Mr. Saturn’s Stars #62 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/26-12/2, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/26-12/2, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. Thanksgiving is now in the books, which means Christmas is rapidly approaching. To quote our faithful Shih Tzu , Tinkerbell, “Fa-la-la-la-la……la-la….la……….


 Aries- With the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury retrograde all traveling through your House of Philosophy and squaring Mars in Pisces behind the scenes, you may find yourself feeling a lot more introspective than usual. As the Lunar Arc progresses through your Houses of Family, Creativity, Work, and Relationships you may also find yourself inordinately concerned with bigger issues than you might usually consider, such as, “why am I here,” or “what is the ultimate meaning of my life?” With Uranus retrograde in your sign moving into an inconjunct with Mercury retrograde later in the week, you could be feeling alienated by the frivolousness you perceive in those around you. If that’s the case, then consider going on a retreat or taking a meditation class; heed that inner call.


Taurus- Mercury retrograde in your House of Relationships is in an esoteric alignment with Uranus retrograde in your House of Confinement, which could mean that you’re suddenly and unexplainably starting to feel trapped in a situation that, up until now, you’ve always thought was okay. The Sun and Jupiter in your House of Transformation could in turn have you feeling a need to escape whatever this scenario may be, especially as they both square Mars in your House of Dreams. Of course this is all probably an illusion and quite likely you’re exactly where you belong, although on the other hand there might also be a grain of truth in what you’re feeling. With that in mind, if you have an unexpected itch this week, allow yourself to scratch it so you’ll know for sure what the truth is.


Gemini- How much do you care what others think of you? As the Sun and Jupiter pass through your House of Relationships and square Mars in your House of Public Image, you could find yourself worrying a bit more than usual about how you measure up in the judgment game out there in the arena of life.  With that in mind, be careful that you don’t end up getting ju-jitsued by your own guilt, as Saturn and Pluto in dutiful Capricorn oppose the Moon passing through your House of Self Worth, making you more susceptible than usual to criticism. A word to the wise, don’t let a boss or competitor get into your head or you could end up losing sight of who you really are in the fun house of mirrors they’re projecting on you.


Cancer- This could be a week where challenges arise on the job that will seem to test your patience, although perhaps what’s really being tested is your philosophy of life. For whatever reason, you’re the one who’s been chosen to battle the dragon or soothe the resident crazy person at work and how you go about it will determine not only how the situation gets rectified, but also how you will finally end up turning a corner and leaving guilt, frustration, and a lack of confidence behind. How is all that possible, you ask? These s.o.b’s are out to get me, for sure! It is certainly true that your adversaries may not like you, but if you let Venus at your Foundation kill ‘em with kindness and Uranus in your House of Career show them what crazy like a fox is all about, then it won’t matter if they like you or not, they will respect you and that will have it’s own rewards.


Leo- When the Moon passes through your sign this week it will align beautifully with both the Sun and Jupiter in your House of Creativity, likely giving you the necessary inspiration to deal with a particularly recalcitrant person who would seem to have you where the hairs are short. Things could be tense, but Saturn aligning with Mars in your House of Transformation should give you the chutzpah and the moxie to be able to skin a skunk and still walk away smelling like a rose. The element of surprise (as well as intelligence) will also be on your side, as Uranus retrograde opposes Venus in charming Libra and you demonstrate a complete and total mastery of Zen and the Art of getting what you need. Be prepared for the future to look so bright you may need shades.


Virgo- As Mars passes through your House of Relationships to square both the Sun and Jupiter in your Home Area, things could get a little heated with a partner and/or a family member. Because all of the above planets will be in mutable signs (Pisces and Sag) any conflicts that arise will most likely blow over as quickly as they appeared. The trick of it all will be not to buy into the agenda of someone you know is a con artist (even if you love them) and with Saturn in your House of Creativity aligning nicely with Mars, you should be able to speak softly and manage this situation quite well as long as you’re carrying the big stick of reality where everyone can see it.


Libra- Charming Venus transiting through your sign is the perfect cover for you right now, but only as long as the snarky rebelliousness you’re really feeling gets directed into the proper channels. I say this because with Jupiter and the Sun in your House of Communication squaring Mars in the mutable sign of Pisces, you are no doubt feeling your oats. A bad place to direct the sort of verbal harangue these placements might indicate would be toward a fool (or God forbid, a boss) you just can’t suffer any longer, a better place would be into a creative project where righteous indignation and vitriol can pass as humor. Pick your poison correctly and you may just live to kvetch another day.


Scorpio- The Sun and Jupiter in your House of Self Worth squaring Mars in your House of Creativity may make you seem possessed this week as you try to figure out a solution for an unexpected problem at work. You’re the perfect person to work on this because you’re the only one who gives a shit, which doesn’t bother you as long as it gets you away from all the dorks you work with. Just be careful not to get lost in this as a life and death challenge; after all you could call a repairman, this isn’t “Heart of Darkness.” With that said, Saturn in your House of Ideas will be aligning nicely with Mars so you very well could carry the day and get some good brownie points with the boss as well. Go ahead, flaunt that “Yankee Ingenuity.”


Sagittarius- This week could mark a turning point for you if you can manage not to let a long time nemesis rain on your parade yet again. The Sun and Jupiter in your sign is putting more than a little pep in your step, although with Mars transiting through your House of Family such enthusiasm is exactly the kind of motivation a stick in the mud would need to mess with you by spreading their prophecies of gloom and doom. The good news is that with Saturn in your House of Self Worth managing Mars like a cowboy herding mustangs, for once you may not be de-railed by this person but will instead either laugh at them or (more likely) feel sorry for the miserable, pathetic s.o.b. they are. After all, what kind of person can only feel joy if they make someone else feel bad? Really.


Capricorn- Saturn and Pluto in your sign are likely making you feel responsible, duty bound, guilty, and probably even trapped right now, however, don’t fret, the Sun and Jupiter are rallying the crowd behind the scenes, although with Mars in your House of Local Routines squaring that crowd, you’ll probably have to settle for a quiet glass of wine after work rather than a real vacation or anything special. Venus in your House of Public Image will help you to keep up appearances despite your bad mood, while Uranus at the bottom of your chart will inspire you to turn that quiet glass of wine into a bottle (or two) behind closed doors. Just make sure you dump the empties after dark so the neighbors don’t catch on.


Aquarius- Even with the Sun and Jupiter transiting your House of Dreams and causing you to pretend you’re unstoppable, the reality is that Mars in your House of Self Worth is literally frightening you to death, which is not necessarily a bad thing if the motivation of fight or flight turns into you getting what you want. Venus in your House of Philosophy opposing Uranus retrograde in your House of Thinking is causing a confrontation between the optimist and pessimist within you, while Mercury retrograde backing up into your House of Career is helping you to realize that the light you’re hoping for at the end of the tunnel will only be arrived at by passing through the darkness first.  As a poet once wrote, “Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


Pisces- The Sun and Jupiter in your House of Career has you looking toward the mountaintop, while Mars in your sign is presenting you with the immediate challenge of how to begin the journey. Saturn in your House of Groups would suggest you reach out for some help from someone with more experience, perhaps an individual who has already climbed their own Matterhorn. Venus passing through your House of Transformation and Shared Resources would clearly re-iterate this partnership theme, while Uranus retrograde in your House of Self Worth would suggest not having too many expectations of what you need to learn until you actually learn it.

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