Mr. Saturns Stars #108 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/4-11/10, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/4-11/10, 2019


Aries-As Mercury travels through its first full week of being retrograde it will be in your House of Transformation where it will eventually come into alignment with Pluto, the planet of transition, in your House of Career and Public Image. At the same time, Mars in your House of Partnerships will both square Pluto and align amicably with Jupiter in your House of Philosophy. What all this means is that if you’re willing to be honest and acknowledge the pink elephant in the room then there is hope that you will be able to juggle any tense interactions in either your career or personal life. However, if you take an all or nothing attitude in your interactions with others and try to deny an obvious problem, you could very well find your self either all dressed up with nowhere to go, or else married to a job that won’t keep you warm at night. The choice is yours, just try to consider how what you do will affect someone else……..You’ll be glad you did.


Taurus- If there is anything you have been reticent to tell a friend or lover, this week may be the time to see if you can trust this person. Mercury retrograde in your House of Relationships aligning with Pluto in your House of Philosophy is about revealing secrets and sharing confidences, while at the same time Mars in relationship oriented Libra squaring Pluto is about tensions brewing under the surface. Don’t wait until something breaks to fix it, especially if you can already clearly see the need for a repair. Jupiter in your House of Transformation will be aligning nicely with Mars in your House of Routines, so any troubles you’re willing to confront now should result in happy outcomes. A word to the wise, get busy doing what you know needs to be done.


Gemini- Mars in your House of Creativity aligning with Jupiter in your House of Partnerships could be either a blessing or a curse for you now, meaning that even though you could be very inventive this week about advancing your own interests, make sure that no one has to look at the underside of a bus in order for you to get ahead. Mercury retrograde in the secretive sign of Scorpio aligning with Pluto in its ruling House of Death and Transformation is all about the truth coming out, no matter what, so be careful. You are a sign that often believes in a wide interpretation of facts, but when you consider that someone else may have to pay for you playing fast and loose with the rules (or worse, the law) don’t think that you can act with impunity. As the Moon ends the week behind the scenes with crazy, unpredictable Uranus, payback could be a real bitch if you’ve underestimated the resolve of an underling to stand up if it’s a matter of their own survival.


Cancer- As Mercury retrograde transits your House of Creativity and aligns with transformative Pluto in your House of Partnerships, you may want to rethink your attitude about someone from the past and exactly what this person did or didn’t do for you when it really mattered. Mars passing through your House of Family will be squaring Pluto, which could test a family loyalty, particularly if someone is not really thinking at all about how something they’re obsessed with will actually affect you if you help them. If you need to teach this person a lesson, do it, you might end up getting a golden opportunity for yourself if you’re not wasting your time servicing them, especially with expansive Jupiter in your House of Work aligning with Mars. Sometimes telling someone, “no” is actually saying “yes” to yourself. Think about it.

Leo- If there has been something that hasn’t seemed quite right, either at home or on the job, this week could be the time for you to do a little detective work and get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. Mercury retrograde in your House of Foundations and the secretive sign of Scorpio together with transformative Pluto in your House of Routines are all about investigations and revealing secrets, so get out your magnifying glass, keep your eyes and ears open, and start digging for clues. Mars in your House of Communication may see you coming up against some resistance if you manage to ask the right person the right question, however, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if they have something to hide. Jupiter in your House of Creativity aligning with Mars will help you to charm just about anybody you have to, so don’t hesitate to make whatever requests are necessary; the truth will reward you in the end.


Virgo- As Mercury retrograde in the penetrating sign of Scorpio and your House of Communication aligns this week with transformative Pluto in your House of Creativity, don’t hesitate to ask someone in power a hard question that needs to be answered. Of course they may choose to stonewall you, particularly as combative Mars moves into a square with Pluto, however, Mars is also passing through your House of Self Worth and the egalitarian sign of Libra, so if the cause you’re involved in is close to your heart, move forward boldly righteous warrior, particularly with noble Jupiter supporting Mars from your Foundation area. You have been put in your current situation because you are the one that can galvanize the necessary forces to right a big wrong. Take the challenge, you’ll be proud of yourself in the end, no matter what the outcome.


Libra- As Mercury retrograde in your House of Self Worth and the deep sign of Scorpio aligns with Pluto and Saturn at your Symbolic Foundation, this is the perfect time for you to re-examine your goals and motivations regarding the future. Not because you’re on the wrong track, quite the opposite, in fact, you’re a lot closer to where you’d hope to be than you might think. Re-examination would be good now in regards to finding (and maintaining) the most efficient way for you to get from point A to point B on your highway of dreams. Mars in your sign is currently giving you all the energy you need, and as the Planet of War aligns with Philosophical Jupiter in your House of Communication luck is on your side as well. If you ‘ve been working on something creative, this week would be a good time to put the finishing touches on it as next week’s Transit of Mercury will likely be the time when you will have to let your baby go out into the world to find its destiny……And it will.


Scorpio- Mercury retrograde in your sign now is likely bringing back memories of things you haven’t thought about in a long time. Add Pluto in your House of Thinking and Communication to the mix and not only will you be re-examining some long standing attitudes you’ve always held, but you’ll probably also want to set a few people in your life straight in regards to who you were as opposed to who you’re going to be from here on. Mars behind the scenes will give you some considerable gravitas as far as how strong you’ll come across with your revelations, as well as how seriously folks will take you when they hear what you have to say. Ultimately though it is Jupiter in your House of Self Worth who is the force driving this bus, as the King of the Planets guides you along into your next incarnation as the stone cold truth.


Sagittarius- With both Venus and Jupiter in your sign you are likely bubbling with charm now as luck falls out of the sky all around you. Mars in your House of Groups will also be adding an extra dose of charisma to this bandwagon, however, don’t assume you can just smile your way through anything. I say this because Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth are squaring Mars at this time, meaning that as much as you shine, someone else will feel a need to turn out your light. Not to worry though, Mercury retrograde behind the scenes aligning with Pluto will allow you to see right through a hater so that you won’t have to waste any energy stooping to their level. Helicopters can’t get jet planes, so carry on with your loop-di-loops and cart wheels up their in the clouds because for now this is your party and you can “not cry” if you want to.


Capricorn- It is said that “knowledge is power” and at this time with Mercury retrograde in your House of Groups aligning with Pluto in your sign, you have access to some information regarding an individual or a situation that someone would be willing to pay a pretty penny for. Now this could be actual hard data, or it could even be something as abstract as an insight into a matter that is literally driving someone else crazy. Either way, you have something of value now at your fingertips so don’t keep it to yourself. Neptune in your House of Communication is also aligning with Mercury and Pluto, so if you’re going to share anything make sure that you’re also discreet. Jupiter behind the scenes guiding Mars through diplomatic Libra in your House of Public Image will make sure you come out smelling like a rose, no matter who ends up going down because of your secret.


Aquarius- With Mercury retrograde transiting now through your House of Public Image and the clandestine sign of Scorpio, what you say (or what someone else say’s about you) could be a matter of concern at this time, especially if you are in the public eye or have recently scored a success someone else could be envious of. Pluto behind the scenes aligning with Mercury is all about knowing one’s enemy, whether that be another party who actually dislikes you, or your own worst tendencies. Make sure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to being vigilant about your public image, which could be easy to overlook at this time as Jupiter in your House of Groups and Dreams aligns with Mars in your House of Philosophy to give you the illusion that you’re invincible (or at least have no enemies). A word to the wise, “loose lips sink ships.”


Pisces- Mercury retrograde in your House of Philosophy aligning with Pluto in your House of Dreams may find you re-thinking what you want out of life and how you’ll get it. Mars in your House of Transformation is challenging you now to do the right thing (even if it’s not necessarily in your own best interests) while Jupiter in your House of Career is countering with the notion that if “God didn’t want them sheared, he wouldn’t have made them sheep.” While public morality is about politics and private morality is about honor, they each have their consequences. Just make sure that whichever one you choose you can pay the bill when the waiter brings it.

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