that you won’t be abandoned by someone close whose control issues are really just a camouflage for what a big chicken they are. With the Sun and Mercury in your House of Fun and Creativity, your willingness to step out of the small world a partner is trying to confine you in could very well be as much of a liberation for them as it is for you, especially if they decide to try and bring you back; after all, an adventure for two may just be exactly what your relationship needed.


Libra- The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all in your House of Foundations and Home, which probably means that for the last little while you’ve been laboring away at something that isn’t glamorous but no doubt necessary. If possible, try and be patient for now. As Venus gains steam in your House of Communications she will eventually enter into a conjunction with Jupiter in mid-month, at which time you will undoubtedly see some fruits from your past labors start to arrive. Maybe you will even get to see some of that fruit sprouting as early as this week when Venus catches up with Mars in your House of Partnerships and you start to receive some initial indications that the world may be interested in you again. During this week the Lunar Arc will pass from your House of Creativity to your House of Partnership (reiterating the theme of new associations) so keep up the good work simply because it’s the best way for right now to be going with the flow.


Scorpio- As Venus enters your House of Self Worth and aligns with Mars in your House of Work this would be a good time to either ask for a raise or else start looking for something new that would pay you what you’re really worth; which, by the way, is the $64,000 dollar question, namely, what you’re worth. The Sun and Mercury in your House of Communication aligning with Neptune in your House of Creativity will give the negotiating skills to convince anyone of anything, so if someone isn’t impressed by your pitch assume they’re challenged in some way and move on; you don’t have time for anyone who can’t keep up (or worse, doesn’t want to).  Jupiter is also in your House of Self Worth and as he squares Neptune in your House of Fun don’t let yourself get lazy and simply waste all this week’s good energy in frivolous activities. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can conquer today.


Sagittarius- Venus in your sign aligning with Mars in your House of Creativity and Romance could cause you to feel both inspired and antsy at the same time. It’s a potent energy, but if you’re not careful and/or lack direction, it could all just devolve into pointless escapism. Let the Sun and Mercury in your House of Self Worth show you how to be careful and not get distracted, especially with Neptune in your House of Foundations squaring Jupiter in your sign. This is an aspect that could easily be either a cloud looking for a parade to rain on or an expectation ready to over inflate, neither one being true. The worst part of Sag is that they can easily fall into believing whatever they want to believe, ergo, try not make this week about believing anything but rather about trying something new. Listen to what your heart is saying, you know, that small voice inside that requires you to listen carefully instead of the big one that just makes you feel guilty and gives you a headache.


Capricorn- As the old saying goes, life is one part inspiration and three parts perspiration and getting that cocktail right may be your biggest challenge this week. Venus behind the scenes aligning with Mars at the foundation of your chart would qualify as the inspiration, while The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in your sign would be the responsibility to chaperone that inspiration to a respectable place, kind of like the Sicilian family watching Al Pacino with their daughter in The Godfather. The ultimate arbiter in the film was that the couple loved one another and the family could see that, in your case Neptune in your House of Thinking would correlate to the idea of that kind of love, but the question is are you willing to see it through like Pacino did by putting up with having to go on dates with 20 other people? We’re back to where we started so be willing to break a sweat this week, you’ll be glad you did.


Aquarius- With the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto behind the scenes you are a quivering heap of worries and nerves as you courageously try to figure out how to take care of everything for everybody. Neptune in your house of Self Worth squaring Jupiter in your House of Groups and Friends is adding to this anxiety by making you too nice at this time for your own good. Let Mars in your Hose of Communications help you to draw some boundaries with anyone who is out to either con or strong arm you; don’t be afraid to call people on their bullshit and do it in no uncertain terms.  Uranus is currently at the lowest point in your chart so make sure you also aren’t overlooking anything in regards to making sure that you and yours are prepared for the unexpected; double check things like your home security system and make sure all your insurance policies are clear and updated. As the photographer Ansel Adams used to say, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”


Pisces- As Mars transits your House of Self Worth and aligns with Venus entering your House of Career, you are definitely feeling a need to branch out to greener pastures where your talents will be more amply rewarded. Jupiter is also in your House of Career, and while this will further boost your confidence, just make sure you don’t get cocky. Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto are all in your House of Groups and Dreams to help you remember no one does anything alone, therefore be willing to compromise and try not to burn any bridges now if someone isn’t seeing yet how fabulous you are. They will if you’re willing to acknowledge (and get down to) the work that needs to be done now.

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #28 Weekly Horoscopes for 3/19-3/25 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 3/19 – 3/25, 2018


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“I was court martialled in my absence, and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence.”

-Brendan Behan


Aries- The Sun enters your sign this week where it will immediately be confronted by Mars and Saturn (aka “The Malefics”). Pay careful attention to your frustration levels now as the archetypal optimist and skeptic within you try to establish their respective philosophies. Mercury and Venus are also in your sign this week with the former going station/retrograde and the later squaring Pluto, which could lead to some very testy confrontations if you feel you are being denied what you believe you have earned. Neptune will also be a culprit for you this week, first when it combines with a Taurus Moon to remind you of what you don’t have and secondly when it aligns with a Cancer Moon to help you feel angry about it. Mr. Saturn usually doesn’t recommend drinking alone, but it might be a better idea than killing someone.


Taurus- As Mercury goes station/retrograde for you behind the scenes and falls just short of a square with Pluto, you could be remembering someone from the past and a misunderstanding you both had. Neptune aligning with the Moon twice this week (first in your sign and then later on in Cancer) could have you feeling sentimental about this situation as you ponder how things might have gone differently. Let Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto remind you that in order to have become who you are now, things back then played out exactly as they were meant to. As the Sun passes behind the scenes for you and squares Mars in your House of Philosophy, try to take solace in making a commitment to move on and not make the same mistakes twice.


Gemini- When the Sun enters your House of Dreams in the middle of the week it will be rapidly approaching squares to both Mars and Saturn, meaning that for every kilowatt of energy you spend fantasizing, an exponentially larger force will be exerting the realization of responsibility upon you. Mercury going station/retrograde in Aries would suggest that the more carefully you’re willing to review what your next move should be, the more likely that Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto will help you to discover some new resources you may have previously overlooked. Neptune conversing this week with both the Moon in Taurus and the Moon in Cancer will be all about listening to your intuition. To illustrate this, Mr. Saturn would add a Taoist quote he loves, “Strength knows how to bide its time, while weakness feels a need to act.”


Cancer- The Sun enters your House of Public Image this week to join Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus so be prepared for others to start looking at you differently. No, you won’t be having a zit outbreak or a succession of bad hair days, it’ll be more like the person you always knew you could be will suddenly be there for everyone to see. A life change that you’ve been working on behind the scenes for awhile is about to come to fruition, so be sure to pinch yourself and start realizing that someday is now! With Jupiter Retrograde aligning with Pluto take stock of all you’ve learned over the past months while you were struggling to evolve with your circumstances and then clearly realize that you are a warrior and you have prevailed. It would also be a good idea to remember who was there for you and who wasn’t through your various initiations and then make sure you dole out your extremely valuable friendship accordingly.


Leo- As the Sun enters your House of Philosophy and approaches the Spring Equinox, be willing to take on whatever you feel is holding you back rather than just complaining about it as though it were an irrefutable natural law. With Mercury now in retrograde in that same Philosophical House, this would be a perfect time to question everything you believe, especially if those beliefs are not making you happy. Likewise, Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Symbolic Foundations moving closer to Pluto could help you realize that you’ve only misplaced something you thought was lost; like your unique individuality. Be open this week as Neptune aligns with the Moon in both Taurus and Cancer, you could find yourself being visited again by an artistic inspiration you haven’t felt in a long time. You don’t have to do a Gauguin, but you should start making time to nurture your innate creativity.


Virgo- When the Sun enters your House of Death and Transformation this week that will make 4 major planets currently in that House for you. One of them will be Mercury Retrograde, another will be the Sun squaring Mars and Saturn in your House of Creativity, while the third will be Venus, who in turn will be flirting with the 4th , that wild and crazy guy Uranus. At this point if you’re not willing to change something in your life, you could inadvertently be asking to have a brick fall out of the sky and hit you in the head. Ouch!!! In other words, things can’t (and won’t) stay the same. If romance has been lacking in your relationship then let Neptune help you out as he first aspects the Moon in Taurus and then the Moon in Cancer. If you’re stuck in a boring job let Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto in your House of Creativity help you re-do that resume, or perhaps start acting on an idea you’ve been harboring that’s all dressed up with no place to go. In short, you can’t go wrong if you commit to defining this week with a verb (whatever that may mean to you).


Libra- This week you have 4 planets in your House of Relationships squaring 3 planets in your House of Home and Family. On the relationship side there is the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus, while at home you have Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. Mr. Saturn would venture to say that some serious life changes have either served to significantly strengthen a relationship or else sever it (perhaps permanently). Either way you have learned the power of sacrifice so that now you understand the true meaning of love is forgiveness. Congratulations, this new sense of humility you have developed (which was probably discovering that you don’t need to be right all the time) will serve you very well when this whirlwind period is over. Rest assured that all is as it should be as Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Self Worth prepares the student within you so the teacher within you can appear.


Scorpio- With Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in your House of Communication squaring the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus in your House of Work and Routines, a lot is being expected of you now and those who want something have no problem letting you know about it. Of course your control oriented nature wants to be all things to all people, yet the power of being able to say “no” at this time could be what prevents you from being taken away in a straight jacket. Neptune in your House of Creativity will motivate you to be helpful in novel ways, just make sure you prioritize those who are worth your time and those who aren’t. Your sign rules sinners and saints, try to refrain from being the later to save the former.


Sagittarius- In the middle of the week the Sun will enter the sign of Aries and join Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus in your House of Creativity, which is a lot of dynamic energy at your disposal. Now the question is, where should you direct it? Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are all in your House of Self Worth so how about asking yourself (and perhaps even your employers) what am I worth and if I’m not getting that, why not? An answer to this question could be revealed on the home front as Neptune shows how you can be overly accommodating to the demands of others while ignoring your own needs. Mr. Saturn would suggest you eventually go to therapy about this aspect of your character, but for now how about pushing for a promotion or even looking for another job?


Capricorn- Having Pluto, Saturn, and Mars all in your sign now will make you nothing if not somewhat dissatisfied, just like having the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Symbolic Foundations right now will make you nothing if not impetuous; see the problem? Of course Neptune in your House of Communication early in the week will help you overlook what you’d prefer not to see, especially as it aspects the Lunar Arc moving through your Houses of Creativity, and Work. The buck will stop though in your House of Dreams when Jupiter Retrograde aspects Pluto and you are forced to re-evaluate your current position in regards to where you had planned to be when you started this journey you are presently on. As a now departed Capricorn once sang, “Watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream.”


Aquarius- Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus each of you Water Bearers has the potential to be either a dictator or a rebel depending on the circumstances. Such extremism is probably most true for you right now with Saturn, Pluto, and Mars behind the scenes squaring the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Communication. As a result, your karmic lesson at this time could very well be that the more obsessed you are with accomplishing something (whatever that may be) the more you probably feel subconsciously that you are not good enough for it. Of course you will reject this suggestion outright, probably even laugh at it, but the simple fact is that pathological people usually have no idea they are pathological. And since you Aquarians take special pride in believing that you know yourselves better than any other sign, I think it would be best to stop here.


Pisces- If dreams are about looking up at a mountaintop then accomplishments are about looking down from one. This has never been truer than now as Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in your House of Dreams watch you make the arduous climb toward their exalted perch, while at the same time Mercury Retrograde and Uranus in your House of Self Worth complain over the fact that you’re not there yet. At this point enter Neptune, the planet of dreams (and your ruler), which is currently in your sign. Be careful not to let your impatience spin excuses that sound practical but would essentially add up to you either chickening out or blaming circumstances for making things too hard. A word to the wise, listen to Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Philosophy as he sings you a little song, “The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all… and all.”

Mr. Saturn’s Stars #10 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/13-11/19, 2017

Weekly Horoscopes 11/13-11/19, 2017

 Hi kids!!! Glad y’all could make it back this week to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.


“For those who have an intense urge for spirit and wisdom, it sits near them waiting.                                    -Patanjali


 Aries- You could really be torn this week between your head and your heart. A part of you knows you need to compromise, yet another part of you is still driven by the fear of possibly losing your independence and, ultimately, yourself. Part of the problem here is looking at your vulnerability as weakness when it is actually strength. Mars and the Moon in your House of Relationships squaring Pluto will bring out your ingrained patterns and fear, while a Venus/Jupiter conjunction combined with Neptune represents the Mystic in you that can’t be repressed. Over the weekend a Scorpio New Moon inconjunct Uranus in your sign should bring you a Satori experience as you rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. Mr. Saturn’s haiku this week is yours;

“A candle exists

To be consumed by both the

Flame and the darkness”

Taurus- A wise guy once said, “There is no freedom without responsibility, and for each of us the rest of the world represents responsibility.” Venus and Jupiter in your House of Partnerships would suggest that compromise with a colleague or roommate is key and idealistic Neptune would concur. On the other hand, Mars squaring Pluto has you feeling like any infringement on your comfort zone would be like an invasion by a barbarian horde. What did Nietzsche say? “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Even though erratic Uranus in your House of Hidden Fears has you hyperventilating, Mr. Saturn is trying to remind you that any difficulty you face resulting from a choice made of your own free will is a blessing. Why? Because it will allow you to make another choice if you don’t like the way things turn out, and that, my dear, is freedom!

Gemini- Mercury squaring Neptune to start the week could reveal how a partner has deceived you. The arc of the Moon over the remainder of the week will then in turn outline how you should deal with the situation. The Moon and Mars in Libra squaring Pluto will have you seething, and Mercury with Mars will make you want to rip this person a new orifice. However, the Moon in Scorpio midweek along with Venus and Jupiter will try to convince you to take the highroad and think about your healing rather than revenge. The New Moon over the weekend should offer some insight about this unraveling of events, especially when you realize this isn’t the first time this person has misled you. As the Moon finishes the week in Sagittarius squaring Neptune, Mr. Saturn would advise, “make sure your sadness hasn’t sentenced you to the same gallows that your betrayer should be swinging from.”

Cancer- The Moon beginning the week at the bottom of your chart will have you wrapped up in family and home matters. A situation is changing and as the saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no one.” With Mercury squaring Neptune, try not to blame yourself too much for your role in something that was inevitable. When the Moon meets up with Venus and Jupiter in your House of Creativity and they all get some visionary help from Neptune, you should finally see (and feel) the bigger picture. Mars and Mercury should provide a further burst of energy and before long you’ll likely be humming to yourself that horribly contagious song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” The New Moon over the weekend inconjunct Uranus will bring on some unexpected developments but hey, don’t worry, if you just stop humming that stupid song Mr. Saturn will probably agree to lend you a helping hand.

Leo- With a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, the Sun, and the Moon all in Scorpio this week you will be in a reflective mood regarding your roots. Combine this with the fact that Neptune is in your House of Legacies and the stage is all set for a little Freudian Chess. Why do you do what you do? What will be your next move? Mars in Libra squaring Pluto will bring all your unexplainable frustrations to the forefront, while at the same time Uranus in your House of Philosophy will want to rebel when Mr. Saturn tells you to put away your toys. At some point all this righteousness (and fear) about your independence could suddenly turn into a long forgotten memory of a little child fearing to say “no” for the first time: Hmmm, interesting….. Mr. Saturn say’s, “your time is up, but for next week you should think about who that little child is currently saying “no” to; could it  be you?

Virgo- Mr. Saturn at the bottom of your chart has been a good disciplinary influence as of late, but then along comes Mercury the Trickster with a hip flask of Neptunian escapism and there you go right into the gutter. What were you thinking of? The Moon and Mars in your House of Self worth squaring Pluto have brought up some old patterns of powerlessness and rebellion. It’s a shame that you haven’t figured out yet that rebellion is essentially the paradox of giving your power away so you can feel strong and righteous by taking it back. Therapy would be helpful, but this time you have probably bitten off your nose to spite your face. There will be a price to pay for your blunder and it will probably end up costing you a great relationship. Even Mr. Saturn is sad about this one.

Libra- This week begins with a lot of energy for you as both Mars and the Moon are together in your sign. At the same time Mercury and Neptune will form a mutable square in your Communication and Work areas, so get ready for a period of confusion or misdirection either on the job or while you’re running some errands. Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun all in your House of Earnings could bring a unique income opportunity, especially since the Sun is inconjunct Uranus. Mars will move into a square with Pluto and a sextile to Mercury later in the week, which means if you can stay cool you’ll probably manage to turn around a tense situation by either saying or doing the right thing at the right time. Even Mr. Saturn will say, “Well done!”

Scorpio- With Mars behind the scenes, Mercury hustling for advancement, and Pluto driving you ever onward, this could be a week of some real accomplishment for you. Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in your sign along with Neptune in your House of Charm are all making you a real magnet in both work and play. Mr. Saturn has been keeping your books for a while and his influence has allowed you to really consolidate your resources so that you can forge ahead into some new places, both within yourself and professionally. Uranus in your House of Routines has been making things hectic and perhaps you haven’t been taking as good care of yourself as you should. The New Moon over the weekend should see you resting and coming to grips with the fact that you’re not immortal. ”At least not until the work week starts again,” say’s Mr. Saturn.

Sagittarius- Mr. Saturn has been trying to tell you, “Luck is not about what you do, it’s about who you are.” As the week unfolds this little bit of wisdom will be illustrated for you by the developing planetary transits. First, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in your House of the Subconscious would symbolize the seed for luck. Second, Mercury squaring Neptune in your House of Foundations would symbolize the illusions you harbor about all that you feel you need to do to be accepted. Third, Mars in your House of Hopes and Dreams represents your frustration as it squares Pluto in your House of Earnings. The New Moon in Scorpio over the weekend will then combine all of this into an illuminating catharsis as it inconjuncts Uranus in your House of Creativity and everything comes full circle back to Mr. Saturn sitting there with annoying calm and reminding you, “I told you so.”

Capricorn- What does the Taoist concept of Non-action mean? Mr. Saturn would explain it like this; “When there is a solo in a piece of orchestral music everyone except the soloist stops playing. The musicians who are not playing can then be said to be practicing non-action because that’s what the composition called for.” After a significant pause, Mr. Saturn would then add, “Take this to heart my cloven hoofed friend.” With Venus and Jupiter currently conjunct in Scorpio in your House of Groups, it’s not about doing anything but being patient and going with the flow. At the start of the week Mercury behind the scenes squaring Neptune will make you anxious and Mars squaring Pluto will drive you to overcompensate, but stay cool. When Mercury eventually joins together with Mars the conductor will point to you to solo. The New Moon over the weekend will then make an esoteric connection with Uranus to reveal a surprise and then you’ll understand what all this non-action stuff really means.

Aquarius- As a fixed air sign you’re convinced that you’re always right regarding just about everything. If it turns out that you’re wrong, you’ll usually just incorporate the correct info into a modified point of view as though that’s what you said in the first place. Mercury squaring Neptune at the beginning of the week will start this flip-flopping process, but when Mars squares Pluto you’ll once again be found trying to put the proverbial egg back in its shell or tell us the rain isn’t really wet. The truth will eventually surface when Mercury connects with Mars, although over the weekend as the New Moon does its hoodoo with Uranus and uses the glamour of Venus and Jupiter to its advantage, once again you will be convinced that you’ve fooled everyone. Everyone that is except Mr. Saturn, who will be muttering under his breath, “Jive Turkey!”

Pisces- This should be a whirlwind week for you as Mercury crosses your Public House and you overbook yourself and bite off more than you can possibly chew. Don’t expect any sympathy though as others will take you at your word and then be ticked off when you can’t deliver. Part of the problem is that you only hear what you want to and then assume the truth is someone else’s responsibility. The arc of the Moon won’t enlighten you much this week as it goes from charming Libra to ruthless Scorpio and then into oblivious Sagittarius. Nevertheless you will be unsinkable as Venus and Jupiter trine Neptune for luck and the New Moon creates a spell with Uranus to confuse matters and help you make a clean getaway. In the aftermath of it all, Mr. Saturn will be shaking his head as he comments, “You were lucky this time, but don’t try that sh*t ever again.”