Mr. Saturn’s Stars #58 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/29-11/4, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/29-11/4, 2018


Hi kids!!! I missed you last week because of a family function I had to attend, but I’m back now so let’s get on with this week’s version of Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

First though I would like to point out that Halloween is coming up, and while many of us are looking forward to festivities and parades, it is also a time when we need to acknowledge the spirits of our ancestors and those who have come before us. This week in particular we should all pray (in whatever way you choose) for the recent victims of the horrible massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh as they join countless others beyond that mysterious veil which separates life and death.


Aries- With 4 major planets in your House of Transformation squaring Mars in your House of Groups and opposing Uranus retrograde in your House of Self Worth, this could be quite an evolutionary week for you as you struggle with how the world see’s you in contrast to how you see yourself. Venus retrograde opposing Uranus retrograde will make it easy for you to fall into old patterns and seek approval rather than acknowledging how you really feel in the moment, while at the same time Saturn in your House of Public Image will activate your sense of responsibility (and guilt) as you find yourself in the paradoxical position of doing well yet being unhappy at the same time. This may be a week of two steps forward, one step back, so try your best to roll with it.


Taurus- Most of this week’s action will be in your House of Relationships as 4 major planets there oppose Uranus retrograde in your sign, making it seem as though everyone has an agenda regarding what they need from you while at the same time you’re not feeling cooperative in the least. Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto trending in your House of Philosophy are causing you to think more radically than you ever have before, which could be good for some situations in your life, bad for others, and uncomfortable for everyone around you who thinks they can influence you to do what they want. This is a challenging time for you as you both initiate and react to circumstances that are all outside your legendary Taurus comfort zone……As Grace Slick said at sunrise on the second day at Woodstock, “Now it’s time for morning maniac music, it’s a new dawn, yeah!”


Gemini- Challenges, power struggles, personality conflicts, and the like will all make you wonder why you’re still at your current job as 4 major planets march through your House of Work and oppose Uranus retrograde in your House of Confinement. Mars in your House of Philosophy will also be squaring those working planets, which could make you act rashly out of frustration, however, before you burn any bridges first make sure that you can afford to. If not, then let Saturn and Pluto in your House of Transformation help you start making some new plans for a future transition that will allow you to jump ship on your own terms, rather than getting down in the mud with a gaggle of idiots who will likely shoot each other in the foot sooner or later with or without your involvement.


Cancer- Your deepest inventive urges are being stirred now as 4 major planets transit your House of Creativity to oppose Uranus in your House of Dreams and square Mars in your House of Transformation. This isn’t a situation of “oh, it might be nice to try something different,” but rather more like, “if I don’t do something right now to change my life I’m going to kill myself!” Now this may sound a bit melodramatic, but with Saturn and Pluto in your House of Relationships aligning with Neptune in your House of Philosophy, you are no longer the same person you once were and as long as others keep seeing the old you the more you’re going to feel disrespected and useless. Stop thinking what you’d like to try and start making some moves; you’ll be surprised at how potent a little desperation can be.


Leo- Past a certain point of complaining you can no longer claim to be a victim of circumstances, instead you have to be willing to admit that you’re either going to accept the situation you’re in or else do something about it. With 4 major planets transiting across the lowest point in your chart and angling harshly with both Mars and Uranus, it’s either you risk initiating a change now or internally self-combust from an unwillingness to do anything about your frustration; pick your poison. Saturn and Pluto transiting through your House of Work have been writing revolutionary rhetoric on the wall for a while now, so what are you waiting for? From those who are capable, much is expected, and right now it’s up to you to decide just how capable you’re willing to be.


Virgo- Any difficulties that arise on the job now are not designed to stop you, but rather to make you stronger. Saturn and Pluto in your House of Creativity represent your instincts, as you either fight or run in the face of a stellium of planets in your House of Communication squaring Mars in your House of Work. If you’re the one who’s there when the poo hits the fan then you’ve met your destiny and it’s time to dance in the moonlight with your fears and trepidations. If you ever hope to be the boss (of others, or even just yourself) then you must be able to negotiate the difficult situations that everyone else either avoids or fails in the face of. As the Sun moves into alignment with Neptune, be willing to accept your own vulnerability, it’s the only way to discover just how strong you are.


Libra- 4 planets in your House of Self Worth squaring Mars in your House of Creativity would suggest that you are ready now for any challenges that come your way. Uranus in your House of Transformation aligning with Saturn at the lowest point in your chart would also suggest that you’re ready for a rebirth of sorts in regards to a current dream that may have stalled as of late. As the Lunar Arc begins this week it will be passing through your House of Career and aligning with both Jupiter and Mercury in your House of Self Worth, so be prepared to either initiate a push forward or perhaps engage in pushing back if your confidence is challenged. It’s not whether or not you’re good enough to succeed, it’s rather about believing that you are worthy to compete with anyone.


Scorpio- You are the sign that rules death and transformation and with 4 major planets currently passing through your domain and squaring Mars at the bottom of your chart, you are essentially the proverbial snake shedding its skin as you discover your potential amidst changing circumstances both at home and at work. Saturn and Pluto are reinforcing this idea of change as they pass through your House of Thinking and you find yourself curiously detached from what you always thought were normal ways of looking at the world. The Lunar Arc this week will begin in your House of Philosophy and end in your House of Confinement, so take the time to reflect on how you arrived at wherever it is you’re now approaching life from.


Sagittarius- With 4 major planets in your House of Secrets and Confinement, it’s likely that your inner life is a lot more dynamic now than any external circumstances that you are currently experiencing.  That’s not to say though that your frustration level isn’t going through the roof. Mercury and Jupiter behind the scenes will probably have you playing various scenarios over and over in your head, while a harsh angle to Mars in your House of Communications will make expressing any of this very difficult. Neptune in your House of Foundations aligning with the Sun could represent either a deeper understanding that could unfold from all this contemplation, or else it could be a sense of being thoroughly misunderstood. Either way this should prove to be a confusing week.


Capricorn- Your control issues could move front and center this week as 4 major planets in your House of Groups and Dreams are all in harsh alignment with Mars in your House of Self Worth. You’re feeling that you’ve waited long enough for whatever it is you’re after and you don’t want to hear any crap about it. “Show me the money!” will be your battle cry (Or something to that effect). Uranus retrograde in your House of Creativity aligning with Saturn in your sign could see some unexpected support coming from someone you used to know, so if what you remember of this person recalls happy times then let yourself feel lighter and stop obsessing over what you don’t have yet…(and the operative word here is “yet”, get it?).


Aquarius- As Mars plows ahead through your sign and squares 4 major planets in your House of Career, you’ll be feeling especially ambitious, however, try to pay close attention to what you’re actually feeling. Do you want to succeed out of a healthy sense of competition and/or a natural need for self-expression, or is your desire for success instead coming from a deeper, darker place…like not feeling good enough or believing you don’t deserve love without having to do something for it? Uranus in your House of Foundations aligning with Saturn behind the scenes is bringing this darkness out of you for a reason, so be willing to explore the psychology behind your hopes and dreams in order to make sure they’re bringing you to a better place.


Pisces- As Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in your House of Philosophy and squares Mars behind the scenes, you will have a burning desire to confront the unknown, and that could mean anything from a subject you’ve always been curious about to the darker mysteries of the universe. With Saturn aligning with Uranus in your House of Ideas and Communication, you could find yourself deciding to pursue a course of study that may be unusual or arcane in some way; follow this urge and a whole new world of excitement and adventure could open up for you. “Existence is all that can be known, but it is not all that is real.”

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