Mr. Saturn’s Stars #95 Weekly Horoscopes for 8/5-8/11,2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 8/5- 8/11, 2019


 Aries- Your may find that your normally ambitious nature is really longing for a vacation this week as the Sun and Venus come together and align harmoniously with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Philosophy and Long Distance Journeys. With 5 retrograde planets at this time, trying to get ahead may be quite frustrating, so why not take a break? Of those five retro planets, two will be stationing, specifically Jupiter and Uranus. I’ve already mentioned Jupiter, but it’s more likely that Uranus will have you feeling you need a respite as the planet of high tension plants himself in your House of Self Worth.  The question to ask yourself now is, “Is my big rush to get ahead because I’m actually feeling ambitious or because I’m just not feeling very good about myself right now? Inquiring minds want to know.


Taurus- If things have been hectic as of late, then Uranus going station/retrograde in your sign could provide a break from the madness. On the other hand, Mr. Crazy Planet could also cause some residual anxiety about what’s been happening lately to be released and bubble to the surface. These tense feelings could be further exacerbated by the Sun and Venus in your House of Foundations and the dramatic sign of Leo aligning with Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Transformation. As odd as this may sound, Jupiter and Venus linking up is usually associated with luck, so perhaps whatever stress you’re feeling now could end up turning into a valuable catalyst for overcoming some inner blockages that have been preventing you from fully enjoying your life? What do you think?


Gemini- Uranus going station retrograde this week behind the scenes will first oppose a Scorpio Moon in your House of Routines and then finish up over the weekend aligning with a Capricorn Moon in your House of Transformation. A word to the wise, don’t try to cut corners now when it comes to what’s expected of you, particularly if other people’s money is involved. The Sun and Venus in your House of Communication connecting with Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Partnerships will likely mean that any promises you’ve been able to keep could end up saving your ass from a very awkward situation, although conversely, whatever promises you’ve reneged on could cook your goose, if you know what I mean? Mercury in the emotional sign of Cancer is still close enough with Pluto to make acknowledging the truth absolutely imperative at this time, particularly if your naturally sketchy nature is hoping to live to raid that proverbial cookie jar another day.


Cancer- Mercury is almost out of your sign so try to make an effort not to get too annoyed with anyone or anything over the coming week. Uranus going station/retrograde in your House of Groups and Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Work could bring about some unusual circumstances on the job. How you end up framing these weird happenings for yourself will make all the difference in the outcome, so try and find your sense of humor, you’ll need it. The Sun and Venus in your House of Self Worth will have you feeling fairly cooperative, particularly as they align with Jupiter, meaning that you may inadvertently wind up benefitting from taking a permissive attitude with a recalcitrant colleague. Let this nudge grab all the rope they need and then watch how creatively they hang themselves. Now, wasn’t that easy? No fuss, no muss, and most importantly, no guilt from needing to exercise your authority and do it for them.


Leo- The Sun and Venus in your sign hooking up with Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Creativity could bring you an unexpected opportunity to express how you really feel about something that is very important to you. Don’t hesitate to say what you need to, even if it may seem that what you’re sharing will rub some people the wrong way. Your honesty will be much appreciated and even celebrated considering how cowardly most folks are when it comes to telling the truth. Uranus going station/retrograde in your House of Career will align with a Scorpio Moon to start the week and then a Capricorn Moon to end it, meaning that you might suddenly find yourself holding the mantle of power in a situation you never expected too. Do the right thing and the right things will happen.


Virgo- Out there in the world you may feel a need to put on a mask of toughness and efficiency but is it really getting you anywhere? Uranus going station/retrograde could end up bringing about some unexpected consequences from what you would ordinarily consider sound behavior, so what to do now? Try being honest. Are you really as stingy as others seem to think or are you just uncomfortable with showing your gentler side? The Sun and Venus behind the scenes aligning with Jupiter going station/direct at the bottom of your chart would suggest that the more vulnerable you’re willing to be now the better off things will turn out, especially if you hope to sway others opinion in your favor. As the Lunar Arc this week moves from secretive Scorpio to jovial Sag and then on to successful Capricorn, why don’t you try lightening up at this time and see whether or not the balloon of your popularity rises?


Libra- If over the last few weeks it feels like you have been floating in a vortex (or drowning in inertia) then Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Communications could mean that the world will soon be re-establishing contact and the news could be better than you might expect. I say this because the Sun and Venus in your House of Groups and Dreams will be aligning with Jupiter and, if nothing else, all the players I’ve just mentioned are about luck and good fortune and if any body deserves some of that right now it’s probably you. Saturn and Pluto at your Foundation have asked a lot of you over the last few months and to your credit you have diligently kept your nose to the grindstone and complained very little. As the dog days of August heat us up, you may just wind up being a real cool cat who’s got it made in the shade. Keep the faith, baby.


Scorpio- As Jupiter goes station/direct in your House of Self Worth and Uranus goes station/retrograde in your House of Partnerships, you may get a visit from someone you don’t remember very fondly even if they may have nice recollections of you. This is simply because this individual is an unredeemable jerk, however, by the same token you are no longer a doormat. What may be surprising here is that you don’t really give a shit anymore about what went on with this fool and that clearly represents a milestone in evolution for you. The universe has brought them back for a visit so you can see how much you’ve grown and that they were never really that much to begin with. The Sun and Venus in your House of Public Image will have you shining like a diamond in comparison to this person, which everyone will see, let’s just hope you do too.


Sagittarius- When Jupiter goes station/direct in your sign this week the King of the Planets will be aligning harmoniously with both the Sun and Venus in your House of Philosophy. This could represent the best you’ve felt about yourself in a while and if you’re not careful someone else may notice. I point this out because you need to be open to being the center of attention, even if it’s in a situation where someone else who is very insecure will take offence that the world isn’t revolving around them. “What should I do,” you ask? Screw them. It’s your turn to shine and you better enjoy it, after all, you don’t want to get Saturn and Pluto annoyed with you again after all the time they’ve invested in being your drill sergeants and turning you into a confident figure who finally knows both who they are and what they want……Right? Don’t answer that, just smile for the camera.


Capricorn- It is common knowledge that Tsunami’s begin as small disturbances deep in the ocean and then, over time, eventually gain the momentum to turn into massive waves of destruction. Well, enlightenment begins the same way. Christ went into the desert for 40 days and came out a Master and now that Jupiter is going station/direct deep in your House of Hidden Things a seed that was planted in you approximately 3 and ½ months ago is ready to sprout. You are about to walk the walk like you’ve never done before in regards to becoming the person (and talent) you’ve always envisioned yourself to be. This will in no small part be the result of both the Sun and Venus transiting your House of Transformation and bringing on the light of a new day, as well as Uranus going station/retrograde in your House of Creativity and inspiring you to remember that in dreams begin responsibilities. Go for it!!!


Aquarius- If you have recently fallen out with a friend or partner, expect the relationship to turn around as Jupiter goes station/direct in your House of Dreams and aligns harmoniously with both the Sun and Venus in your House of Relationships. We all make mistakes and we must all learn to forgive, although for many folks that is not the case. For some hard ass egos out there it’s more important to be right than to be loved and maybe at one time you were that type, but no more. With the help of Neptune in your house of Self Worth along with both Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes, you have felt the sting of judgment as well as the balm of compassion so that you now know unequivocally which one is the truth and which one is an illusion. Uranus going station/retrograde in your House of Symbolic Foundations is all about surprises, but I bet you never suspected it would be about the transformation of your being? Namaste.


Pisces- It is not about whether you succeed or fail, after all, life undeniably has its ups and downs. Instead it has to be about how you feel about yourself, because if you have confidence you can always try again. If you don’t give up then technically you never lose. Jupiter going station/direct in your House of Career and aligning with both the Sun and Venus in your House of Work is about rising again like a sunrise if you have recently been through a dark night of the soul. Uranus going station/retrograde in your House of Communications at the end of the week likewise means that there could be some unexpected positive results from something you’ve done that won’t necessarily follow conventional logic. In other words, life is a mystery and no one knows how it will turn out. Pick up that hangdog face because you could just discover that, like a cat, you have a few more lives at your disposal than you realized.

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