Mr. Saturn’s Stars #107 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/28-11/03, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/28- 11/03, 2019


Aries- You will start this week with four major planets in the intense sign of Scorpio and your House of Transformation, meaning  that you will no doubt be chomping at the bit to restructure everything around to your liking, especially with Saturn and Pluto moving back together in your House of Public Image where they will insist on you presenting a tightly put together image to the world. Of course this will probably cause you some stress, after all, who wants to go out there thinking their fly may be open? Mars in your House of Relationships will be moving into an exact square with Saturn, which will likely mean you’re going to need to compromise on just how much you can have your way in any given situation, just try not to look at taking no prisoners as the only option for making yourself happy.


Taurus- Relationships, friendships, and family associations could all be very challenging for you at this time, especially since you have four major planets in your House of Partnerships and at the same time individualistic Uranus in your sign is opposing them all. It’s not that you’re especially hard to get along with now, rather it’s that you detest anyone trying to tell you what to do. Add to that sentiment the fact that Saturn and Pluto are currently in your House of Philosophy and you’ll likely be feeling particularly sensitive about maintaining autonomy and control over your own existence. Jupiter in your House of Transformation aligning with Mars in your House of Routines will have you feeling the need to expand your sphere of influence, while at the same time you will not want to compromise very much on your vision of what your life should be now. Although the song say’s, “You’ve got to give a little, take a little,” I sense you’re not feeling that at this point in time.


Gemini- With four major planets now in Scorpio and your House of Routines opposing erratic, unpredictable Uranus behind the scenes, you could be experiencing a power play at work that might end up rocking your whole world. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation will insist on enforcing the rules, so if you’ve been playing fast and loose with the status quo expect to be taken to task. Jupiter in your House of Partnerships will have you believing you’re above it all, especially as the King of the Planets aligns with feisty Mars in your House of Creativity. You’ll no doubt try to rewrite some of the rules at this time or maybe even create a few new ones of your own, just don’t forget that what goes around comes around and those who live by the sword often die by it as well.


Cancer- Your House of Creativity is packed now with four major planets and they’re all opposing revolutionary Uranus in your House of Fondest Hopes and Dreams. Whatever it is you’re feeling now is so strong that you don’t really have any choice but to go out there and try to make it happen, especially with visionary Neptune in your House of Philosophy filling your head with added doses of both inspiration and righteousness. If not now, when? If not here, where? Saturn and Pluto together in your House of Partnerships have been waiting in the wings for almost a year now to help you with this struggle, so don’t hesitate to forge new associations and rejuvenate older ones in an effort to rally a new support system to begin your manifest destiny. Aside from all this recent inspiration and coinciding perfectly with the aforementioned alignments, Jupiter and Mars are also starting to muster troops at a grass roots level in your chart, so be sure not to waste another second in implementing your recent ideas for a newer, more creative life……..All roads lead to Rome, so get going Spartacus.


Leo- If you’ve been feeling restless lately or it seems like you have a splinter in your brain that something isn’t right and you just can’t dislodge it, be willing to follow your intuition and see where these irresistible urges lead. Uranus, the planet of the psyche, is in your House of Career, which could cause some of these subconscious urges you’re experiencing to manifest into challenges and disruptions designed to motivate change, particularly if you’ve been feeling a little too comfy as of late in your endless complaining. Neptune in your House of Transformation will likely have all the answers you’ll need, although the Ruler of the Ocean often likes to teach us via illusions and fantasies that blow up in our faces rather than with an easy to recognize menu of logic. In other words, expect to feel uncomfortable for the time being because nothing worth having comes without a price and if all turns to be is a little discomfort, then consider yourself lucky.


Virgo- If there’s something you feel you need to say, then say it. And if others won’t listen, or else they try to gaslight you and undermine your message, then shout it to the rooftops. Because now, more than any other time in your life, you are the voice of reason, the voice of truth. What you want to communicate at this time will only sound unreasonable to those who are embodying the problem that’s being pointed out, or else those who are too stupid to see how they’re getting screwed. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity are a revolutionary pair, and as they align with four planets in your House of Communication and Neptune in your House of Partnerships, make sure you are speaking in no uncertain terms. Say what you mean and don’t count among your friends those whose would stand on the sidelines and let what you’re trying to do be undermined. If you truly believe change is necessary, then let that change begin in you……..Get Pushy!!!


Libra- Four Scorpio Planets now in your House of Self Worth opposing individualistic Uranus in your House of Transformation are providing you with the sort of quiet determination that gets shit done. Mars in your sign squaring both Saturn and Pluto at your Symbolic Foundation is also a driving factor in this equation, as it is motivating you to stop at nothing in order to finish what you started, especially as the Planet of War is also aligning with Jupiter in your House of Communication where it will inspire your efforts and turn them into a labor of love. And if there’s one thing that’s always true, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love, That’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of…” So keep your nose to the grindstone for no matter how dark it may seem at any given moment, the Sun has yet to fail in bringing us a new day.


Scorpio- The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all in your sign now making you penetrating, insightful, sexy, and more than a little threatening. You may be laughing at this characterization, but be aware of what I’m saying because crazy old Uranus is opposing all those planets in your sign, which could bring some very unexpected consequences as a result of the unsettling influence you’re having on others. Mars behind the scenes in your chart is also having something to do with those around you feeling intimidated, particularly as the Planet of War is squaring status quo Saturn and aligning with over the top Jupiter. The best thing you can do now is to avoid focusing on what annoys you, lest anyone should have a brick fall out of the sky and hit them in the head. Also, be aware of attracting strays with that big old mojo you’re sashaying around with. If you can keep it on the down low now, you could have a very pleasurable (and lucky) week…..Wink! Wink!


Sagittarius- Four Scorpio Planets are behind the scenes now in your chart, which could have you feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go, particularly since Uranus in your House of Routines is bored beyond belief with the same old same old and desperately wants to bust a move. The tension is so palpable now you could probably cut it with a knife, especially as Mars in your House of Dreams is squaring Saturn in your House of Self Worth and aligning with Jupiter in your sign. I know the voices in your head are saying you can’t, but instead of responding to them emotionally listen to what they’re actually saying. Does it remind you of a little boy or girl whining rather than a grown up man or woman making sense? There ya go……It’s all about getting to the bottom of the illusions you keep alive rather than being powerless against some reality that you’ve convinced yourself exists.  As the poet Rimbaud once wrote, “Go everywhere and do everything, no one will hurt you any more than if you were a corpse.”


Capricorn- This week for you is about power, not strength, and resolve, not stubbornness.Four Scorpio planets in your House of Groups opposing Uranus in your House of Creativity is all about talking softly and carrying a big stick, while Mars in your House of Public Image aligning with Jupiter behind the scenes is about taking the high road because that’s who you are. Let the world think what it may, for with Neptune in your House of Communication aligning with both Saturn and Pluto in your sign, you have all the mojo you need right now to kill the bad folks with kindness, and you should. Mostly because non-violence is more noble, but also because it will confuse the hell out of your adversaries and mental torture is a lot more fun that getting down in the mud with animals……..Wouldn’t you agree?


Aquarius- Like an elderly Qi-Gong Master who can stop several younger and stronger men in their tracks with a wave of his hand, you are wielding a pretty hefty mojo now as Saturn and Pluto together behind the scenes in your chart align with Neptune in your House of Self Worth and square Mars in your House of Philosophy. At the same time, Mars is also being supported by Philosophical (and esoteric) Jupiter in your House of Groups, subsequently allowing you to connect with something far more intuitive and powerful than any run of the mill logic. Add to all this a stellium of planets in mysterious Scorpio and your House of Public Image and you essentially become the original inscrutable ninja who is managing to make shit happen that no one can figure out. If truth be told, you  probably can’t figure out why your luck has turned either, however, don’t think of it that way. The Tao that can be figured out is not the true Tao……..Nuff said!!!


Pisces- With four Scorpio planets in your House of Philosophy you want what you want right now, however, maybe at this time it’s not about your ego, but rather what the Tao will allow. You see we all live in a holistic, interactive universe in which various things depend on one another and, at times, inadvertently control each other’s fates. The fact that you see this sort of interdependency as an inconvenience doesn’t mean shit to the rest of the universe. The planets will revolve, all things will come to pass, and you will accept it, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t believe me then you need to talk to Saturn and your own ruler, Neptune, as they put aggressive and self-centered Mars in his place in your House of Joint Resources. You will not benefit now at another’s expense……..Period!!!

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