Mr. Saturn’s Stars #67 Weekly Horoscopes for 1/7-1/13, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes for 1/7-1/13, 2019


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to another year of Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

We’re starting this year with a government shutdown ordered by everyone’s favorite rump. I wonder, should the 800,000 government workers not getting paid eat cake? Inquiring Americans would like to know.


Aries- Mars is the planet of action, courage, energy, and ambition, and it has come home to your sign to start the year, meaning you’re probably chomping at the bit to move forward in just about every area of your life. Venus and Jupiter in your House of Philosophy will give you high hopes, while Uranus going station/direct in your sign could bring a little luck or, at the very least, a surprise or two. The Sun and Mercury together in your House of Career aligning with Neptune behind the scenes could bring that Zen moment that sometimes occurs when you stop thinking about things and instead just let your intuition guide you into a groove where everything seems to work in harmony. Make sure you keep your cool so you can enjoy it while it lasts.


Taurus- With Mars rattling around behind the scenes in your chart and Uranus just about to cross your Ascendent, try and be aware of how energy is building up within you in the form of impatience and anxiety about where you are as opposed to where you want to be. Neptune in your House of Dreams could potentially add to your emotional instability, however, with Saturn and Mercury moving into a conjunction in your House of Philosophy you should be okay if you can focus on what’s in front of you. In other words, keep your attention on what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter in your House of Transformation should provide all the luck you’ll need so that everything ends up okay. Just remember to breathe and take it one step at a time.


Gemini- Probably more now than anytime in a while it is important for you cross your t’s and dot your i’s and not be cavalier about anything that you’re expected to be responsible for. With Jupiter and Venus in your House of Relationships squaring Neptune in your House of Public Image, it would be very easy at this time to be perceived by others as an arrogant flake that thinks the rules apply to everyone but you. Instead, take your lead from the Sun and Mercury in your House of Transformation and make sure to do your homework so that you are prepared for anything that involves having to work with others to get something done. In other words, this is a time when it is very important to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. A word to the wise.


Cancer- Make sure at this time that you aren’t allowing your current circumstances to convince you of something that just isn’t true. With Jupiter in your House of Work squaring Neptune in your House of Philosophy it may seem like no matter what you do you can’t get ahead, although with the Sun and Mercury in your House of Relationships having a much better relationship with Neptune, my advice would to be keep your nose to the grindstone and play the role you’ve been given, at least for the time being. The Lunar Arc will be moving from your House of Transformation through your House of Philosophy and into your House of Career, meaning that as it aspects Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars in succession you may just end up discovering that you’re a lot luckier than you gave yourself credit for. Don’t be surprised if an unexpected payback on a favor you did someone in the past transforms the winter of your discontent into some early Spring crocuses.


Leo-As Venus enters your House of Creativity and aligns with Mars in your House of Philosophy, take the time to play and follow your inspirations, whatever they may be. Neptune in your House of Transformation squaring Jupiter (also in your House of Creativity) could represent a tendency you’ve had in the past to repress such visions and activities out of either guilt or fear, however, with the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your House of Routines this could be the time when you’ll finally find the courage to confront that pesky little demon who keeps whispering in your ear that you don’t have the time for fun.  In the meantime, as Uranus gets closer to your House of Public Image, get ready to be exposed to a whole new group of free and intelligent people as you little by little start to let your freak flag unfurl.


Virgo- A wise man once said that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission and I would concur. At the very least it’s a sure way to find out who really cares for you. With that in mind, don’t be afraid at this time to do what’s in your heart if that’s what you truly feel. Have faith that you won’t be abandoned by someone close whose control issues are really just a camouflage for what a big chicken they are. With the Sun and Mercury in your House of Fun and Creativity, your willingness to step out of the small world a partner is trying to confine you in could very well be as much of a liberation for them as it is for you, especially if they decide to try and bring you back; after all, an adventure for two may just be exactly what your relationship needed.


Libra- The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all in your House of Foundations and Home, which probably means that for the last little while you’ve been laboring away at something that isn’t glamorous but no doubt necessary. If possible, try and be patient for now. As Venus gains steam in your House of Communications she will eventually enter into a conjunction with Jupiter in mid-month, at which time you will undoubtedly see some fruits from your past labors start to arrive. Maybe you will even get to see some of that fruit sprouting as early as this week when Venus catches up with Mars in your House of Partnerships and you start to receive some initial indications that the world may be interested in you again. During this week the Lunar Arc will pass from your House of Creativity to your House of Partnership (reiterating the theme of new associations) so keep up the good work simply because it’s the best way for right now to be going with the flow.


Scorpio- As Venus enters your House of Self Worth and aligns with Mars in your House of Work this would be a good time to either ask for a raise or else start looking for something new that would pay you what you’re really worth; which, by the way, is the $64,000 dollar question, namely, what you’re worth. The Sun and Mercury in your House of Communication aligning with Neptune in your House of Creativity will give the negotiating skills to convince anyone of anything, so if someone isn’t impressed by your pitch assume they’re challenged in some way and move on; you don’t have time for anyone who can’t keep up (or worse, doesn’t want to).  Jupiter is also in your House of Self Worth and as he squares Neptune in your House of Fun don’t let yourself get lazy and simply waste all this week’s good energy in frivolous activities. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can conquer today.


Sagittarius- Venus in your sign aligning with Mars in your House of Creativity and Romance could cause you to feel both inspired and antsy at the same time. It’s a potent energy, but if you’re not careful and/or lack direction, it could all just devolve into pointless escapism. Let the Sun and Mercury in your House of Self Worth show you how to be careful and not get distracted, especially with Neptune in your House of Foundations squaring Jupiter in your sign. This is an aspect that could easily be either a cloud looking for a parade to rain on or an expectation ready to over inflate, neither one being true. The worst part of Sag is that they can easily fall into believing whatever they want to believe, ergo, try not make this week about believing anything but rather about trying something new. Listen to what your heart is saying, you know, that small voice inside that requires you to listen carefully instead of the big one that just makes you feel guilty and gives you a headache.


Capricorn- As the old saying goes, life is one part inspiration and three parts perspiration and getting that cocktail right may be your biggest challenge this week. Venus behind the scenes aligning with Mars at the foundation of your chart would qualify as the inspiration, while The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in your sign would be the responsibility to chaperone that inspiration to a respectable place, kind of like the Sicilian family watching Al Pacino with their daughter in The Godfather. The ultimate arbiter in the film was that the couple loved one another and the family could see that, in your case Neptune in your House of Thinking would correlate to the idea of that kind of love, but the question is are you willing to see it through like Pacino did by putting up with having to go on dates with 20 other people? We’re back to where we started so be willing to break a sweat this week, you’ll be glad you did.


Aquarius- With the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto behind the scenes you are a quivering heap of worries and nerves as you courageously try to figure out how to take care of everything for everybody. Neptune in your house of Self Worth squaring Jupiter in your House of Groups and Friends is adding to this anxiety by making you too nice at this time for your own good. Let Mars in your Hose of Communications help you to draw some boundaries with anyone who is out to either con or strong arm you; don’t be afraid to call people on their bullshit and do it in no uncertain terms.  Uranus is currently at the lowest point in your chart so make sure you also aren’t overlooking anything in regards to making sure that you and yours are prepared for the unexpected; double check things like your home security system and make sure all your insurance policies are clear and updated. As the photographer Ansel Adams used to say, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”


Pisces- As Mars transits your House of Self Worth and aligns with Venus entering your House of Career, you are definitely feeling a need to branch out to greener pastures where your talents will be more amply rewarded. Jupiter is also in your House of Career, and while this will further boost your confidence, just make sure you don’t get cocky. Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto are all in your House of Groups and Dreams to help you remember no one does anything alone, therefore be willing to compromise and try not to burn any bridges now if someone isn’t seeing yet how fabulous you are. They will if you’re willing to acknowledge (and get down to) the work that needs to be done now.

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