Mr. Saturn’s Stars #88 Weekly Horoscopes for 6/3-6/9, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 6/3-6/9, 2019


 Aries-The week will start off with a New Moon in your House of Communication and Local Activities so expect things to be fast paced and more than a little hectic. At mid-week Mercury will change signs from busy Gemini to emotional Cancer and as the messenger planet aligns with volatile Uranus in your House of Self Worth don’t be surprised if certain people manage to get under your skin, particularly involving matters around the home. As Saturn and Pluto resume chugging through your House of Career you will no doubt continue to experience ups and downs on the job or with your clients. The upside is that Neptune behind the scenes will furnish you with that special “Spidey Sense” so no matter what appears to be going on you’ll know deep down that everything will be right in the end.


Taurus- The New Moon in your House of Self Worth will likely make you a Curious George this week, just make sure it doesn’t also make you more than a little naïve as well. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Long Distance Travels opposing Mars in your House of Home and the sentimental sign of Cancer could find you feeling homesick at this time, and with Mercury also entering Cancer mid-week to align with spontaneous Uranus, perhaps this would be a good time to plan a trip to visit the family or even take an impromptu stroll down memory lane. As Venus enters Gemini over the weekend you could be feeling more sociable than usual, and since charm will also be on your side you should probably get out there and mingle.


Gemini- The New Moon in your sign now represents a kind of symbolic rebirth and as it generally squares Neptune in your Public Image area perhaps this might be a good time to re-evaluate how you come off to the general public. Uranus behind the scenes could have you feeling a bit hemmed in, especially as Mercury pulls into your House of Self Worth to join Mars and you seem to find it impossible to compromise on anything that makes you even a little uncomfortable. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation right now are all about responsibility and as they align with the aforementioned Neptune rest assured that your ability (or lack thereof) to regard the interests of others is going to be what makes or breaks whatever your ideas of manifest destiny happen to be right now. As the song say’s, “You got to give a little, take a little, let your poor heart break a little, that’s the glory of, That’s the story of Love.”


Cancer- With the Moon, Mars, and Mercury all in your sign this week you will undoubtedly be wearing your heart on your sleeve as you feel compelled to act on whatever happens to inspire you. Neptune in your House of Philosophy will have you feeling creative and spiritual while Uranus in your House of Dreams will have you feeling both individualistic and rebellious. If you’re already involved in the arts then you should look to move an important project forward and if you’re not, then perhaps you should follow any urges you may be feeling and start to dabble in a creative discipline you’ve always been curious about. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Partnerships have been changing the way you relate to the world, but that should also include how the world relates to you and what you should and shouldn’t be putting up with from people. Let Mars in your sign now give you the strength to come out of your shell and straighten out someone who needs to learn a little respect.

Leo- The Moon, Mars, and Mercury will all be behind the scenes for you this week in the ultra-sensitive sign of Cancer, meaning that the big tough Lion could end up being a real pussycat at this time. Neptune in your House of Intimacy could add to this vulnerability causing you to either shy away or suffer more than usual, especially as Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Routines shake things up both at work and at home. Jupiter in your House of Creativity and Romance could see you acting more needy than usual, particularly as the King of the Planets aligns with Neptune. The New Moon at the beginning of the week will be in your House of Dreams, and while this could be about branching out and discovering some new opportunities, it could also be about self-doubt and a sudden dip in confidence. If you can look at your sensitivity as strength instead of weakness you will likely gain a whole new perspective on what you bring to the table as opposed to what you think you need to worry about.


Virgo- The New Moon this week will be in your House of Career and Public Image so if you don’t like your lot in life then make the effort to get out there and start changing shit! After the New Moon the next Lunar stop will be in your House of Dreams, where both Mercury and Mars will be waiting to either inspire you or kick you in the ass, whichever is more appropriate (and necessary) to get you motivated and engaged. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity will be of great use at this time if any of your usual standards and practices are proving themselves obsolete, provided of course that you’re willing to try something new. Uranus in your House of Philosophy represents a new revolutionary movement that is taking seed in you if you’re willing…….So the question is, are you? Excuse me? I can’t HEAR you!!!



Libra- The New Moon in your House of Philosophy to start the week could find you wondering about what else you could possibly do to turn a dream into a reality. If you’re initially at a loss for any novel strategies then simply follow the lead of both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Foundations as they ruthlessly abandon what doesn’t work and ferociously double down on what does. By mid-week Uranus in your House of Transformation will be receiving a nice jolt of inspiration from Mercury as the Messenger Planet enters your house of Career, meaning that if you think you have something the world might be interested in then keep running it up the flagpole until somebody eventually salutes (and they will). Keep in mind, the only difference between successful people and those who fail is that successful folks just don’t give up. That’s because if you don’t give up then technically you never lose. A word to the wise.


Scorpio- Just when you thought you’d seen it all here comes a New Moon in your House of Transformation…….WAKE UP……IT’S A NEW DAWN!!! Especially as Mercury joins Mars in your House of Philosophy and they both start to move into alignment with Neptune in your House of Creativity. If you thought you’d reach the end of your recent travails think again. A new part of you has been awakened and that newly evolved self has sent fear heading for the hills and managed to romance hope into believing you’ll actually be okay after all. It’s not easy to turn from a pessimist into an optimist, but once you do there’s no going back, there is only an endless road of possibilities and dreams ahead. Jupiter is retrograde now in your House of Self Worth but once he starts moving forward again in August you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. In the meantime, “Just whistle a happy tune whenever you feel afraid.”


Sagittarius- With this week’s New Moon occurring in your House of Relationships don’t be surprised if fortune unexpectedly taps you on the shoulder and smiles. After all, Mars has been in your House of Transformation stirring the pot for a while, so when Mercury joins the Planet of Action and aligns with Uranus in your House of Work those investments of time and effort you’ve been making all along will make you realize just how smart you were (even if no one else back then thought so). Saturn and Pluto have been pushing you to the brink, but rather than falling off you’ve seen for yourself there is a whole new world past whatever cliff you thought was the end of everything.  Now that you’ve seen past the end are you any less afraid to move beyond this new beginning? Let’s see what you’ve learned.


Capricorn- With The Moon, Mars, and Mercury all in your House of Relationships this week and the sensitive sign of Cancer, it is important for you to make sure that you haven’t  been taking anyone in your life for granted as of late. Uranus in your House of Creativity and Venus in your House of Routines should provide the necessary inspiration if you need to create a special gift or plan a surprise for someone who may have a special day coming up that has slipped your mind. If, on the other hand, you’re cognizant of all the folks in your life then the next line of inquiry would be, are you taking care of yourself? Saturn and Pluto in your sign have been forcing you to pay attention to your shortcomings, but have you also taken the time to reward yourself when you’ve done well? At any rate, make an effort to treat someone to something special this week and all will be right with the world.


Aquarius- If you’ve been wracking your brain for a new idea, this week may see the light bulb go on over your head as the New Moon will be in your House of Creativity. Of course this inspiration could be the result of an unexpected challenge arising rather than any sort of miraculous inspiration, especially with Uranus at your foundation aligning with Mercury in your House of Routines. Nevertheless, you will be having a transformational experience so get ready to go with flow. How can I do that, you ask? Follow Neptune’s lead from your House of Self Worth as he offers his chameleon-like powers to the inherent need for change being driven by Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes. You’re part of a bigger overall change so don’t think your world is ending if things get tight. The next Full Moon will be in your House of Dreams so if you can hold on for a couple more weeks you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel I’m talking about.


Pisces- As the New Moon happens in your House of Symbolic Foundations and the quixotic air sign of Gemini, be prepared to have some tricks played with your current reality. Who will do this is probably what you most want to know, although you shouldn’t really have to look any further than yourself to find the answer. You see, you’ve been living in a bubble as of late and your own latent creativity may just be what inadvertently ends up bursting it for you. In other words, it’s time to evolve, so as Saturn and Pluto retrograde align with Neptune in your sign, recognize that your own dissatisfaction with things as they are may be just what you need to make the Quantum Leap necessary for your Higher Self to take the reins and lead you into the world of grownups. Welcome to your real life.

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