Mr. Saturn’s Stars #96 Weekly Horoscopes for 8/12-8/18, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 8/12-8/18, 2019


 Aries- As the Sun and Venus cakewalk through your House of Fun this week and oppose a Full Moon in your House of Dreams it may be hard for you to take much of anything seriously right now. Add to this jolly trio an inconjunct of Neptune behind the scenes and it would probably be a good idea for you to hang up the “Gone Fishin’” sign and then get out of town for a bit. With 4 retrograde planets now and two of them in your House of Career it looks like everything will be pretty much on hold until September comes knocking. In the meantime, give yourself a break and relax. Once Saturn and Pluto get going direct there will be enough on your career plate to stress you for a good long time so catch some R & R while you can.


Taurus- With Uranus in your sign squaring Mercury in your House of Home and the proud sign of Leo, your comfort zone will likely be seriously challenged this week. Mercury won’t be alone in this inconvenience as the Sun and Venus are also in your Home Area and they will be opposing a Full Moon in your House of Public Image, meaning that this shit show is not going to just be about you so make sure you’re a team player now and not a selfish complainer. When Mars passes out of dramatic Leo and enters practical Virgo by the end of the week you’ll likely have wrangled any looming problems and be well on your way to a solution. With Saturn and Pluto retrograde now in your House of Philosophy now is the time to seriously commit to any necessary repairs or renovations that have been lingering. Remember, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Gemini- As the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all pass through your House of Communication and the blustery sign of Leo, you’ll likely be working overtime telling folks things are okay when anyone with a brain knows they’re not. You make think your BS is fooling folks, but with Uranus retrograde behind the scenes your anxiety is palpable to everyone around, especially as the planet of anxiety squares Mercury in dramatic Leo. Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Transformation may have any penalties for your transgressions on hold for now, but don’t dare think you’ve dodged a bullet. Jupiter going direct in your House of Partnerships will likely mean if you haven’t been doing “The Right Thing” as of late then perhaps someone else will………So watch out if you have anything you’d like to walk back.


Cancer- The Crab is a shy creature, usually content to just dig in and stay out of the way. If that describes you my crustacean friend, then get ready for an awakening as you are dragged out of the surf and into the spotlight by the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all in your House of Self Worth and the dramatic sign of Leo. All of these fiery planets will be inconjunct to Neptune in your House of Philosophy, so of course being made the center of attention will be nerve wracking, however, that’s what you get for being honest, dependable, and talented, so get used to it. Jupiter going direct in your House of Work and Routines will soon align with Mercury so try and be patient as everyone all of a sudden starts to look to you for leadership……It’s time to face your destiny so try to keep an open mind, after all, you might actually like being the big cheese and could easily get used to it.


Leo- With the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all in your sign now the party is at your House my regal friend so get ready to hold court, particularly with a Full Moon this week in your opposing sign of Aquarius, which rules the Collective and, in your case right now, the adoring public. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get famous, it might just be a matter of everyone you know simultaneously deciding that you’re their favorite person and they just want to show it. Jupiter going direct in your House of Fun could be just what it takes to put all this over the top and if it’s all about three cheers for you, then what is it exactly you’re worried about? Generally this will be a feel good time for you so try to relax and enjoy it. After all, you deserve it, don’t you?


Virgo- When Mars enters your sign at the end of the week there are two effects possible. The first is that you’ll become hypercritical (probably of yourself, which is bad) and the second is that you’ll get a burst of energy to fix anything and everything that’s broken(which is good). Leading up to this event of Mars changing signs you also will have a stellium of planets behind the scenes in the proud sign of Leo, which in turn will all be aligning nicely with Jupiter at the bottom of your chart, meaning that you’re starting to feel some real growing pains now and that might be a really good thing as far as motivating you. Since Saturn and Pluto have been camping out for a while in your House of Creativity, you probably haven’t been feeling much pep in your step so what I’ve been talking about here may just represent the inspiration that has been missing for you…… Ra, ra, ra, sis, boom, bah, if you know what I mean?


Libra- As the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury transit now through your House of Groups and Dreams and the Full Moon opposes them all from your House of Creativity, you might finally get some recognition for all the hard work you’ve been doing since, well, forever! Jupiter in your House of Communication is finally direct and since the King of the Planets rules long distance stuff, whatever acknowledgements you do get now could come from a long way off, which is good if it means you’re getting acknowledged nationwide (or even internationally). Saturn and Pluto have been putting you through some challenges for quite a long time so if good news ends up coming now and there are rewards for what you’ve done then perhaps you’ll finally come to understand how all you’ve been through has been worth it……..Every stinking bit of it……Hahaha!!!


Scorpio- You could find yourself quite in demand now as the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all transit through your House of Public Image and the charismatic sign of Leo to oppose a Full Moon at the bottom of your chart. Some of this recognition could come from your family who, up until now, has pretty much made a life’s work out of underestimating you. Well, the surprise is on them as they come to realize they could all learn a bit from how you’ve dealt with life. Jupiter direct should ad to this new appreciation of you as he moves through your House of Self Worth and you find people looking to you for leadership. Of course you may think this is just about them needing someone to dump off responsibility on, but take a closer look. You’ve come a long way baby and if some of your dumb ass relatives can manage see that why can’t you?


Sagittarius- Sometimes you Centaurs can really get the wrong ideas in your head, however, with the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all in your House of Philosophy and aligning with Jupiter direct in your sign, this isn’t one of those times. You may actually be seeing yourself clearly for the first time in a while and if you’re surprised at how good you look in the mirror then the truth of who and what you are may have finally found a way to get through your thick skull. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, but since Saturn and Pluto have been in your House of Self Worth (a long, long time) you have been so hard on yourself that nothing less than a good whack in the head could have ever got you to see things in the proper light. With that in mind, if it looks like stuff is starting to get better then assume you’ve already taken your licking and now you’re ready to keep right on ticking!


Capricorn- The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all going through your House of Transformation now and as they oppose a full Moon in Aquarius mid-week in your House of Self Worth the time may have finally come for your make-over from a mild mannered reporter at a small metropolitan newspaper into a Super Hero. Saturn and Pluto in your sign have been grooming you for this, although it’s probably felt more like they’ve been torturing you, but of course that’s the stuff from which heroes (and heroines) are made. As Mercury quickly approaches a square to Uranus retrograde in your House of Creativity you may actually surprise yourself (like Neo in the Matrix) when you discover that when something’s on the line you will deliver far beyond anyone’s expectations.


Aquarius- With a Full Moon this week in your sign opposing the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury in your House of Relationships, the big issue for you now is being appreciated for all you do. Uranus retrograde in your House of Family will be squared by Mercury for most of the week, which could bring about some fireworks if you find you’ve reached the end of your rope regarding a relative’s inconsiderate behavior. Saturn and Pluto retrograde behind the scenes have asked you to be patient about how fast things should change on the home front, but now with Jupiter going direct in your House of Groups the time has come for you to put your foot down when it comes to selfish behavior that directly takes advantage of you. And if anyone doesn’t like it, simply remind them how lucky they are that you’re putting your foot down instead of up their ass. Amen.


Pisces- The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all passing through your House of Work so if your employment (or lack thereof) is an issue, the only way things will get better is if you’re willing to get out there and make your voice heard. All of the planets in your Work house are in the prideful sign of Leo, so if your lack of accomplishment is embarrassing you then so be it, because the only way anything is going to change is if it becomes a matter of pride for you. There will also be a Full Moon behind the scenes this week opposite all your work stuff, meaning that perhaps the powers that be are waiting to be impressed before they’re willing to offer you a cup of coffee. If you think about it that’s not such a bad deal, after all, it’s better to know you earned something than to have to worry about what someone may want on the back end for doing you a favor.

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