Mr. Saturn’s Stars #78 Weekly Horoscopes for 3/25-3/31, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 3/25-3/31, 2019


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

The Mueller Report is finally out and will be welcomed this week by Mercury going station/direct conjunct Neptune in Pisces……..Get ready for the Spin Doctors to start spinning their vagaries, alternative facts, claims to Executive Privilege, and well, just plain bullshit!!!  Don’t get discouraged though, we can even up the playing field at the ballot box in 2020………Keep the Bern going!!!


Aries- With a little help from the Moon in Sagittarius you should begin the week feeling optimistic, however, as the Lunar Arc progresses into Capricorn certain responsibilities may begin to make their presences felt, which may actually be a good thing for your naturally impetuous nature. As Venus enters Pisces and Mars enters Gemini this week you could feel your head battling with your heart over what course of action to take in a particular circumstance. Be willing to take your time and hold off making any decisions about what to do until the weekend, when Mercury goes station/direct in conjunction with Neptune and they both align with Saturn. This aspect is all about intuition and logic working together to find a truly holistic solution, so look to let the problem fully explain itself  to you before you attempt to determine what the solution should be.


Taurus- Uranus wandering unaspected in your sign at this time is probably causing you to feel either anxious or irate, both of which are ultimately illusions. Keeping that in mind, let Saturn in your House of Philosophy be your rock as he aligns with Visionary Neptune and Mercury going direct in the creative sign of Pisces and your House of Dreams, all of which are about finding and developing the necessary spiritual and emotional discipline to keep your insecurities at bay and your confidence leading the way. As the Lunar Arc ends the week squaring Uranus, be willing to try something different in pursuit of your bliss. After all, the secret of a successful life is choosing what makes you happy rather than settling for what others will accept about your tastes.


Gemini- As Mars enters your sign this week it will probably feel like the horse has been let out of the barn just when you needed to hitch it to the wagon to get going some place. When Venus enters the empathetic sign of Pisces later on it should help you to realize that if you can manage to remain calm and wait a little, that dumb old horse will probably end up chowing down in a nearby pasture and you’ll be able to gather him up soon enough. In other words, patience will be the key here, so let disciplined Saturn in your House of Transformation exert his unwavering influence on misty Neptune and an erratic Mercury station so that you can move in like a ninja and get everything back in harmony. With both Uranus and Jupiter unaspected in your chart this week, be careful that your anxiety about working a situation out doesn’t get dumped on an unassuming partner who would be willing to help; that is, if you’re willing to communicate what your needs are.


Cancer- As Mars enters the cerebral sign of Gemini behind the scenes in your chart and Venus enters the compassionate sign of Pisces and your House of Philosophy, you could find yourself torn about someone close to you who needs help but won’t accept it. Saturn in your House of Relationships will have you feeling responsible for this person, while Neptune and a confusing Mercury Station will tempt you to repeat old patterns with this individual, whereby you insist on helping so they can turn their refusal of aid into blaming you as the reason for their problem. It’s all very complicated, and stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. After all, you could focus on your own problems instead, like for instance an unaspected Jupiter in your House of Health. Just think, instead of wasting your energy on someone who is asking for a hard lesson (and will get it) you could instead focus your efforts on rediscovering a real sense of wellness for yourself (which is yours for the taking).


Leo- If you’ve been feeling that something in your life needs to change, then Mars entering your House of Groups and Venus entering your House of Transformation could serve as the necessary whoopee cushion to make you jump up out of your comfortable seat and engage the world. Uranus in your House of Career could bring some unexpected opportunities, however, you need to be out there to capitalize on them. On the reverse side, if you’re not willing to get out there then Uranus could be all about circumstances conspiring to jettison you out there whether you like it or not. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Routines would further speak to circumstances changing, although unlike the Colorado River going through the Grand Canyon you don’t have all the time in the world to make your masterpiece. Change in your life now will be more about revolution than evolution so get ready, it’s liable to be a bumpy ride!


Virgo- If you’ve been planning to make a move either creatively or romantically, the time is now! Mars will be leaving your House of Philosophy and entering your House of Public Image, while Venus will be leaving your House of Routine and entering your House of Partnerships, putting them both into a dynamic square with one another so that the time for talking the talk is over; get ready to walk the walk! Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity will be aligning with both visionary Neptune and communicative Mercury, so be ready to either pitch a creative project that’s close to your heart or pitch a little woo to someone you’ve a crush on. The Lunar Arc will begin the week with dynamic Jupiter and also end the week with the King of the Planets as it moves from your Symbolic Foundation through your House of Romance and then on to your House of Service…Like the Dylan song say’s, “Everybody has to serve somebody.” The good news here is that you’ll get to pick your heart’s desire if you’re willing to go for it!!!


Libra- As Mars and Venus change signs this week and move into a square in your Houses of Philosophy and Routines respectively, you’ll likely be motivated to find a better and more efficient way to perform a daily chore, or perhaps even be inspired to expand your world view beyond your immediate surroundings. A big reason for this sudden upswing in your intellectual curiosity derives from the revolutionary Planets, Saturn and Pluto, being in your Symbolic Foundations area for the last year. Add to that Neptune and Mercury conjunct in the visionary sign of Pisces and at this time in your development you’re all about finding the Holy Grail of whatever you’re involved in, whether that be the best way to clean a floor or clean your soul. Jupiter in your House of Communication will make you want to tell the world about your discoveries and as the King of the Planets flirts with the Lunar Arc this week you could feel particularly inspired to write…….So, what are you waiting for?


Scorpio- Mars will be entering your House of Transformation this week and when he does he’ll be squaring Venus entering your House of Creativity, which could mean that the difficulties you’ve been experiencing as of late may end up acting as the motivation for some future artistic efforts. Often adversity makes us long for beauty and harmony all the more and, as a result, we come to appreciate things we may have previously taken for granted or overlooked. Perhaps for the first time in your life you’re contemplating your mortality and it’s causing you to think more critically about the processes of life? Saturn and Pluto together in your House of Thinking along with Neptune and a Mercury station in your House of Creativity would suggest that perhaps your thoughts could be the stuff of art. Why don’t you use some of the time you now have on your hands to express the discoveries your heart has been making?


Sagittarius- When Venus enters your House of Home and Family and squares Mars entering your House of Relationships, you could find yourself being challenged even more than usual by the demands made on you at this time by someone at home. This is because you’re finally beginning to realize that the current situation isn’t about doing something for someone else who can’t do for themselves, but rather that your life has been usurped by someone who simply refuses to pull their own weight. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth should give you the necessary spine to stand up for yourself in this situation, let’s just hope that Mercury finally going direct in your House of Foundations will help you to see how you’re getting played by someone who’s just taking advantage of your better nature. At the beginning of the week the Moon in your sign may have you feeling guilty about all this, but perhaps by the time she gets into your House of Communication and aligns with Jupiter in your sign you’ll be able to speak your truth and then live it, regardless of what anyone else may think.


Capricorn- You’ve been put through a lot of changes in the last year and as Mercury goes station/direct this week conjunct with Neptune in your House of Communication you may finally be willing to talk about it with someone, either a therapist or an audience, depending on your proclivity for airing your private life. Jupiter behind the scenes has been awakening your philosophical nature and as he aligns with the Lunar Arc this week you should be able to overcome any shyness you might have about other people actually finding your innermost thoughts interesting. As Uranus enters your House of Creativity and aligns with Venus moving into your House of Communication, being interesting or, for that matter entertaining, shouldn’t be a problem for the next few years, so don’t be shy about opening your mind (or your mouth) people will love it.


Aquarius- As Venus leaves your sign this week and moves into a square with Mars entering your House of Creativity, you could be inspired to create a work of art or tell a story about some unique experiences you’ve had. For the last year or so Saturn and Pluto behind the scenes have been causing you to go through a lot of internal changes and as they both align with Neptune and a Mercury station/direct in your House of Self Worth, you are finally getting some perspective on what these changes might ultimately mean as you move forward into the future. The Lunar Arc this week will begin in your House of Dreams, where it will conjunct Jupiter before eventually ending the week in your sign, where it will manage to remain in beneficial aspect to the King of the Planets, meaning that as you reflect on where you’ve been over the last year you will likely also realize that worrying about the future is a waste of time, especially when you can be busy creating it in the present…..So what are you waiting for? Get to work!!!


Pisces- Mercury will be going station/direct this week in your sign, where it will conjunct Neptune and likely make you feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. Misconceptions you may have had about a situation or a person could suddenly become clearer, or else something you were quite sure of could suddenly become uncertain. While this is no doubt a topsy-turvy aspect, don’t worry, Saturn and Pluto in your House of Groups will keep you busy fulfilling responsibilities that are quite real and should keep you grounded no matter how much fog and confusion Neptune and Mercury can come up with. Jupiter in your House of Career will have help from the Moon all week, so don’t be surprised if some of the vagueness this week ends up revealing an unexpected opportunity arriving at your doorstep. As the saying goes, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

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