Mr. Saturn’s Stars #85 Weekly Horoscopes for 5/13-5/19, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 5/13-5/19, 2019


Aries- As Venus gets ready to exit your sign she will enter into a nice aspect with Mars in your House of Communication, meaning that you could be getting some good news regarding a matter you would like to see move forward. Shortly afterwards, both Venus and Mars will change signs, Venus going into her native sign of Taurus and Mars entering security oriented Cancer. This could signal a lucky break, especially since Uranus will also be involved, indicating that there may be an unexpected surprise in store in the form of a windfall return from a situation you were actually starting to worry about. While this all sounds good, don’t get too optimistic just yet. The Full Moon in power oriented Scorpio over the weekend will be in your House of Transformation where it will oppose a stable Taurus Sun, meaning that any sudden luck you experience could disappear just as suddenly if you start convincing yourself it is the new norm and begin slacking.


Taurus- With Mercury pulling closer to the Sun in your sign and charming Venus (your ruler) about to conjunct freaky Uranus, you could be experiencing quite an internal conflict between your naturally conformist nature and your equally natural sensuality. As a famous Occultist once said, “Sin is the word of restriction,” so don’t deny yourself your natural urges. As Mars move into your House of Communication and the emotional sign of Cancer, realize that if you deny yourself something on one level that urge will likely just end up leaking out somewhere else, which could be embarrassing. The Full Moon this week will be in your House of Relationships and the power oriented sign of Scorpio, meaning that if you won’t stand up and state your needs don’t expect anyone else to be a mind reader.


Gemini- Mars will leave your sign this week with a flourish as he aligns nicely with Venus in your House of Groups. This could make you quite popular, especially with Jupiter in your House of Relationships meeting up with a diplomatic Libra Moon midweek. Later on as Venus moves behind the scenes into the sensual sign of Taurus, Mars will enter your House of Self Worth and together these two should find you quite ambitious for both fun and material gratification. Add Uranus to this mix and you’ll probably be willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever you desire; just try not to dehumanize anyone in the process, after all, when you treat people like objects they tend to resent it and with Saturn and Pluto still retrograde in your House of Shared Resources you can’t afford to alienate anyone from your cause at this time.


Cancer- With a stellium of planets in your House of Friends now you may be feeling like there is not enough of you to go around. Among this group are the Sun and Mercury, who together will likely have you feeling obligated, while on the other hand Venus and Uranus arm in arm could attract every freak in the vicinity to your mothering nature. Try to take advantage of Mars when he enters your sign later in the week to find the strength to say “no” to the energy vampires and lazy slobs who would otherwise suck you dry. There are those who will truly need your kindness and compassion at this time, just try to differentiate them from the users and abusers. The Full Moon this week will be in your House of Creativity, which could find you either sublimating your natural creative urges into satisfying others needs or else running away to someplace remote where you can be alone and paint your masterpiece. Don’t feel guilty about doing whatever feels right.


Leo- With the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus all in the stable sign of Taurus and your House of Career, this is a time when you need to suck it up and do whatever is necessary to get yourself ahead. Of course Taurus can also be a lazy sign, so make sure you’re aware that your complacency could be your biggest enemy right now, especially if you find yourself making excuses for not getting out of a situation that you know sucks and you have been trashing non-stop for a while now. The longer you put off what needs to be done on the career front the harder this weeks eventual Full Moon is going to be, especially since it’s occurring in your House of Symbolic Foundations and opposing the aforementioned Sun in your House of Career. It’s important for you to realize that while this is not a particularly comfortable time for you, it is a period that you will eventually look back on and be glad you did all the practical stuff you didn’t want to.


Virgo- The more desperately you try to hold on now to a person or situation that is changing away from you, the more that individual or circumstance will buck like a wild bronco at a rodeo. Like the song say’s, “Man, ain’t that a kick in the head,” yet it doesn’t need to be. Jupiter retrograde in your Foundations Area and Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Creativity can help you to let go of a job or relationship that isn’t working, but not if you feel you need to win whatever the argument has been and prove the other person wrong. Nobody’s right or wrong, things just need to change. As Venus and Mars enter new signs and your Houses of Philosophy and Dreams respectively, the potential is there for you to finally be who you are without apologies or excuses, the price though will be to extricate yourself from whoever or whatever has been holding you back. The Full Moon in your House of Communication and the passionate sign of Scorpio will be all about speaking your truth to whomever with no reservations…..So, what are you waiting for? Start singing that body electric!


Libra- This is a time when what you’re experiencing will provide the subject matter for stories that will eventually make others laugh and think, even though what’s going on now in your life may, in fact, be making you quite frustrated. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and crazy, unpredictable Uranus are all marching through your House of Transformation, which likely feels both uncomfortably weird and like it’s taking forever. Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your Foundations Area is no doubt further warping your sense of time, while Neptune in your House of Daily Routines is completely messing with your ability to get a clear read on anything. Nonetheless you are still both driven and creative at this time (believe it or not) and if you think I’m shitting you all I ask is that you try to remain patient (a dirty word) and stay focused on your goals until Jupiter finally goes direct again in August. I know this sounds like a prediction, but in actuality it’s only a matter of you having faith in yourself. “You gotta believe!”


Scorpio- Did you ever think you’d be so popular (and loved)? The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all going through your House of Relationships now, which means if you’re not the center of attention yet then you’re about to be. This will be both good and bad as Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde in your House of Communications and aligning with Neptune in your House of Creativity, meaning that while some people you might be dealing with now could have an agenda, it’s more likely that the folks who are stepping up to help are doing it because they truly like and respect you. Jupiter in your House of Earned Income is currently retrograde, so don’t expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet if your income has lagged in the face of some mounting bills. As the Full Moon in your sign later in the week opposes all those previously mentioned Taurus Planets, try instead to look at your current emotional support system as all wealth you need; as the song goes, “Baby, you’re a Rich Man…”


Sagittarius- If your health (or appearance) has been a concern of late, then now would be the time to take action and try to establish a new regimen for yourself as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all in your House of Health. Add to this Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your House of Self Worth and you might actually have the discipline now to stick to whatever program you start. Jupiter retrograde in your sign can also contribute to rebuilding your vanity if you take his lead and imagine bigger things (or conversely a smaller appearance) for yourself. As Mars pulls into your House of Transformation your energy should be high for the rest of the month, so make sure you capitalize on the Warrior Planet’s strength and determination to establish something good for your sense of  health and well being at this time.


Capricorn- e.e. cummings once wrote, “let all go dear/so comes love” and with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Creativity banging around like dice in a cup, perhaps this is the time you should let things roll and see what happens? Mars entering your House of Relationships could be about reaching out (if you let it) while Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your sign could be about fundamental change (if you’d accept it) both of which are admittedly a gamble, but to win it you gotta be in it. Neptune in your House of Communications and Jupiter retrograde behind the scenes are both about letting something happen as opposed to making something happen, which is a hard thing for an action oriented sign like you to understand, so perhaps you could think of it this way, it takes more confidence to wait for the right time than it does to rush ahead in hopes of finding the right time.


“Patiently waiting

Like a dew drop hanging from

A banana leaf”


Aquarius- No one ever expects an earthquake, yet when the dishes start rattling on the shelves it would probably be prudent to get under a doorpost as soon as possible and wait until the world seems stable again. I’m mentioning this because with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Foundations along with Saturn and Pluto retrograde behind the scenes, if it feels like your world is shaking you should probably accept it and head for the nearest doorpost. Of course Mars entering your House of Routines will likely have you feeling anxious at this time, especially as it angles with Uranus, however, rather than rushing in where angels fear to tread, perhaps you should instead follow Neptune’s lead as it crosses through your House of Self Worth and simply try to find a place where you can best wait out the current circumstances until you can fully assess the damage.


Pisces- If your emotions seem to be overwhelming you now and there is something you need to say to someone special but don’t know how to begin, then perhaps you should engage your artistic abilities and look to create a metaphor of whatever it is you’re feeling. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in your House of Communication and lining up nicely with Mars entering your House of Creativity, your message will likely be more poignant now if you can trust your intuition to connect the dots rather than trying to edit yourself and avoid any potential vulnerability. Neptune in your sign represents the soul of the poet and as it aligns with Saturn and Pluto retrograde you are especially in tune now with another’s wavelength, therefore, let your energy and its honest expression speak for you now rather than attempting to explain the unexplainable or eff the ineffable.

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