Mr. Saturn’s Stars #60 Weekly Horoscopes for 11/12-11/18, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/12-11/18, 2018


Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars. This week we have election recounts in both Florida and Arizona, a new henchman, uh, I mean acting Attorney General, for Mr. Rump, more senseless gun violence by a mad man, and Mercury will be going retrograde……oh well, as the saying goes, S.N.A.F.U


Aries- As Mercury slows down this week in advance of going retrograde, it will square Neptune in your House of Confinement, bringing up the whole notion of who’s in control of your life. Of course you’d like to think you’re in charge of what’s going on, but if you take a moment to listen to Jupiter in your House of Philosophy as it squares Mars behind the scenes, you might just start to realize how much you give your power away by reacting to certain provocations you’d do better to ignore. Uranus retrograde has backed up into your sign and as it approaches an opposition to Venus going station/direct, try not to get so frustrated with any delays that are going on with a long term project you’re involved with; someone might begin to think you have no confidence.


Taurus- With Mercury and Jupiter in your House of Transformation you’ll likely be chomping at the bit to introduce some form of change into your life now, however, with Neptune and Mars in Pisces squaring Mercury and Jupiter respectively, don’t try to push matters any faster than circumstances will permit. Allowing yourself to become overly impatient could find you having to retrace some steps after having impetuously jumped forward before the time was right. Uranus retrograde is moving backward into your House of Confinement, and as it opposes Venus standing still in your House of Routines, expected the unexpected in regards to delays and annoying misunderstandings. Remember, if you can keep your cool and go with the flow, next week could see you in the driver’s seat when Mars aligns with Venus and a very special helper could come into your life.


Gemini- You might want to rethink how others see you this week as both Neptune and Mars in your House of Public Image square both Mercury retrograde and Jupiter in your House of Partnerships. Being too suspicious could find you biting off your nose to spite your face, although being too nice could find you being a doormat for someone you should be riding roughshod over. Uranus going retrograde back into your House of Groups will make it hard for you to see anyone else’s opinion as being anything more than veiled criticism, although as Venus comes to a standstill in your House of Creativity try to be patient; time is on your side as long as you’re not in a rush. Let a situation at work jell for a bit, there’ll be plenty of time next week to make up for taking it slow now.


Cancer- Neptune and Mars in your House of Philosophy later in the week could have you feeling very pessimistic, especially with Mercury going retrograde in your House of Work just as Jupiter squares Mars and makes you painfully aware that you’re spinning your wheels in a dead end situation at work. Uranus moving backwards into your House of Career and opposing Venus standing still in you House of Foundations could be just the inspiration you need in this seemingly hopeless situation to say, “**ck it,” and take a risk on something new, after all, if not now, when, and if not here, where? Next week as Mars and Venus align you may just find yourself transformed into a fount of ideas instead of the dry well you see yourself as now.


Leo- Reminiscing about better days could be either a subconscious strategy for remaining in your comfort zone, or a conscious one to get your ass in gear and do something different to kick-start yourself into a more auspicious future. It’s up to you. Jupiter in your House of Creativity and Mars in your House of Transformation should provide all the torque you need to get things moving, especially if you’re willing to react to the provocations of Uranus retrograde entering your House of Philosophy and take a new perspective on what is more important in your life now, comfort or meaning? It’s not a trick question, just one that you need to be honest with yourself about. Neptune in your House of Transformation squaring Mercury going station/retrograde in your House of Creativity could give you either deep insights or facile explanations about your current state of affairs; you’ll know which is which by how good or bad you feel after making a choice.


Virgo- Frustrations on the home front may be more about a subconscious desire for freedom rather than a need to renovate anything or move somewhere else. Think of your living space as a metaphor of yourself, you can remain trapped in your habits and comfort zone or else you could reach out and embrace something off the beaten path of your usual routine. Saturn in your House of Creativity could be either a restrictive or an organizing influence in this situation, but as Uranus backs up into your House of Transformation to oppose Venus in your House of Self Worth you’ll never know for sure what inscrutable Saturn is thinking unless you are willing to risk trying something different than your same old same old.


Libra- As Venus comes to a standstill this week in your sign, you could be feeling vulnerable and hence are surprised by a response you get from someone regarding something you’ve created. There’s no accounting for taste and opinions are like noses, everybody has one, yet you should ask yourself why you feel so naked whenever someone reacts to something you’ve put out there? It may be time to realize just how low an opinion you have of yourself if someone liking something you’ve done is such a surprise or, if any level of criticism at all makes you feel like you’re being told you’re a failure. Creating anything brings responsibilities, meaning that mistakes are inevitable and success is impossible unless we are willing to accept what it takes to make something better and then act accordingly.


Scorpio- Your intensity is usually what puts others on their heels, although with intellectual Mercury and Jupiter in your House of Self Worth squaring both Mars and Neptune in your House of Romance, you could be the one now who is a total “Fool for Love.” This will no doubt be exacerbated by Venus standing still behind the scenes as impetuous Uranus retrograde freezes her like a deer in the headlights as he moves in and out of your your House of Relationships. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Communication will also likely find you tongue tied as well, but don’t worry, your goofiness will make you eminently approachable so sit back and enjoy being swept off your feet by a prince or princess charming.


Sagittarius- Now that Jupiter has returned home to your sign you should feel inspired to move beyond any obstacles that may have been holding you back. Later in the week as Mars pulls into your House of Family and Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, be prepared for squabbles big and small. A word to the wise though, don’t be so willing to engage individuals who’ve annoyed you in the past, use the transcendental qualities of Jupiter to ignore these people like they were in another universe (which essentially they are if you don’t live on planet ridiculous). If you have a message to get out there or even a presentation to make, a trine at the end of the week between Venus and Mars in your Houses of Groups and Communications respectively should give you the necessary charisma and gift of gab to make you an unqualified success……cheers!


Capricorn- Mercury going station/retrograde behind the scenes and squaring Neptune in your House of Communications could end up making your interactions with people this week quite confusing. You may have trouble remembering what you’ve either said or heard and with the Sun squaring Mars in your House of Self Worth you’ll also be more than likely to think that the other person is needlessly being a jerk about it, which could very well be the case, however, if you hope to get anything done just make sure that your frustration doesn’t get the best of you.With Venus retrograde transiting Libra and your House of Public Image you’ll probably have the necessary charm to get through any misunderstandings, but only if you can keep quiet and try not to take anyone too seriously (including yourself).


Aquarius- It will be very easy this week to put your foot in your mouth, so if you’re not the featured speaker at a contortionist’s convention make sure you watch what you say. Mercury will be going retrograde in your House of Groups and as it squares Neptune in your House of Self Worth make sure you keep your ego in check as well, especially with Uranus retrograde backing up into your House of Communication to oppose Venus retrograde in your House of Philosophy; you’re not right no matter what, so don’t force someone to have to tell you that. As both Saturn and Pluto get closer to each other behind the scenes you could end up being penalized in unexpected ways for breaking protocol, so try to play nice with the other children, even if you’re convinced you are the only one who knows what’s going on……Not!!!


Pisces- As Mars enters your sign this week with Neptune already there, don’t be surprised if you start to feel like you’re driving a car in the fog and getting nowhere. Mercury going station/retrograde in your House of Career and squaring Neptune will likely make this feeling that you’re accomplishing nothing even worse, just as Jupiter squaring Mars will make you want to go even faster. And if that isn’t enough, Uranus retrograde will be backing up into your House of Self Worth to oppose Venus retrograde in your House of Transformation, which could be translated as, “be careful and don’t assume anything”…..Like Felix in the Odd Couple once said, when you assume you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” Consider this observation carefully before you try to push anything forward this week.

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