Mr. Saturn’s Stars #86 Weekly Horoscopes for 5/20-5/26, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 5/20-5/26, 2019


 Aries- As Mars enters the security oriented sign of Cancer and your House of Symbolic Foundations to align with Venus and Uranus in your House of Self Worth, you could find yourself speculating about possible rainy days ahead and what you might do to avert them. Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Career will also have you thinking about where your career might be going, especially with Neptune behind the scenes causing you to wonder if you want to continue along the path you’ve been on. As Mercury enters the Communication oriented sign of Gemini and the House it naturally rules, this could be the perfect time for you to start exploring the possibilities of doing what you’d like to for a living instead of what you have been doing just to make ends meet. As the Lunar Arc crosses your Mid-heaven make sure to get out there and explore the possibilities, you might be exactly what someone is looking for.


Taurus- Venus in your sign will have you desiring the best for yourself at this time, while Uranus in your sign and Mars in your House of Communication could find you all too willing to fight about it if anyone tries to deny your naturally materialistic nature. With both the Sun and Mercury entering the quixotic and chatty sign of Gemini, try to channel any frustration you may be feeling about what’s not working out for you now into some challenging mental exercise, perhaps in the form of a hobby or taking a class on something you’ve always wondered about but never took the time for. Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Philosophy aligning with Neptune in your House of Dreams could steer you toward an artistic endeavor, especially since Venus in your sign is already activating your good taste and you’re feeling particularly inspired; go for it!


Gemini-The Sun will enter your sign this week officially marking the beginning of Gemini season, during which time it will be aided and abetted by Mercury, the planet of both Communication and Business as well as your sign’s ruler. If you’re feeling ambitious (or insecure) this could be a particularly frenetic time for you as Uranus and Venus together behind the scenes will be flaming your desire for the good things in life while Mars in your House of Self Worth will have you feeling like life isn’t worth living unless you have the best of everything. This type of manifest destiny is what topples empires so be careful, although with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Transformation you won’t be getting anything in the near future that you haven’t earned so, rather than drive yourself crazy, why don’t you instead try to calm yourself down with something like meditation or tai chi? Or perhaps even thinking about someone else besides yourself?


Cancer- Mars entering your sign this week should give you a burst of energy, especially as it aligns nicely with Venus and Uranus in your House of Dreams making you feel like you’re ready to give yourself a break from the trials and tribulations of taking care of the whole world by yourself. While escaping is a nice notion, we both know that you will continue to feel like everyone’s good time is dependent upon you, meaning you’ll probably channel that Mars energy into making damn sure everyone has what they need so you don’t go crazy listening to them complain. Sound nutty? Welcome to the cave of logic the crab creates by digging itself into the surf. Saturn and Pluto retrograde together in your House of Relationships aligning with Neptune in your House of Long Distance travels could find you both enjoying some time away and missing a loved one at the same time. We’re back to the crab digging itself into the beach so, if you can get to the shore why don’t you join your crustacean totem for a swim and get back to where this all started regarding you enjoying yourself.


Leo- With Venus and Uranus in your House of Career this week you could be exactly what someone has been looking for, however, don’t be too available just yet. Make sure to ask yourself, are they what you’ve been looking for? Mars behind the scenes in the sensitive sign of Cancer could have you feeling insecure, which might find you willing to settle for less just to be liked. Really? While Neptune in your House of Transformation is about letting go, that doesn’t mean disappearing into the shadow of someone else’s ego, particularly as the God of the Sea is aligning nicely with the rock of Gibraltar twins, Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Work, who are asking you to change like a rock erodes; slow and steady, in no rush to give in, but going with the flow. This is about your confidence baby……as the saying goes, “Strength bides its time while weakness feels a need to act.”


Virgo- Lots of things around you are changing at this time but the question is, are you changing? With four major planets now at the top of your chart, Venus and Uranus in your House of Philosophy and the Sun and Mercury about to enter your House of Career, what are you currently doing to manifest some of those gold plated dreams you like to strategize about? Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity and Neptune in  your House of Partnerships would suggest that you can’t conquer the world by yourself at this time, but on the other hand are you the best playmate you can be? Jupiter retrograde in your House of Foundations would indicate that some renovation is needed before you can start to build your stairway to heaven, yet are you willing to break your ego down to the studs to facilitate a complete overhaul of not only how the world sees you but how you see yourself? A word to the wise, our ability to accept help depends on whether or not we feel deserving. Chew on that for a while.


Libra- Mars has just crossed your Mid-Heaven so you may surprise a few people at this time by acting more like an Aries than a stereotypical Libra. Whether this is good or bad will have a lot to do with how deeply you may want something as both Venus and Uranus graze in the sign of Taurus and your House of Transformation. After all, a bull can be a lot like a cow until you wave a red flag in its face. Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Foundations have either taught you some patience over the last year or not and you’ll no doubt find out which when Neptune in your House of Daily Routines either delivers your expectations on time or fails to do so. The Lunar Arc this week will progress from your House of Communications (where it meets Jupiter retrograde) to your House of Creativity, meaning success for you now could be more about the process than the result. Ordinarily this would not be a problem for a Libra, so remember who you are.


Scorpio- With Venus and Uranus in your House of Partnerships activating Mars entering your House of Philosophy, the success of your interactions with others at this time will not be about acceptance or passivity, but rather about your ability to take action, meaning you’ll need to either extend an olive branch or take the tiger by the tail in order to break through some people’s ambivalence (or games). You’re in control now (whether you realize it or not) so leadership skills will be more valuable to you at this time than simple good manners or being agreeable. That’s not to say that Creativity won’t offer you an advantage as well, especially as Neptune in your House of Creativity aligns with Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Communications and you’re able to figure out ahead of time exactly what someone wants to hear and then find an inventive way not to placate them. To be so unapologetically real is a big step for you now, so take it, and enjoy a new bullshit free relationship with the world.


Sagittarius- Whatever you’re hoping to change right now should be helped along magnificently as Mars enters your House of Transformation, particularly if you’re looking to improve a process at work or perhaps even streamline your body. Doing it with someone else could also be to your advantage, as both the Sun and Mercury will be entering your House of Partnerships, so hire yourself an assistant or find an exercise buddy. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth aligning with Neptune in your House of Foundation is about fundamental change, and fundamental is a word combining both fun and mental, meaning that it is just as important to enjoy whatever you’re doing as it is to get the results you desire, especially if the whole process is supposedly to feel better about yourself. Meanwhile, Jupiter retrograde in your sign should help with the whole philosophical point of view that it is the journey not the destination that’s important. In other words, just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll eventually get there.


Capricorn- As Mars enters your House of Relationships and moves into an alignment with Venus and Uranus in your House of Romance, expect the unexpected this week, particularly in the legendary Battle of the Sexes. With Saturn and Pluto in your sign for a good long time now you have been reconstructing yourself for a while, so perhaps it’s finally time to get out there and see how you interact with the other kids? Of course someone special may stand out from the others, just try not to get nervous. They’re probably not following you around because they’re a hit man and someone’s taken a contract out on you, more likely it’s because they find you attractive. The Sun and Mercury moving into the social sign of Gemini and your House of Health may be trying to tell you that if you want to start feeling better about life, then perhaps you should try embracing it instead of requiring it to find you like a private detective. Jupiter retrograde behind the scenes is like a big dog who’s been raised with little dogs and doesn’t realize its size, meaning you should get out there and start practicing how to stretch into your true self. After all, you never know who might try to pet you while you’re working it out….. Woof! Woof!


Aquarius- As Mars enters your House of Work and aligns with both Venus and Uranus in your House of Home, this could be the perfect time to start those desperately needed repairs in your house or apartment that you’ve been avoiding.  Saturn and Pluto retrograde behind the scenes may reveal there’s a lot more wrong here than you realize, so the quicker you get to it the less likely it will be that something turns into an emergency. Neptune in your House of Self Worth could have a dual effect on you now, either making you lazy or inventive. Assuming that you’re not sick or unhappy, if getting motivated is a problem for you at this time, then simply let yourself be influenced by someone who is pressing you to get something done, you may end up thanking them later on for being an inadvertent muse. After all, whatever doesn’t annoy you lets you become complacent.


Pisces- You may have recently caught someone’s eye who thinks that you’re just the most…….So what do you plan to do about it? Mars entering your House of Romance and aligning with Venus and Uranus in your House of Communication is all about the Look of Love, so if you recognize it then let your imagination run around as scantily clad as possible, after all, with Neptune in your sign now romance should come as second nature to you. As the Sun and Mercury enter your Foundation Area you could be feeling as free as a bird or as flaky as a box of Kellogg’s, just don’t let yourself get swept away so far you forget who you are and what your real life responsibilities entail. Saturn and Pluto aligning with Neptune now could see you very close to completing a project that has been lingering for a long time, just make sure the aforementioned romance occurs only after you’ve crossed the finish line with any work that needs to be done.

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