Mr. Saturn’s Stars #63 Weekly Horoscopes for 12/3-12/9, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 12/3-12/9, 2018


Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.


Aries- The Lunar Arc will begin the week in your House of Transformation and the sign of Scorpio, likely making you both ambitious and a little insecure at the same time. The New Moon will occur in your House of Philosophy, where it will square Mars behind the scenes in flakey Pisces, meaning your doubts could get the best of you for a time, although when the Moon finishes up the week in your House of Career all should be well again as she first conjuncts Saturn and then Pluto, assuring that all your hard work that was originally motivated by fear will ultimately pay off. Just try not to make it a habit to use such negative re-enforcement to get things done.


Taurus- You don’t like change, but if you can manage to go with the flow this week you might discover that evolution is your friend. Mars and Neptune transiting together through your House of Groups could bring worries and/or conflicts in regards to your role in a project, especially if you let the New Moon and expansive Jupiter in your House of Transformation convince you that things are against you. Venus entering your House of Relationships and moving closer to Saturn in your House of Philosophy should provide a stabilizing influence, so take a deep breath and try to realize that if you don’t fear the process then there’s no reason to fear the outcome.


Gemini- Trust may be a big issue for you this week as Mars and Neptune together in your House of Public Image move into position to square the New Moon in your House of Partnerships. In addition, Mercury stationing and then inconjuncting Uranus retrograde may make you feel that someone is about to betray you, however, rather than going into fight or flight mode, instead take stock of where you may be vulnerable and batten down the hatches. Slow moving Saturn and Pluto have been transiting your House of Transformation for some time, so the writing has been on the wall for a while that a shake-up was inevitable. Realize that your old defense mechanisms aren’t going to work so well anymore so don’t revert to them.  As Mr. Nietzsche used to say, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”


Cancer- There could be either a melodrama or a farce this week at work, so try to remain in the audience if at all possible, that way you can stay safe and be entertained at the same time. On the other hand, Neptune and Mars together in your House of Philosophy squaring the New Moon in your House of Routines could have you feeling quite depressed watching the nonsense that goes on between people, especially since it’s making you realize that the environment you’re currently in is not one in which you can thrive. As Venus enters your House of Creativity and moves into alignment with Saturn in your House of Partnerships, use this time you have now on the sidelines to explore what may be going on at other venues. Maybe you can find something this season at the North Pole; that’s always a happy place to work.


Leo- Saturn and Pluto passing through your House of Work for the next little while would indicate that for your overall well being it is important for you to be doing something that is both challenging and transformative, as opposed to just anything that can provide a paycheck. If you don’t believe me then Mars and Neptune together in your House of Transformation squaring the New Moon in your House of Creativity should provide the necessary kick in the ass to convince you. I mean haven’t you noticed that the only time you don’t feel either tired or hopeless is when you’re not wasting your time and energy doing something that has absolutely no meaning for you? This weeks Lunar Arc is all about you confronting your creative frustration for what it is and not just wasting it by letting off steam on the weekends, that is, if you’re willing to admit, “You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore!”


Virgo- This weeks Lunar Arc will begin in your House of Communication, so if there is anything that needs to be said to someone close to you try not to avoid that discussion. When the New Moon hits in your House of Home and Family and squares both Neptune and Mars in your House of Relationships, don’t let someone else’s negativity or hopelessness become yours. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity will help you to turn lemons into lemonade if you can draw the necessary boundaries between you and a loved one who has, shall we say, some control issues. Recognize the fear that’s underneath their need to dominate and then remind yourself that you’re not afraid. Be “Your own personal Jesus, Someone to hear your prayers, Someone who cares.” After all, that’s what Love is, right?


Libra- Saturn and Pluto at the bottom of your chart have been shaking things up for a while like they are your own custom made earthquake. There will be even more fireworks this week as the Lunar Arc will begin in your House of Self Worth and then climax in your House of Communication, where it will square both Mars and Neptune in your House of Work and Daily Routines. You can always mange to get righteous about injustices against others, but what about your own injustices against yourself? Don’t look so confused. If you consider all the doubts you’re harboring in that overactive imagination of yours about where your life is going, what do you think that represents, except an injustice against yourself? Face it, an unknown future is what forces you to get to know yourself. The time has come Libra to look in the mirror and see your dreams looking back at you, not just your blemishes.


Scorpio- If you’ve been depressed as of late because you can’t figure out what to do with your life, then this week will either make a light bulb go off over your head or else bring a little raincloud to follow you around just like in the cartoons. The Moon beginning the week in your sign will activate your desire to know and attain, although when the New Moon occurs in your House of Self Worth and squares both Mars and Neptune in your House of Creativity, you could get mighty depressed if you don’t have anything to show for all your wanting. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Thinking are about revolutionizing your perspective first and then your surrounding world, so give yourself a break and stop with all the self-recrimination and judgment.  The Poet Rumi used the metaphor of wine all the time in his work, that’s because people are like making fine wine and that takes time; Don’t worry, your vintage is coming.


Sagittarius- Mercury stationing in your House of Confinement and inconjuncting Uranus retrograde in your House of Creativity should have you feeling all wonky and trembling inside, like the first shudders under the ocean that eventually turn into a Tsunami hundreds of miles away. Instead of miles though let’s think in terms of time, meaning how long will it take before that wave hits to transform your world and wash away all your sadness? The New Moon this week will be in your sign and when it squares both Mars and Neptune in your House of Home and Foundations you may start to realize that this metaphorical storm has been building in you for a while and those around you who haven’t been paying attention may just end up becoming the not so innocent victims of a natural disaster; natural in so far as Saturn and Pluto in your House of Self Worth set the alarm for this some time ago……wake up, it’s time to evolve!


Capricorn- Saturn and Pluto in your sign are insuring that you will evolve appropriately, whether that means going nice or kicking and screaming. With the New Moon this week occurring behind the scenes in your House of Confinement and squaring both Mars and Neptune together in your House of Thinking and Communication, be prepared to have to get pissed off before you put your ass in gear and get motivated toward some positive change. Once you get going though it will be beautiful, and with Venus entering into Scorpio and your House of Dreams, you may just end up attracting the sort of supportive partner you need. Oh, I don’t mean a home maker who will take care of everything for you, I‘m thinking more of someone who can moonlight occasionally as a dominatrix and crack that whip on you whenever it’s necessary. Ooh la la.


Aquarius- You pride yourself as being in mastery of your emotions, however, this week everyone may just get to see what a whining little b*tch you can be. The reason for this will likely be the New Moon in your House of Dreams being hidden behind the Sun as it squares the gloom and doom twins, Mars and Neptune, in your House of Self Worth. You had such high hopes and now you are doomed forever! Oh brother, hopefully Saturn and Pluto in hard ass Capricorn behind the scenes will give you all the tough love you need to get back in the saddle and break that mustang! Sorry for being so heavy on the metaphors, but if you can play it close to the vest this week Venus entering into the sign of Scorpio and your House of Career could bring you just the opportunity you’ve been looking for from someone who needs a real tough cookie not a cream puff.


Pisces- How much does it cost when all you want is everything? The New Moon this week will be in your House of Career and as it squares both Mars and Neptune in your sign be prepared for a shut down if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to get yourself ahead, especially if what you’ve been donating most of your time to doesn’t pay the bills. Saturn and Pluto together in your House of Dreams will be pushing forth a conservative agenda at this time, meaning that “There is a time to every purpose under heaven”; in other words, all play and no work makes jack a poor boy, so get down to some of that dull stuff you’ve been neglecting…….it’s important too!

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