Mr. Saturn’s Stars #72 Weekly Horoscopes for 2/11-2/17, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 2/11-2/17, 2019


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

Valentine’s Day is this week…….aim for that heart!


Aries- Things will start off this week with Mars and Uranus conjunct in your sign (ka-boom!) after which they will both align with the Sun in your House of Groups. This will likely mean that everyone will want a piece of you, however, since you’re only one person it will be imperative for you to get organized if you would hope to satisfy anyone (and avoid going crazy). Venus moving next to Saturn in your House of Career should help you to pull things together, and with Neptune behind the scenes to calm things down, no one should end up being too upset with you even if you can’t keep up with their nonstop demands. When Mars eventually changes sign and enters Taurus later in the week, you should be on the approach to realizing a dream that not too long ago was still a shimmering mirage on the horizon. Congrats!!!


Taurus- Preparations for an important event have probably been stressful, which will likely come to a head as Mars and Uranus start the week colliding behind the scenes in your chart. Not to worry though as the Sun in your House of Career plays the role of a traffic cop and manages to prevent this crazy pair in Aries from creating too much havoc. As Venus comes together with Saturn in your House of Philosophy and they both align with Neptune in your House of Groups, expect your inner adult to take over and steer you along the path of least resistance no matter how much chaos seems to be surrounding you. Jupiter in your House of Transformation should also be able to provide some Zen-like insights until Mars can enter your sign later in the week and deliver you through what are turning out to be some very valuable lessons.


Gemini- You’ve been managing to get by as of late with a sort of arbitrary bravura although as Mars and Uranus both prepare to exit your House of Groups and go behind the scenes this act you’ve been putting on for the public could very well turn into a frightened confession to a shrink (or trusted advisor) in private. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all coming together in your House of Transformation and aligning with Neptune in your House of Public Image would suggest that you should try and be a little more compromising with your adversaries or else they may have no choice but to resort to public humiliation to get you in line. As Jupiter transits your House of Partnerships (and Open Enemies) don’t underestimate a subdued individual’s ability to wield that big stick and take you down if necessary. You ain’t that big and they know you’re a lot more scared than you’re letting on.


Cancer- As Mars and Uranus get set to exit your House of Career don’t let an unexpected happening at work throw you. The Sun in your House of Transformation will be at the wheel during this time and he should be able to keep that erratic pair from going off the rails and causing too much damage. When Mars eventually enters your House of Groups later in the week you could inadvertently end up stumbling upon an opportunity you’ve been hoping for. Venus will be joining Saturn very soon in your House of Relationships and as these two align with Neptune and Mercury in your House of Long distance matters some news from afar could serve to lift your spirits. Go ahead, allow yourself to smile and the whole world may just smile with you.


Leo- Your usual even temperament could be close to boiling over now as Mars and Uranus bang into each other at the top of your chart like a couple of hockey players and force the Sun to blow his whistle and call a foul from your House of Relationships. Whoever is pissing you off now needs to watch out, especially with Saturn and Pluto about to start their power play in your House of Routines. With all this activity anything is likely to happen, particularly with unpredictable Neptune in your House of Transformation. When Mars finally gets around to entering your House of Public Image at the end of the week whoever has underestimated you could find themselves flat on the pavement and looking up at the stars wondering what happened……just sayin’.


Virgo- An unexpected change of circumstances courtesy of Mars and Uranus in your House of Death and Transformation along with the Sun in your House of Routines could find you at a very significant crossroads in your life right now. Venus joining Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity would indicate that whatever the situation may be this would be the time to finally accept what has happened and let go of the past. Neptune in your House of Relationships also holds a very deep lesson for you at this time as you finally come to realize that love is as much a manifestation of destiny as it is an act of either desire or ego, meaning that sometimes we love based on what we’ve survived rather than who or what we’ve chosen. In short, unconditional love can certainly make for some strange bedfellows. Amen.


Libra- The Sun moving through your House of Creativity and aligning with a startling Mars/ Uranus conjunction in your House of Partnerships could find you being contacted by someone you would never suspect would even be aware of your existence. On the other hand, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in your House of Foundations aligning with Mercury and Neptune in your House of Work would suggest that you have been contacted because in fact you have managed to create something that is quite unique and innovative. The Lunar Arc for the week would further suggest you’ve accomplished something important as the moon moves through your Houses of Philosophy, Career, and Groups and puts you squarely in the crosshairs of the collective zeitgeist. Who knows how this will play out in the long term, but at least for now you’re the one that the flying fickle finger of fate is pointing at.


Scorpio- Mars and Uranus in your House of Health could have you reeling because of an unexpected health scare, although ultimately you’ll probably end up dodging a bullet with the Sun at the bottom of your chart to serve as an antidote to steer these two loose cannons away from anything that would have any serious long term affects. Nevertheless, you will still feel the stress, especially as Mercury and Neptune align with Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in your House of Communication and your physicians, family, and friends smother you with advice and attention. The Lunar Arc for the week would insinuate that no matter how obtrusive this process might seem to be, a light will appear at the end of the tunnel if you can just be patient and trust all the folks that are actually showing how much they care for you. Surprise!!!


Sagittarius- An unaspected Jupiter in your sign now would indicate that you could drift off to La La Land quite unexpectedly, especially as Mars and Uranus bang into each other in the impetuous sign of Aries. Neptune at the bottom of your chart could add to the general wooliness of the situation, particularly as traditionally logical Mercury decides to wander off and go native in mystical and surreal Pisces. At the same time Venus and Saturn will meet up in your House of Self Worth to do their best to be a responsible pair and keep you on the straight and narrow. As long as you have any free time on your hands you could be a danger to yourself, so try not to wander off too far from adult supervision until Mars enters your House of Work and there is someplace for you to be besides lost in your imagination.


Capricorn- Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in your sign aligning with Neptune and Mercury in your House of Communication could indicate that the time has come to write your masterpiece, that is, if the vision of who you are and what you want is grounded and clear, like a prize geranium in a beautiful cut glass vase. Jupiter behind the scenes should also help in the inspiration department, although you will probably need more than a little gumption as well. Later in the week as Mars enters the sign of Taurus and your House of Creativity, you will not only feel a willingness to try something new, but also be able to find the strength to see any new endeavors through as soon as the novelty wears off and the responsibilities weigh in. The time has come to take a chance and see what you’re made of.


Aquarius- As the Sun in your sign aligns with forceful Mars and crazy Uranus in the impetuous sign of Aries, you will likely feel a burning need to express yourself no matter what the cost. Keep in mind though that Mars will eventually pass into the solid, status quo sign of Taurus later in the week, so it might be prudent if you made an effort to engage your mind before you engage your mouth. Saturn and Venus behind the scenes might have you convinced that whatever is clear to you will also be obvious to others, however, the usually logical communications of Mercury will be challenged during this time as he passes through the spacey sign of Pisces and joins with illusory Neptune, therefore, try not to take for granted what anyone else may or may not think. You’ll be glad you didn’t, trust me.


Pisces- Mercury and Neptune currently in your sign could have you spouting poetry, while Saturn and Pluto in your House of Dreams will have you striving for ideals instead of accepting what is actually happening. It’s a thin line between being visionary and unrealistic, so make sure you know what is what. Mars and Uranus will be leaving your House of Self Worth with a flourish, so just make sure you don’t end up passionately burning any bridges behind you with the same sort of flourish. A word to the wise as Mars enters the traditional sign of Taurus and your House of Communication, don’t assume anyone is either deaf or stupid as you try to express your innermost desires about how a situation should be, after all, how can you expect anyone to agree with you after you’ve insulted them (or worse, made a buffoon of yourself).

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