Mr. Saturn’s Stars #104, Special Bernie Sanders “Get Well” Edition

Special Bernie Sanders “Get Well” Edition


On Tuesday October 1stpresidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont experienced chest pains during a campaign event and was subsequently rushed to the hospital where it was determined he had a blockage in one of his arteries. Doctors inserted two stents into the artery in question and on Wednesday October 2ndit was reported that the Senator was in good spirits and resting peacefully.


While the preceding paragraph outlines the basic facts of what happened to the 78 year old Politician, it gives no indication whatsoever of the emotions that swirled around the country when literally millions of working class people of all races, nationalities, and sexual persuasions started hearing news reports that their champion had possibly fallen. Yet in true Bernie fashion, by late Wednesday (the day after his incident) the Senator was both tweeting and posting on instagram in his inimitable style proclaiming how lucky he was to have good healthcare, adding that it also made him think of how scary it would be for someone who didn’t have insurance. He went on to say how many Americans are uninsured or underinsured and would be facing financial ruin if they were to have to pay out of pocket for a procedure like he had received. Even as he lay recuperating in the hospital this lion of a man was still thinking about and fighting for those less fortunate.


Now of course the mainstream corporate media will try to write Bernie off because of this recent health episode, engaging in subtle (and not so subtle) criticisms that he is too old. And of course no such criticisms will be made against his competitors Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, despite the fact that Biden is only a year younger than Bernie and Warren at 70 is pretty close to the life expectancy for an adult woman in the U.S. While this sort of double standard seems unfair, it is something that Bernie Sanders has become used to in his long and storied career. Since being elected the Mayor of Burlington Vermont in 1981, he has continuously rubbed the establishment the wrong way and irked those in power with his relentless demands for a more equitable society. From marching with Gay Activists as Burlington’s Mayor in the 1980’s, to Feminist Gloria Steinem announcing her support for his 1996 House Campaign by declaring him an “Honorable Woman”, to his recent marches with Amazon and Walmart workers for a $15 minimum wage, Senator Bernie Sanders has been a warrior for social and economic justice his entire career. As his campaign chair former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner would put it, “Bernie has the receipts”, meaning simply that his record speaks for itself.


Bernie Sanders has done the right thing and been on the right side of the issues consistently throughout his career, even when it was unpopular and at times dangerous to do so. As a young man he marched for Civil Rights with Doctor Martin Luther King and later got his ass beat by Chicago police demonstrating for affordable housing for minorities. As a young Congressman he stood up in the House of Representatives and strenuously took exception when someone testifying in the chamber referred to “Homos in the Military.” During that incident Bernie would not yield to the Speakers gavel until the bigot had been put in his place. He was also one of the few serving in the Congress at the time that risked being labeled unpatriotic when he voted against the Iraq War and the lies of the Bush Administration.


At this point in his career it could be said that Senator Bernie Sanders is arguably the most influential Legislator of his generation. During his first Presidential run in 2016 his platform included programs such as Medicare for All, Free tuition at State Colleges, a $15 Minimum Wage, Corporate Tax Reform, and Bold Climate Change Legislation, all of which his Democratic colleagues and the mainstream corporate media criticized him for, claiming it was unrealistic and “pie in the sky,” adding “how are you gonna pay for all this?” When Bernie pointed out to his opponents that they didn’t worry about where the money would come from for the country’s $700 Billion Defense budget or that highly profitable corporations like Amazon and Walmart payed $0 in Federal Taxes, suggesting perhaps that’s where the money could be found to fund his social programs, no one paid attention. When he also announced he would not take money from big donors to pay for his campaign expenses the pundits said he didn’t stand a chance. Fast-forward now to the current Democratic Presidential Primaries of 2019 and everyone in the field is repeating one or more of Bernie’s ideas and spinning them as their own, while at the same time his campaign has raised the most money of any candidate so far; 61.5 million dollars from over 3.4 million donations with the average contribution being $18.


It is Mr. Saturn’s opinion that Bernie Sanders is the only honest politician out there. Certainly he’s the only one with a consistent track record of actually doing what he say’s he’s going to do and fighting the good fight for working people no matter what he’s up against. An example of this occurred during the second democratic presidential debate when he called out CNN’s Jake Tapper for using Republican talking points to criticize the idea of a single payer health insurance program adding, “During the commercial breaks tonight CNN will be airing pharmaceutical ads” (which in fact happened). Now for those who may not be paying attention, if CNN is taking ad money from Big Pharma it would then seem likely that they would also want to discourage presenting a national health plan in a favorable light, especially since Bernie’s Medicare for All would eliminate private insurance and put price limits on prescription drugs. It’s not often here in the U.S. that we see a politician speak truth to Corporate Power, most of them simply take the big donor money and then vote according to their contributors interests, ignoring what the constituents who elected them might actually need.


When I initially heard of Bernie’s health episode the first thing I thought of was that America would once again lose a great leader when the country needed him most.  Since the hope of the 1960’s we have watched the nation slowly succumb to corporate control as our visionaries get assassinated, the rich get richer, the rest of us get poorer, and the society at large passively accepts a high-tech, sound bite, celebrity driven, virtual substitute for what was once a real world with real people and real responsibilities. We are undeniably at a critical crossroads in our nation’s history and it can’t be ignored. At a time when Corporate monopolies and their cancer-like need for profits are destroying our environment and ignoring the plight of the average person, when the vast majority of wealth in our society is ascending like a helicopter to the top 1%, and 90% of the country is being left to drown in a combined undertow of stagnated wages and rising inflation, we desperately need someone who will tell the truth and fight with us to get out of this maze where all that’s waiting for our children when they grow up is a Minotaur of financial, spiritual, and global ruin.


Bernie Sanders is a fighter. He’s had a health episode. He’s also received the standard treatment for it that should leave him in better shape in the long run. Of course his adversaries will begin their death knell that he’s done, but as long as he can walk, Bernie will get out there and fight for us. He’s proven that over the last 40 years of his career. While he’s healing let’s send him our prayers. It’s Our Revolution, but we still need him out there in front of us for a while.


“Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there……..I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad-I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry and they know suppers ready. And when folks eat the stuff they raise and live in the houses they build- why, I’ll be there. See? God, I’m talkin’ like Casy. Comes of thinkin’ about him so much. Seems like I can see him sometimes.”

-John Steinbeck “The Grapes of Wrath”




The Astrology of Bernie’s Health Episode


Even though Bernie’s episode occurred on October 1st , it is necessary to look back a couple of weeks to around September 15thwhen the Vermont Senator had his Mercury return in order to gain some valuable insight into what happened. While a Mercury return is a brief transit, it can often indicate a dramatic increase in activity and stress as the Messenger Planet brings with it the potential for an avalanche of communications and social interactions. For those who might not be aware, Senator Sanders was averaging 5 to 10 events a week all around the country prior to the time of his feeling chest pains.


On the day of his episode Saturn, the planet of structure and the natural order, was in alignment with Bernie’s natal Sun in Virgo, the sign of health. At the same time, transiting Neptune was in opposition to his Sun, meaning that because Bernie is a tough S.O.B he was probably ignoring the signs that he needed a rest, however, when Saturn comes calling if you won’t do the right thing voluntarily, then you may just find that circumstances will force you to do what is necessary. In addition, Saturn was also squaring Bernie’s natal Moon in Aries, a placement that no doubt gives him his prodigious drive and energy but also at that time might have been running amok and making him try to do way too much. In short, Saturn the Teacher pulled Bernie out of the mix in order that he partake in some necessary rest in order to pace his 78 year old body for the long campaign ahead. Because Saturn is also about discipline and routines, it would probably be a good idea as well if Bernie (and his staff) began watching his diet a little more carefully while he’s traveling, particularly when it comes to the many heart un-healthy foods one is forced to eat when jetting all around the country.


A saving grace at this time was that the episode happened during Bernie’s Venus return, which occurred in the balanced sign of Libra where his natal Venus was in harmonious aspect with both his natal and transiting Jupiter. Whenever Jupiter is involved there is always the possibility of excess, yet when it combined with Venus at the time of that planet’s return in the Senator’s chart, it also made me think that an important realization would be made on the part of Bernie (and his staff) that he’s not a young man anymore and it would be wise to pacethe campaign a little more evenly.


In short, it seems that both Saturn and Jupiter, with a little help from Venus (All you Need is Love) have conspired together to slow down our possible future POTUS just enough so he can rejuvenate himself. He still has a long journey to the White House and after he gets there he’s still going to need a lot of energy in reserve to be able to govern and change this country the way it needs to be changed.


Like a fine wine, I think we will see a vintage Bernie Sanders in 2020.

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