Mr. Saturn’s Stars #66 Weekly Horoscopes for 12/24-12/30, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 12/24-12/30, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. I wish you all a happy holiday! Let’s each try to remember back to when we were young and hopeful and Christmas was magickal. I don’t know about any of you, but even Mr. Saturn can get a little mushy over a good old story about the true meaning of Christmas.


Aries- With Mercury in your House of Philosophy this week squaring Neptune behind the scenes, don’t be surprised if you get a bad case of the Christmas Blues this season. It doesn’t mean that you’re turning into a scrooge, instead it’s because you feel a need to experience a certain sense of idealism that is currently lacking in what seems to be going on all around you. Don’t let yourself get disappointed by all the jaded commercialism that appears to be eclipsing any true sense of the holiday spirit. Later in the week as the New Year gets closer, Venus in your House of Transformation will move into a cathartic alignment with Pluto in your House of Career. It’s entirely possible that you can follow the beat of a different drum this season without having to feel cornered like you’re the last human alive in what seems to be a Zombie Christmas Apocalypse.


Taurus- Don’t let your Holiday expectations make you cynical when you realize that all the Christmas lights shining on every street are not necessarily radiating the spirit of giving and brotherhood that you would like to see, especially with Mercury in idealistic Sagittarius squaring illusory Neptune in your House of Fondest Hopes and Dreams. Twice during the week the Moon will align with solid Saturn as the Lunar sphere passes through your Houses of Creativity and Relationships, meaning that if you’re willing to embody the true spirit of giving and compassion then Christmas for you and yours should be just fine. As the year comes to a close Venus in your Houses of Relationships will align with Pluto in your House of Long Distance Affairs, meaning that perhaps you should plan a trip to bring in the New Year with someone special who is currently not within hugging distance and wouldn’t mind some unexpected company?


Gemini- If you feel like you need to assist Santa in the overwhelming task of making everyone happy and satisfied this Holiday Season, then you may be setting yourself up for utter exhaustion or a nervous breakdown. Take care of yourself and approach the weeks festivities with a relaxed and unassuming attitude and you may be surprised that you can actually have fun without everything needing to be perfect. This is especially true at work where you might have the responsibility for the Office party thrust upon you by someone who likes to talk the talk but rarely walks the walk. In regards to any ideas you may discuss with this individual, don’t feel you have to pick up their slack when they flake out. After all, they’ll get the coal in their stocking not you.


Cancer- Pay careful attention this week not to take on the feelings of others, especially if they’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves and trying to pretend they’re more sensitive and deep than anyone else simply because they’re willing to act like such drama queens. The waters within you run as still and deep as it comes, so there’s no reason for you to be guilty if you don’t feel the need to perform your feelings for the peanut gallery. Your love has been fully known and felt by everyone who has ever been close to you in your entire life. Therefore, just make sure to stay present in the moment and pay attention to what others truly need and not necessarily what they would like to advertise to camouflage their own guilt.


Leo- As a fixed sign there is always the possibility that you can get stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of, just make sure wherever that space in time is it doesn’t inadvertently ruin someone else’s Christmas because they’re not strolling down the same memory lane as you. The theme of the season is supposed to be sharing and brotherhood. Being tolerant of how someone else wishes to experience their holiday is just as important (if not more so) than singing the correct carols, serving the correct food, or giving the correct gifts. As Venus passes through your House of Family take the time to pay attention to someone you have gotten comfortable ignoring. Maybe there are things you could have blamed them for in the past, but you’re to blame now if you can’t let shit go.


Virgo- Make sure to pay careful attention to your communications with a loved one, for with Mercury transiting your House of Home and squaring Neptune in your House of Relationships, misunderstandings are quite possible and could end up creating needless tension around a holiday gathering. As Felix in “The Odd Couple” once said, “when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.’ Now with that in mind, Pluto passing through your House of Creativity and aligning with Venus in your House of Communication later in the week would indicate that speaking your mind clearly and directly could open up some unexpected doors to some new and exciting possibilities, that is, if your willing to speak your truth without having to be asked.


Libra- Don’t underestimate the need to ignore an asshole this week. When we buy into someone else’s drama we become a character in search of an author and as such set ourselves up as minions to fate. Mercury in your House of Thinking being squared by Neptune will likely be a misplaced self-righteousness that will have you taking the bait that sets the trap (e.g.) someone needs to put this individual in their place….really? Wrong! Their stupidity, hatefulness, and obnoxiousness have nothing to do with you unless you engage. Venus in your House of Self Worth aligning with Pluto at the Foundation of your chart represents the chance to liberate yourself from being part of another’s onanistic orgy of ego so that you can instead create your own world from the inside out. Admittedly this all sounds very philosophical, but you need to work this shit out in order to create a true reality for yourself.


Scorpio- As Venus crosses through your First House this week you may be drawn to foolish extravagances, which will likely be compounded by the fact that Mercury in your House of Self Worth is squaring Neptune in your House of Creativity and making you believe all that glitters is gold. Jupiter in your House of Self Worth will also contribute to this nonsense, though a word to the wise, don’t mistake what you have for what you are. Pluto transiting your House of Communication will be aligning with Venus later in the week so that something you might not be able to afford at this time may just be the necessary comeuppance for you to realize what is of true value in this virtual life of illusion you have inadvertently fallen into.


Sagittarius- The Holiday Season could be particularly trying for you this year as you attempt to keep your head above water in a churning sea of other people’s illusions, fantasies, prejudices, and general bullshit. Mercury and Jupiter in your sign should keep you fairly personable, however, Neptune in your home and family area could make you particularly susceptible to the classic manipulations that your loved ones have used on you before, like guilt, guilt, and, oh yeah, guilt. Venus behind the scenes is a virtual guarantee you’re not the one who’ll get coal in your stocking, yet it’s not about keeping score, instead experiment with ignoring and avoiding altogether whoever you don’t want to be with this season. They’ve got no trouble pointing out where you’re lacking, so feel just as empowered to tell them you’re not available.


Capricorn- As the Holidays rapidly approach having Mercury and Jupiter behind the scenes would indicate that you are actually feeling the spirit this season, on the other hand, with Neptune in your House of Communications you need to be careful who you get festive with. Stay away from scrooges who will make you feel sappy and sentimental, as well as tacky Christmas freaks who wear reindeer horns everywhere and think that the North Pole and Las Vegas are connected through the same garish, fluorescent wormhole. Take your lead from a reserved Venus in Scorpio as she transits your House of Groups and aligns nicely with a very serious Pluto in your sign. Stay behind the scenes, keep your shit on the down low, and plan your celebrations around a few trusted friends and family who won’t necessarily make you watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” but will instead want to quietly celebrate one with you.


Aquarius- Either you’re a total Scrooge who thinks Christmas is for the intellectually inferior, or else you’re the one who dresses up like Santa and “Ho ho ho’s” everyone like a righteous preacher at a fundamentalist revival. Either way the true spirit of the season would require that you back off both stances and instead maybe volunteer with the homeless or drive a truck to deliver toys for tots. Venus is in your House of Public Image as well as the reserved sign of Scorpio, and as she aligns with Pluto behind the scenes, try and make this holiday season about humanity and charity rather than an agenda of any sort……there’ll be plenty of time next year to grind whatever ax you hope to slay the world with. “Be of good cheer.”


Pisces- You may be feeling especially vulnerable this holiday season with Neptune in your sign being squared by a gregarious (and often insensitive) Mercury in Sagittarius. As a result you may find yourself exhausted by the demands of friends and relatives as they each compete with one another to be the ultimate Christmas Warrior. A subdued Venus in your House of Philosophy and the discreet sign of Scorpio will likely motivate you to remain behind the scenes with those who are also feeling a little shell shocked by the twinkling commercial holocaust of gift giving and excessive spending. Be sure to take some time and review how the year went for you. If there was more love and friendship than not, then make sure you’re with those particular people. And if there was someone who was there at the times when no one else was, make sure you rendezvous with them underneath the mistletoe.

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