Mr. Saturn’s Stars #109 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/18-11/24, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/18- 11/24, 2019


 Aries- No doubt this week will be an unusual one as normally communicative and busy Mercury slows up to eventually stand still in your House of Transformation. As the rest of the planets continue mingling, aggressive Mars will leave the balanced sign of Libra and enter into his home sign of Scorpio, where he will oppose erratic Uranus in Taurus. What all of this could mean for you rams is that your desires may have to be put on hold for the time being, leading to much frustration and perhaps even an unexpected outburst. On the other hand, both Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct in your House of Philosophy and the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, meaning that if you can manage to curb your expectations and instead take things as they come, life could end up being a little bit more rewarding than circumstances would lead you to believe.


Taurus- A partnership could end up being stuck in the mud this week as Mercury, the planet of communication, goes station/direct now and stands stock still in your House of Relationships. At the same time Mars, the planet of War and Action, will also be entering into your House of Relationships where it will oppose unpredictable Uranus in your sign. You like things to be organized, planned, and consistent and if anyone tries to rearrange your comfort zone things could get a little dicey, if you know what I mean? The Sun entering your House of Transformation and the philosophical sign of Sagittarius could help to shine a light on some of your control issues, especially since both Venus and Jupiter will also be in your House of Transformation, perhaps helping you to be a little more amenable to the fact that life is change and that’s how we differ from the rocks.


Gemini- As Mercury goes station/direct this week and stands absolutely still in your House of Work and Mars also enters the same House to oppose crazy, unpredictable Uranus behind the scenes, things on the job will likely be frustrating and/or unproductive for the time being. Saturn in your House of Transformation aligning with Neptune in your House of Career could also speak to delays and needing to take one step back to move two steps forward. The silver lining in this undoubtedly gray cloud of a week will probably be the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your House of Partnerships, meaning that if you can’t seem to get anything done at work this would probably be a good time to focus on someone in your personal life you may have been neglecting and make sure they get some real quality time from you to make up for what you haven’t been doing.


Cancer- As Mercury stands still this week in your House of Creativity and Mars enters the same area to oppose Uranus in  your House of Groups and Dreams, you will likely be frustrated that your ideas aren’t being listened too either at work or in a group setting. This annoyance will likely be further compounded by the fact that Saturn in your House of Partnerships will be aligning with Neptune in your House of Philosophy, setting the stage for some serious lethargy (perhaps even depression). However, on the personal side, you may end up having quite a good week socially with lots of laughs either at home or on an outing with friends. Venus will be meeting up with jovial Jupiter in your House of Health and together they will be aligning with a balancing Libra Moon later in the week, meaning that if you do start out being frustrated with a situation beyond your control you will likely be able to let off some steam by the time the weekend comes along.


Leo- If you haven’t been getting the reactions you want from people as of late this may be the week you stop trying to fix a problem with the same mindset that created it and instead consider taking a new approach to your frustrations. Mercury station/direct along with Mars in your House of Foundations will both be opposing unpredictable Uranus in your House of Public Image, which will likely put you in an emotional cul-de-sac where the only way out is to face yourself in the mirror and go within. One you’re willing to confront an issue and see it for what it is, Venus and Jupiter joining together in your House of Creativity should provide all the inspiration you’ll need to rise to the occasion and rally to victory. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Work aligning with Neptune in your House of Transformation are about not only trusting your intuition, but also having a willingness to act on it despite whatever conventional wisdom may try to convince you of. Have the courage of your convictions and you may just change something after all.


Virgo- With Mercury standing still in your House of Communication and Mars opposing chaotic Uranus from the same House, you may end up feeling abandoned this week by someone who is very important to you. Saturn in your House of Creativity aligning with Neptune in your House of Partnerships will try to explain that this is probably not the case, although for a little while your frustrations may get the better of you. Not too worry. We learn to trust people by trusting them and sometimes the inertia that seems to exist before they come through for us is precisely how we learn the importance of faith and courage. Later in the week when Venus conjuncts Jupiter at the bottom of your chart you will realize that you didn’t suffer an ordeal at all during this time, rather you discovered some inner (and outer) resources you didn’t know you had.


Libra- With this week’s Mars/Uranus opposition in your Houses of Self Worth and Transformation you will likely be feeling frustrated if your recent efforts haven’t created the changes you were hoping for. This will probably be further exacerbated by Mercury standing still for the whole week, although in the near future the Messenger Planet will be coming into a nice alignment with both Saturn and Neptune, meaning that in the approaching weeks you will come to see that any delays that transpired were for a good reason and then it will likely be full speed ahead for your hopes and dreams. In the meantime, instead of being down at the mouth because things in your life seem to have stagnated, try to cultivate an attitude that no news is good news until you learn otherwise. And you very well might by the end of the week as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your House of Communication in the buoyant and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. Luck is falling from the sky, watch out!!!


Scorpio- You may be thinking “It’s déjà vu all over again” in regards to some recent problems with a friend or co-worker as Mercury stands still for the whole week in your sign and Mars opposes Uranus in your House of Partnerships. The frustration regarding this matter will be hard to ignore, after all, how much is enough and how many times can you do something before you realize it’s not working? The hardest thing to realize about this situation may be that it is the other person’s problem and not yours. Consider the fact that it’s only impacting you negatively because you want this other individual to be different. Venus and Jupiter holding hands in your House of Self Worth should help with your sense of self-love so that you don’t continue blaming yourself and acting responsible for someone else’s failure. Maybe this is a time in your life when you need to sink or swim based on your own merit and not another’s excuses?


Sagittarius- With Venus and Jupiter arm in arm this week in your sign you should be positively sparkling! Even with Mars behind the scenes opposing Uranus in your House of Work and Mercury stationing for the entire time, there probably won’t be anything that will be able to get you down for long, and certainly nothing that will keep you down permanently. Hell, you might even finally be okay with Saturn in your House of Self Worth as you slowly start to realize the tremendous service The Teacher has been doing for you by forcing you to deal with every kind of problem under the Sun in order to eventually realize your intrinsic value in any given situation. The Sun will also be entering your sign this week so as your season begins make sure to follow the totem for your sign and keep your arrows directed toward the heavens. Aim for the absolute best and even if you fall a little short happiness will still be yours.


Capricorn- Life is generally on a need to know basis, although this week that maxim may be taken to a new extreme, especially as Mercury stations for the entire week in your House of Groups making it seem as if you’re the last one to be told anything. You may not be happy with this neglect toward you on the part of others, especially as Mars enters the touchy sign of Scorpio to oppose Uranus in your House of Creativity and you find yourself reacting in some very non-productive ways. By non-productive I mean ways that are self-demeaning rather than just merely reactionary, particularly since both Venus and Jupiter are conjunct behind the scenes in your chart and you just can’t imagine anyone not feeling as magnanimous as you do. I think the trick here is not to try to solve what is clearly someone else’s problem in regards to relating, but instead forge your own solutions and stop insisting that the world should always be a cooperative venture; sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.


Aquarius- Your lack of ambition now might be more of a control issue rather than a matter of laziness. How so? Perhaps rebellious Uranus at the bottom of your chart opposing control oriented Mars in your House of Public Image might explain why you’d rather underachieve alone rather than risk interacting with a group where your sovereignty would be challenged. Add to that Saturn camping out behind the scenes in your chart and aligning with Neptune in your House of Self Worth and what we could have here is a recipe for withdrawal in order to reduce any possible variables that would challenge or criticize your very big (or very small) ego, depending on how you look at it. What is the solution? Venus and Jupiter together in your House of Groups would suggest that you have nothing to fear but fear itself in regards to what anyone may want of you and, conversely, everything to gain if you can realize “All you need is Love…….And you can learn how to play the game, it’s easy…….”


Pisces- With Venus and Jupiter conjunct now in your House of Career you could end up being a lot luckier than you realize. The downside, if there is any, will likely involve Mars in your House of Philosophy opposing Uranus in your House of Communication. In other words, if you can be patient and play your cards close to the vest in a professional situation, whoever seems to be lording over you now may end up needing you at some point in the near future and that’s when you can make your move to either improve your current situation or else exit to a better one that you’ve been quietly searching for on the down low. Either way, trust that the universe will provide what you need. Now if it turns out your basic needs are being taken care of in your current situation, then be willing to put up with it until you manifest something even better, and you will!

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