Mr. Saturn’s Stars #103 Weekly Horoscopes for 9/30-10/6, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 9/30-10/6, 2019


 Aries- Your hard charging nature will probably want to ruthlessly forge ahead this week, however, with four major planets in the balanced sign of Libra and conservative Saturn in your House of Public Image the motto you may want to follow at this time is “look before you leap” (and look twice at that!). Of course patience may not be your strong suit at this time, particularly with Mercury in your House of Transformation and the power hungry sign of Scorpio squaring crazy old Uranus in your House of Self Worth. If you can manage right now not to take everything that happens to you personally and realize you’re part of a bigger picture, then you could end up riding a newly developing wave of cooperation rather than paddling against it.


Taurus- As Mercury moves this week from balanced Libra and your house of Work to power hungry Scorpio and your House of Relationships, expect things to heat up with a partner, especially if you’ve been putting most of your focus as of late on work rather than them. Jupiter in your House of Transformation has been pushing you to be the best you can be, but at what price? Neptune in your House of Dreams squaring Jupiter could have you taking your support system for granted, which may work for the short term but when you’re played out and need some TLC where will you be then? Saturn and Pluto in your House of Philosophy are a volatile pair, but they are actually well matched as one is about letting what doesn’t work go and the other is about building something new. With that in mind you better re-evaluate your priorities before it’s too late.

Gemini- When Mercury, the planet of communication, enters secretive Scorpio this week and opposes volatile Uranus behind the scenes, something from your past that you would rather remain private could manage to leak out into the public. Neptune in your House of Public Image squaring Jupiter in your House of Relationships could see you trying to either hide or spin this piece of defamatory info, although trying to misrepresent the matter now could do you some irreparable damage. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation have been the writing on the wall for a while regarding your tenuous relationship with the truth, and as the Sun starts to come around to square both of these powerful planets you may have to finally face the music for being a pathological stretcher of the truth…….In other words, “liar, liar, pants on fire!”


Cancer- As the week begins with an unaspected Mars in the critical sign of Virgo and your House of Thinking, you could have a chronic case of glass half-empty right now that could end up starting you off on the wrong foot when it comes to dealing with a particularly manipulative individual. Not to worry though, if you can be patient and let things develop on their own you might just be surprised at how another’s dishonesty can benefit you. Mercury entering your House of Creativity later in the week will oppose Uranus in your House of Groups, meaning that the crazier shit gets the more intuitive and innovative you’ll become, particularly as Jupiter is currently passing through your House of Work and squaring Neptune in your House of Philosophy. If you’re sure about who you are then others will be too, especially those who have been dealing with you for a while. Don’t let someone else’s incompetency determine the rules of engagement in either a social or work situation. Set the record straight and reap the rewards you’re due.


Leo- You say you want the truth, but can you handle it? Something that happens this week may not be the result of what you think and investigating its real cause could cause you to re-evaluate certain assumptions that you have been somewhat naïve about. Mercury entering the secretive sign of Scorpio will be opposing Uranus, planet of the unexpected, meaning that you could very well be shocked when you finally realize what is motivating someone in a certain situation, however, the really aha moment may be when you have to admit to yourself, “Can I blame them?” Jupiter in your House of Creativity squaring Neptune in your House of Transformation could help you to see how you have been seriously underestimating matters, while Saturn and Pluto in your House of Routines will be slapping you upside the head to get your ass in gear and act on some pretty obvious writing on the wall.


Virgo- As four planets currently move through your House of Self Worth and the balanced sign of Libra, the question you need to be asking yourself right now is, “what exactly do I know about a certain individual and can I trust them? Jupiter in your House of Foundations could have you underestimating your own judgment, although as the King of the Planets squares Neptune in your House of Relationships you may start to realize that your confidence (or lack thereof) is actually the result of some real mixed messages from a partner or close friend. How much of a vested interest does this person have in you either succeeding or failing? Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity angling with Neptune could help you to see the forest for the trees in this relationship by understanding how to ju-jitsu the other individual’s negativity in order to control them rather than having them manipulate you. The roles of the prisoner and the jailer could reverse this week so don’t be surprised when you finally see that you’re the one holding the keys.


Libra- The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars will all be in your sign this week, and when you add Jupiter in your House of Communication, you should find yourself feeling pretty confident that you can achieve the kind of positive results you have been meditating on for a while. Saturn and Pluto at the bottom of your chart are still shifting the ground under your feet, but when Mercury moves into your House of Earned Income and opposes magickal Uranus in your House of Transformation, you should gain some insight into how to surf the coming wave of circumstances wherever they may lead and end up okay. The Lunar Arc this week will begin in your House of Self Worth and end in your House of Foundation, meaning that if you can emotionally accept the challenges currently being offered as a stimulant rather than a deadly poison, you might just heal in ways you’ve never imagined. Namaste.


Scorpio- When Mercury enters your sign this week your need to know will be greatly increased, although be careful because the Messenger Planet will also be opposing Uranus, King of the Unexpected, in your House of Relationships. As a poet once wrote, “Be careful what you/ think you want, it can only/ be just what it is”, meaning that many of us routinely ask for love not realizing it will change us in ways we might not be comfortable with. Of course those changes will bring us that much closer to the truth of ourselves, which could be a rude awakening if you have a vested interest in thinking of yourself in a specific way. With Saturn and Pluto transiting your House of Thinking now you could very well get a headache from such myopic thoughts, yet like any other investment, if you pay now you can play later. Don’t limit yourself by believing you’re either too good or not good enough for someone, if you’re both attracted then there is something afoot for you both to learn. Give Cupid a clear shot.


Sagittarius- Jupiter in your sign squaring Neptune in your House of Home could have you feeling like you’re caught in a Freudian nightmare now, which I would like to say is no big deal, but actually it is. The Doors wrote a song about this type of thing called, “The End,” so if you can follow that narrative and “take a walk on down the hall” to confront your parents you might finally be able to “Picture what can be, so limitless and free” for yourself. Much of the revelatory character of what you’re thinking now will also be due to Mercury passing behind the scenes into the deep, transformative sign of Scorpio, where it will oppose volatile Uranus in your House of Routines. In other words, don’t underestimate your ability to “screw the inscrutable or eff the ineffable when it comes to your fears as enlightenment may be right at the door if you can manage to let go of your misconceptions and “question not for whom the bell tolls.”


Capricorn-Four planets in the nicey nice sign of Libra and your House of Public Image should have you feeling a lot friendlier than usual, particularly as Jupiter behind the scenes is cheering you on like a letter from home when you’re feeling lonely. Uranus in your House of Creativity will be opposed by Mercury as it enters the secretive sign of Scorpio and your House of Groups, meaning that you should consider using all that niceness those Libra planets are giving you at this time for a good purpose, namely getting ahead, particularly as that Mercury/Uranus opposition should have you feeling especially Machiavellian. Of course Saturn and Pluto are still in your sign and if you don’t think those two are about gaining power then you really haven’t been paying attention for the last year; btw, whatever you do, don’t let either of them get wind of that! Who wants to repeat their lessons, really!


Aquarius- Four planets moving now through your House of Philosophy and the diplomatic sign of Libra have you feeling like you want to be serving a higher set of ideals, while at the same time Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes in the achievement oriented sign of Capricorn are reminding you of all the stuff you want. Some would say this is a philosophical matter, but I think it’s a simple reality issue, which is of course determined by wanting something and then discovering what’s in the way of you getting it. Most folks screw themselves when confronted by this sort of dilemma by doing what a legendary Occultist described as, “confusing the planes.” In other words, you wouldn’t cast a magickal spell to get a pizza you would just call the local pizzeria and order a pie. The only real questions therefore are, what do you want and how do you get it? Acting on those questions will eventually teach you the difference between what you think the world is as opposed to what it actually is, so keep plugging away and maybe you will fail better next time?


Pisces- The Ancient Qabalist’s had a term known as “the equilibrium of balance,” meaning that through the movement of the Universe a tenuous, yet eternal harmony is always being maintained by the fact that things are constantly changing. As Mercury enters your House of Philosophy and the deeply esoteric sign of Scorpio, it will oppose Uranus in your House of Thinking, meaning that your own personal sense of equilibrium between what you think the world is and what it really is will be up for grabs in a most pragmatic sort of way. In other words, whatever you don’t take the time to figure out now in terms of how your world is changing will in turn likely end up defining you in a way you might not like. A word to the wise, take care of business now and leave your fantasies for when the day’s work for survival is done.

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