Mr. Saturn’s Stars #70 Weekly Horoscopes for 1/28-2/3, 2019

Weekly horoscopes for 1/28-2/3, 2019


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

At long last the Government has reopened and Rump’s wall turned out to be nothing more than a cave. Thank you Speaker Pelosi for showing us all how a leader should act when issues arise and priorities need to be kept straight. As we move into 2019, I would hope that you and your fellow Democrats will put your focus on an intelligent Immigration Policy, Universal Health Care, and an Infrastructure Plan for our country. In the meantime, leave the Mafia in the White House and their shenanigans to Special Investigator Mueller and his team. “The chickens will come home to roost” on that one, for sure.


Aries- With Uranus and Mars in your sign this week you shouldn’t be lacking for energy, however, with Mars also pulling into an eventual square with transformative Pluto in your House of Career it will be absolutely necessary that you direct all this energy into a constructive channel or else you may just end up like a mouse on a wheel going nowhere. Saturn in your House of Career should provide the guilt necessary to prevent you going too far astray, while at the same time Neptune behind the scenes will provide the insecurity to maintain the torque between a fear of failing and wishing to be a star. In short, if you hope (expect) to arrive on the other side of the ocean of your dreams, then simply shut up and keep rowing……Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!


Taurus- Saturn and Pluto in your House of Career are no doubt putting you through the wringer as they challenge you to both let go of what doesn’t work while also embracing new challenges. Of course this is probably quite exhausting, especially as Jupiter and Venus in your House of Transformation keep dangling delusions of grandeur in front of you like a carrot baiting a donkey. Try not to let your expectations lead you too far astray from the reality of what is actually going on at any given moment, after all, if you’re ever going to succeed you’ll have to learn to prioritize. Let the Sun and Mercury going through your House of Career show you how success begins by dealing with your immediate problems.


Gemini- With Mars in Aries and your House of Dreams this week you’ll probably want to push an inconvenient truth aside, although with Saturn and Pluto in your House of Shared Resources it’s more likely you’ll be forced by those you’ve inconvenienced to take responsibility for the mess you created. Jupiter and Venus in your House of Relationships squaring Neptune in your House of Public Image will probably cause your popularity to slide, especially if you insist on thinking that everything is always about you. Hot flash from the newsroom, even though you may be a legend in your own mind no one else really thinks like you, which means grow the *uck up and try to have a little compassion for those who aren’t as fabulous as you are…….Really!


Cancer- If you can manage to remember the song, “put all your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile,” you may actually be able to get through this week without too much discomfort. Mars in your House of Career will be moving into a square with transformative Pluto in your House of Partnerships, which means you might have to push back if someone on the job oversteps your boundaries. Venus and Jupiter in your House of Work should help to keep things copasetic, but that’s only if you can manage to take the high road and kill’em with kindness rather than an actual weapon. At the same time Neptune in your House of Philosophy will be aligning nicely with Saturn, indicating that if you do keep your cool then your natural leadership skills will no doubt become clearly recognizable to everyone present (and you never know who may be watching).


Leo- This may be one of those weeks where you find yourself frustrated by a supervisor or co-worker who is threatened by your level of productivity and, as a result, tries to passive/aggressively sabotage you. Getting angry about this won’t help, so instead try taking some time off and indulging Venus and Jupiter in your House of Fun. You’ll likely come back all rejuvenated from your little sojourn to find the big boss reaming out your saboteur for letting things fall behind. Saturn in your House of Work aligning with Neptune in your House of Transformation could take this whole business one step further with you actually ending up in charge of the manipulator. As a great American Author once wrote, “In America someone is always rising and falling,” or as Mr. Saturn say’s, “What goes around comes around.”


Virgo- What do you want? Mars in your House of Transformation aligning with Venus and Jupiter at your Foundation would indicate that the Force is with you, but what are you going to do with it? Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity aligning with Neptune in your House of Partnerships is all about giving a tangible form to your visions through finding the right people to partner up with. As a result, don’t hesitate to reach out and reach high, in other words, look to match up with individuals you admire and then let yourself be surprised when you find out the feeling is mutual. The Sun and Mercury in your House of Work would further indicate that any alliances that come about now will likely share the same goals of service and concern for the common good. So what are you waiting for? Let the revolution begin!


Libra- As the Sun and Mercury pass through your House of Creativity something you communicate now either publicly or privately could set off a string of events that you will be able to look back on later this year and acknowledge, “that was when everything changed.” Saturn and Pluto down at the very bottom of your chart have been hinting at a catharsis like this for a while, but now with Mars in your House of Partnerships and both Jupiter and Venus in your House of Communication the seeds are about to be sown for a new you and a new world. With Neptune in your House of Work and Routines you may not initially realize what’s going on, but you will soon enough as the Lunar Arc begins the week in your House of Self Worth and the deep sign of Scorpio and ends up on the cusp of your House of Fun in the enlightened sign of Aquarius. As a Philosopher once said, “Every man and every woman is a star!”  Now it’s your turn.


Scorpio- A Poet once wrote, “We worship “yes” and/ Suffer “no” ignoring the/ Question of balance.” As Venus and Jupiter in your House of Self Worth make you charming and expansive, Mars in your House of Routines will provide the energy to bring joy and humor wherever you go. On the other hand, with Saturn in your House of Communication squaring Mars you may encounter more than a few spoilsports in your travels. The truth of life is that both positive and negative views need to exist, although it is hard for either of them to comprehend this when they irritate each other and someone gets annoyed. Neptune in your House of Creativity represents your enlightenment at this time, as the planet that governs both

illusion and higher consciousness helps you to realize that true balance comes by juggling (and perhaps even dropping) the balls life throws at you.


Sagittarius- Jupiter and Venus are still in your sign so let the good times roll! Particularly as Venus will be moving into a smooth alignment with Uranus in your House of Fun and Jupiter will still be connected happily with Mars, who is also in your House of Fun. Woo! Woo!  Saturn in your House of Self Worth may try to make you feel a little guilty, especially with Neptune in your House of Family dredging up those memories of when too much fun on your part managed to annoy some old fart in your life. Well “Beano” to them! The Sun and Mercury in progressive Aquarius and your House of Ideas should provide a liberating influence, especially around the middle of the week when the Moon enters your sign and feeling good just feels right, no matter what any inhibited, judgmental holy roller may think. At least for the next little while make your God of choice Dionysius and worship wine, women, and song (or whatever else may float your boat).


Capricorn- Your Ego and Id may decide to play a little ping pong in your head this week, just try to chaperone matters as best you can, especially since those two can get a bit cutthroat about winning and losing. Venus and Jupiter in your House of the Subconscious will want to act out like a playful child, while Mars at your Foundation may inadvertently get a little carried away. Of course Saturn in your sign will be buttoned down and proper, but be careful. Neptune in your House of Communication may end up committing a little Freudian slip or two, but don’t be embarrassed, especially if whatever leaks out is the way you really feel and you just need to own up to it. Everything should turn out okay in the end, particularly with the Sun and Mercury transiting your House of Self Worth and the progressive sign of Aquarius. Like the song say’s “It’s your thing, do what you want to do, I can’t tell you who to sock it to.”


Aquarius- No one really knows anything for sure, but we can come to understandings based on what we’re willing to experience and learn. Mercury and the Sun in your sign now represent your natural (and often insatiable) curiosity, which is getting some real incentive from Mars transiting your House of Communications and Venus and Jupiter in your House of Dreams. As the French Poet Rimbaud once wrote, “go everywhere and do everything, no one would hurt you anymore than if you were a corpse.” Wise advice, just don’t go believing you’re bulletproof, no matter what Neptune in your House of Self Worth may try to tell you. Instead listen to Saturn and Pluto and the revolution they’re attempting to put together  behind the scenes. It’s a big world out there and you’re not going to see it all in one day, right?


Pisces- With Venus and Jupiter in your House of Career and Mars in your House of Self Worth, you are no doubt feeling ambitious now, however, be careful what you commit to. Saturn and Pluto in solid Capricorn are trying to remind you that in dreams begin responsibilities, therefore make sure you understand that after this current fiery period is over there’s still going to be a lot more work to do in order to finish what you started. Neptune in your sign should give you imagination to spare, let’s just hope that includes the ability to problem solve as well. As Venus ends the week aligning nicely with Uranus, you could get a surprise you didn’t count on; lucky you, just make sure you get back to work when it’s over.

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