Mr. Saturn’s Stars #91 Weekly Horoscopes for 7/8-7/14, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 7/8-7/14, 2019


 Aries- With 5 retrograde planets this week things could very well seem a little bass-akwards, if you know what I mean?  Mercury gong in reverse in your House of Creativity and the dramatic sign of Leo as well as Jupiter in your House of Publishing could see a long-term project delayed by some minor snafu’s, which could annoy you to no end. Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Career will be saying exactly what you’d expect to hear from them, namely “be patient, blah, blah, blah….” To add to the stress Neptune behind the scenes will no doubt be fear mongering that the difficulties will never end. The final coup de grace will come though when the Moon transits through the Via Combusta to oppose crazy old Uranus in your House of Self Worth while Mars in turn squares the old man…….A word to the wise, It’s always darkest before the dawn. If you have a hard time accepting that then try washing it down with a drink (or five)…..What can I say?


Taurus- Rebellious Uranus is in your sign now and he’s going to be squared this week by arrogant Mars in Leo. Add to that 5 retrograde planets (including mischievous Mercury) as well as the Sun and Venus in sensitive Cancer and you may just be finding yourself whispering under your breath, “There’s no place like home,” and subconsciously tapping your heels together out of desperation. Of course it’s not that bad, but we all know that reality is a lot about attitude and if you’re feeling that nothing is making sense and everything is against you then you will likely end up reaping that whirlwind!  Jupiter in your House of Transformation moving into an esoteric inconjunct with Venus in your House of Communication could bring some unexpected good news based on something you did at the beginning of the year that is offering a much needed dividend now……..The Universe works in mysterious ways so try not to buy too much into the necessary smoke and mirrors of what seems to be happening……..Faith is an exercise, not a fact.


Gemini- There are going to be 5 planets spinning retrograde this week; 2 are in your House of Transformation, 1 in your House of Communication, 1 in your House of Partnerships, and 1 in your House of Public Image……What does this all mean? If there is a paper trail (or even a trail of stale breadcrumbs) connecting you to any shady people or shady dealings from the past the time may have arrived for the chickens to come home to roost. Mars, the planet of action, will be in your House of Communication along with Mercury retrograde, so try to stop the urge to double down on your denials if you’ve been caught dead to rights. Trying to spin the facts or transfer the blame could blow up in your face if you’re not careful. The best strategy for now would be to accept what’s happening and let the Sun and Venus in compassionate Cancer help you to seek out assistance behind the scenes, that is, if anyone is still taking your calls.


Cancer- As 5 planets go retrograde this week you may find yourself taking more than one stroll down memory lane and thinking about things you haven’t thought about in years. Saturn and Pluto going backwards in your House of Relationships could see you reminiscing about how you met a loved one and realizing how damn lucky you are that you did. Mercury reversing in your House of Self Worth and joining with Mars will likely activate your pride as you review how you arrived at wherever you are in your job as well as how you’re going to eventually get the hell out of there.  On a more positive note, Jupiter in your House of Health esoterically aligning with Venus in your sign will have you realizing the need to change some aspects of your lifestyle if you would hope to operate at your highest performance level in the future. All in all this should be a week where you will get some encouraging glimpses of the future along with finally seeing the truth of certain things you have worried about in the past (which you didn’t need to).


Leo- Mercury is retrograde now in your sign and as he joins with Mars to square rebellious Uranus in your House of Career you could experience some real catharsis this week regarding both your career and how you think of yourself. Uranus in turn will be aligning with Venus behind the scenes in the emotional sign of Cancer, likely helping you realize how much of your shyness about your feelings is more about you judging yourself than others judging you. Combine this with Jupiter in your House of Creativity squaring Neptune in your House of Transformation and it should become obvious that you’ve never really given yourself a chance to show what you can do in regards to a dream you have kept secret for a while. As Saturn and Pluto continue retrograde in your House of Work it is important that you confront your confidence issues ASAP because as soon as these two transformative planets go direct it will be time to leave the womb you have allowed yourself to hide in for far too long.


Virgo- As Mercury retrograde and Mars crash into each other behind the scenes in your chart and square iconoclastic Uranus in your House of Career, you may not be able to swallow your pride any longer when it comes to someone taking advantage of you either at work or in a serious relationship. With Neptune transiting your House of Partnerships and aligning with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Creativity you’ve been able to justify your subservience with this person so far in regards to eventually getting ahead, however, if you haven’t yet advanced with this strategy then it’s high time for you to show what you can do on your own and stop treating this individual with kid gloves. The Sun and Venus coming together in the nurturing sign of Cancer and your House of Dreams is all about believing in yourself and inspiring others to do the same, which would mean getting out from under any shadows being cast over you and instead be willing to try and shine on your own.


Libra- What represents an honest expression for you of something you’ve experienced might raise a little controversy among those who are less imaginative and insightful. Mars and Mercury retrograde will be conjunct in your House of Groups and squaring individualistic Uranus in your House of Transformation, which means by expressing a cathartic moment from your past you might inadvertently end up pressing the buttons for some current fears that exist for anyone who hasn’t been willing to face themselves in the mirror. This may lead to some uncomfortable moments (for them) but perhaps cooler heads will prevail and someone will recognize you’ve actually hit on something universal.  Jupiter in your House of Writing inconjuncting Venus in your House of Career may actually find you a champion once the nervous nellies are done having their moment and what you created can be seen for what it really is.


Scorpio- With 5 planets retrograde this week it might be a good time for you to recap how your year has gone so far along with what might lay in store as a result. Mercury retrograde and Mars in your House of Public Image squaring Uranus in your House of Relationships will likely bring some surprises, especially in how you think of yourself in the face of so many people recently saying such nice things to you and/or about you to others. The Sun and Venus together in your House of Philosophy represent the emergence of a new sense of belonging and compassion in your life as you now seek to connect with people when in the past you probably tried to avoid public interaction like the plague.  Saturn and Pluto in your House of Communication for the last year would have shut most people down, but oddly enough it has had the opposite effect on you. I guess all you ready needed Mr/Ms Scorpio to bring you out of your isolation was a little death and resurrection action. Welcome back to life!


Sagittarius- As Mercury retrograde and Mars collide in your House of Philosophy and square irrational Uranus in your House of Work, you may be brought to a harsh realization about just how bat shit crazy someone at work is and that you can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt. The Sun and Venus together in your House of Transformation would indicate that any changes for you now should have the proper support and assistance so that you will be able to move on successfully from any past conflicts. On the other hand, with Saturn and Pluto still digging graves in your House of Self Worth, make sure you are actively trying to let go of any past fears or else you may find yourself recreating the same old shit in a new location.  As the Moon passes out from the shadows of Scorpio later in the week and enters your sign you should experience a nice little buzz, like that first glass of wine after a hard day…….Cheers……You deserve it.


Capricorn- Saturn and Pluto are still working backwards in your sign, plus there are 3 other retrograde planets in your Houses of Confinement, Communication, and Transformation. My advice? If you have any vacation time, take it; have some drinks and let the shit show pass, if you can. Uranus will be making a long-term transit in your House of Creativity, so rest assured that opportunities and ideas will crop up to shake the tree and bring down some unexpected fruit, just don’t think about luck either way and let yourself be surprised when it pinches you on the ass. Kind of like Ringo getting invited into the Beatles……Get it? After all, you’re also going to be having the Sun and Venus passing through your House of Partnerships and the nurturing sign of Cancer, meaning that all this shit over the last few months has been for a reason, if only for you to know that you’re worthy of redemption……..Amen.


Aquarius- Uranus passing through your House of Home and Foundations could be either a blessing or a curse and you won’t know until something happens. Mercury retrograde and Mars passing now through your House of Relationships and the proud sign of Leo are about communication and respect as well as you getting quite grumpy if you’re not being treated the way you’d like. The bad news is that this could mean conflict with a family member, but the good news is that this person may very well deserve to have you rip them a new orifice and it will likely be quite cathartic for you to do it! Jupiter retrograde squaring Neptune retrograde in your House of Self Worth may represent the resultant epiphany regarding how this individual played on your inherent niceness as well as how you can now play with their emotions by pointing out that they’ve always been a miserable shit regardless if you did anything or not. So, didn’t that feel good? Ha ha, I thought so…..Now treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it.


Pisces- As the Sun and Venus in your House of Romance and Creativity pull into a luxurious trine with Neptune in your sign you may find yourself caught up in a glamorous setting that isn’t as real (or profitable) as you believe. The wake up call about this could come from Jupiter retrograde in your House of Career squaring Neptune or else erratic Uranus in your House of Communication entering into a hard angle with Mercury retrograde and Mars in your House of Routines. Either way this will be pretty much a textbook disappointment caused by over inflated expectations in turn fueled by someone else willing to lead you on. On the other hand, the good news is that this fiasco will end up freeing you from your naive illusions so that you can instead get down to some real activities that will allow you to actually accomplish something for yourself.  As they say, if the world serves you lemons then make lemonade…….Cheers!

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