Mr. Saturn’s Stars #93 Weekly Horoscopes for 7/22-7/28, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 7/22-7/28, 2019


 Aries- With the Moon starting off the week in your sign you will no doubt be feeling ambitious, however, until the Sun and Venus change signs and enter Leo later in the week you could be feeling like things are moving too slow and people are dragging their feet. Mars in Leo will encourage you to push matters, yet with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Philosophy patience may be the pace that the Universe wants you to move at. What to do? Seeing that there are five retrograde planets now there may not be much for you to do except simply acquiesce and go with the flow. Of course you could stop complaining about the way things currently are, that would be doing something, right?


Taurus- If Uranus in your sign has been rattling your cage as of late then just wait until the Sun and Venus enter the prideful sign of Leo and your House of Foundations. Inconvenience and pride are incompatible bedfellows, which everyone around you will soon find out as you start to see red and begin acting like an enraged bull instead of a docile cow. Jupiter retrograde in your House of Philosophy and Mars at the bottom of your chart are making it very hard now for you to see any other view but your own, especially since you feel you’ve reached the end of your patience. And who could argue with you? However, try to realize, with five retrograde planets at this time matters are not going to be rectified quickly, yet with a simple change of attitude (you could ask both Saturn and Neptune retrograde for some assistance on that) you could finally find the time to do some of those things you say you never have time for…….Hmmmm……


Gemini- With three planets starting the week in the emotional sign of Cancer and your House of Self Worth, you have had no problem as of late in regards to telling the world how you feel. When these planets now in Cancer move into Leo by weeks end and join prideful Mars, it will likely become your turn to listen to how other people feel and you may not like it. What goes around, comes around, and as Jupiter retrograde in your House of Relationships hangs in a square to Neptune and a push-pull relationship with the aforementioned Mars, you may get more than a few snarky come backs from the people you’ve insulted. My advice? Keep up your left and don’t get caught flat footed, especially with Uranus behind the scenes about to be squared by those planets moving into Leo. Don’t get sucker punched by being arrogant enough to turn your back on someone you’ve pissed off.


Cancer- As Mercury goes retrograde now in your sign you’re probably feeling some old pain from the past, which may even be accompanied by the appearance of someone from way down memory lane that you really don’t want to see again. If you don’t owe this jerk anything try not to act like you do. You’ll likely get some help with this later in the week when the last of those planets that have been in your sign move into prideful Leo. Mars in your House of Self Worth aligning with Jupiter retrograde should give you the necessary chutzpah to either blow off or put in their place anyone who tries to mess with you. Remember, Crabs usually try to hide, but if you corner them they have claws like hedge shears and woe to anyone who thinks if they’re cut they won’t bleed!


Leo- Your time is coming so get ready. Mars is already in your sign and by the end of the week the Sun and Venus will be there too. This should make you feel both flamboyant and fun as well as lean, mean, and ready to rumble (not really, but you will be feeling your oats.) Your charisma should be percolating quite nicely now and with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Fun and Romance you may find that someone who has had their eye on you for a while may just decide to but a move on your beautiful bod. With five retrograde planets at this time this probably won’t end up being the love of your life, but what’s wrong with a little R & R until everything is back again in it’s usual orbit?


Virgo- PridefulMars is behind the scenes now in your chart and with Venus and the Sun about to join him the question for you at this time is, what is you want that for some reason you’re hesitant to go after? Rebellious Uranus in your House of Philosophy is making it harder to come up with excuses not to flex your desires and with Jupiter retrograde also passing along the bottom of your chart you may be reminded of past disappointments and the fact that you swore to yourself, “never again!” Well, it’s time to remember you said that and turn over a new leaf, particularly with five retrograde planets now giving you a chance to rework some of your old dreams and desires.


Libra- It’s one thing to want recognition, it’s quite another to get it and then have to deal with other people’s opportunistic agendas. When Venus and the Sun pull into your House of Dreams to join Mars you could find that something you never thought would happen is in fact going to and now, well, what are you gonna do? Mercury retrograde in your House of Public Image and the sensitive sign of Cancer could have you feeling shy, but with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Communications you will have to own what you’ve done (and said) in the past, even if you’re no longer that person, but especially if you are.  Saturn and Neptune retrograde in your Houses of Foundation and routine respectively will be there to remind you that you know very well who you are and now the rest of the world is going to as well; no big deal, right?


Scorpio- Over the last month a bunch of planets have transited through your House of Philosophy and the nurturing sign of Cancer and when they did they were all in alignment with compassionate Neptune in your House of Creativity. During that time your view of life changed considerably as you witnessed both setbacks and miracles. Now you’re ready to move forward with more in your toolbox of character than ever before, so as those Cancer planets start to move into the proud sign of Leo and your House of Public Image and Career, get ready to have people look to you to take the lead because frankly, they can feel the gravitas of the new you and they want to be on that train. For you who have been through the shit, we salute you!


Sagittarius- Your sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter and as he moves retrograde now through your native territory and aligns with Mars in your House of Philosophy and the proud sign of Leo, the time has come for you to step out of the shadows and into the arena. When the Sun and Venus move into that same House of Philosophy later in the week and start to approach a square with crazy old Uranus, you may just find yourself getting pushed into that arena if you’re not willing to enter it under your own steam. Neptune at the bottom of your chart and Saturn retrograde in your House of Self Worth will give you a moment to get used to this harrowing new challenge of being front and center in your own life, but know that at some point they will also eventually help push you into that arena for your own good, whether you feel ready or not.


Capricorn- The big news for youthis week will be when the Sun and Venus leave your House of Relationships and enter your House of Transformation. Why do I say this? Because Mercury retrograde will remain in your Relationship House; so, what does that mean, you ask? Well, Mercury is in the emotional sign of Cancer so you will probably try to continue hiding in shysville if you can, but with those other two planets entering your House of Change and the theatrical sign of Leo, it is definitely not in the stars for you to hide at this time from anything you truly need (or that needs you). Now since we all need “Somebody to Love” what’s your problem with someone on your trail? That they might actually catch you? Hahaha……”If they weren’t meant to be sheared, God wouldn’t have made them sheep……Amen.


Aquarius- You’ve been spending the last little while worrying about how you were going to take care of…….well, probably everything, you name it…….Partners, family, bills. Well as the Sun and Venus enter your House of Relationships to join Mars you might actually be thinking for the first time, while I’m worrying myself sick about everyone else, who’s worrying about me? Why don’t you stop doing all the shit you do for a minute and see if anyone notices? When comfort zones get breached folks come running, and you’ve been managing a service for the lazy for a while. Uranus in your House of Foundation would suggest this is the sort of radical action you need to take, yet at the same time he’s also there to show you the type of neurotic, self-absorbed responses your actions will likely elicit. This will, no doubt, be a lesson learned for everyone, but you’ll get the added bonus of getting to shed some useless burdens……Well done!


Pisces- With a few planets as of late in your House of Creativity and the nurturing sign of Cancer, you have probably had a few lucky breaks that have made you feel like you’re invincible. A word to the wise, don’t get used to it because you will end up misinterpreting your next important challenge, namely taking care of yourself. As those Cancer planets move into your House of Work and the proud sign of Leo, some of your recent luck may suddenly vanish, leaving you with a choice. Either you will do nothing, assuming you deserve more luck, or, you will show some self-respect and get out there and hustle. It’s up to you, but if you really want what you say you do and, more importantly, if you deserve it, you will prove this to the universe at this time….. unequivocally, and post haste!

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