Mr. Saturn looks at the 2020 Iowa Caucuses


 Hi kids!!!!! Long time no see.


On Monday February 3, 2020 the Democratic Presidential Primaries will officially commence with the Iowa Caucuses. The day will begin with the ingress of the Moon into Gemini as well as that of Mercury into Pisces, where together these planets will form a mutable square. While Gemini is an air sign associated with communication and intellectual matters, Pisces by contrast is a water sign governing intuition, empathy, and spiritual awareness. The location of an emotional planet like the Moon in an intellectual sign like Gemini and a cerebral,  communicative planet like Mercury in a sensitive water sign like Pisces presents a very interesting paradox. It is my opinion that this aspect is a representative illustration of the choice voters will be grappling with as they try to decide between a moderate or progressive vision for the future of our country. As a result, I believe the Iowa Caucuses will be kicking off the first Presidential election in my lifetime (and Mr. Saturn is no spring chicken) where the American people will actually be concerned with voting for issues that directly affect them like Medicare for All, the future of our Social Security system, Student Loan Forgiveness, and Raising the Minimum Wage, rather than the personalities of the candidates.


The second important aspect that will occur on February 3 will be in the late afternoon when Venus, the Planet of Love, moves into a sextile with Saturn, the Planet of Structure and the Natural Order. Venus will be in the sensitive sign of Pisces, which is about compassion and creativity, while Saturn will be in its home sign of Capricorn where it symbolizes the rules that govern our society. A positive aspect between these two planets usually indicates the establishment of an idealistic and practical association that will mutually benefit the parties involved over the long-term.


With all of this in mind, what can we look forward to in the Iowa primary? I’m sure that you all have your favorite candidate that you would like to see win, however, based on the Astrological aspects I think a quote from Bernie Sanders in his comeback rally in NYC after his heart attack best sums up the situation………


“Are you willing to fight for the person next to you as hard as you’re willing to fight for yourself?”


I believe that’s the sentiment that will win the day in Iowa, and beyond.


Sincerely, Mr. Saturn

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