Mr. Saturn’s Stars #57 Weekly Horoscopes for 10/15-10/21, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 10/15-10/21, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Welcome back to Mr. Saturn’s Stars.

“Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction is a resting place and doubt is infinite……”

-John Patrick Shanley, “Doubt”


Aries- You might need to let off some steam this week as Mercury and Venus embrace in your House of Transformation and Intimacy, just pay attention to who your audience is during any confessions or cuddles because in the wrong company loose lips won’t just sink ships, they may end up swallowing a career or friendship as well. As Mars moves into a square with blunt Mercury in Scorpio, be aware that your actions will have consequences, which could include anything from being chastised to getting punched in the nose….so be careful. The Lunar Arc for the week will be moving from your Public Area to behind the scenes, so be discreet and you may just be able to slip in that back door leading to profit and satisfaction…..enjoy!


Taurus- If you are currently in a serious professional or intimate relationship it is important that you be willing to speak the truth to your partner at this time. Try to be ahead of the curve if you see the writing on the wall, as Uranus is retrograde in your sign and you don’t want to be surprised by something you could very well have headed off at the pass. Mars transiting through your House of Career will have you in front of the Public so make sure your proverbial fly is zipped, especially as the planet of action moves into a square with Mercury in Scorpio and the haters will be working overtime at the gossip mills. The Lunar Arc will be passing from your Mid-heaven through your House of Public Image and into your House of Groups, so take your Mother’s advice and make sure you’ve got clean undies on just in case you get in an accident and the doctors need to undress you.


Gemini- It will be tempting to go off on some dishonest sleaze bag at work, but don’t, even if you’re justified because there could be some unexpected consequences as Mars splits the difference between Neptune and Pluto in your Houses of Public Image and Transformation respectively. Others may not hear the point you’re trying to make about fraud and incompetence, instead they may be put off by your anger and think you’re just being a hard ass. If you can be patient until Mercury gets closer to Pluto later in the week you won’t have to say anything, simply because those two planets are about secrets being revealed and the fool burning your cork has a closet full they’d like to keep under wraps. Smile, you’re on candid camera….


Cancer- Mercury in your House of Creativity will be moving into an alignment with both Neptune in your House of Philosophy and Pluto in your House of Relationships, which could mean you’ll find yourself in a position to be an aesthetic guru of sorts for an upcoming event. Your sense of taste along with your naturally romantic nature will be activated by these transits, so don’t hesitate to throw your two cents in the bucket of ideas relating to how the festivities should proceed. Just make sure you’re sense of charm also shows up, simply because you might inadvertently end up showing someone up without intending to, especially with Mars going through your House of Transformation and making you as forceful and energetic as your ideas are inspired.


Leo- While at times you can be as sensitive as a pussycat, there are also moments when you can seem as awkward and out of place as having a lion in the living room.  With Mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio try to watch your mouth, especially with family, you’re tendency to be blunt now will not earn you any sugar, particularly if you insist on telling people stuff they simply don’t want to hear. Later in the week when Mercury moves into alignment with Pluto you will have your “I told you so moment,” just make sure you don’t actually say that but instead be ready with a solution that will make you seem like you’re psychic (but really you’re just prepared). Everyone will think you’re a genius and you might even end up being proud of yourself as well for not belaboring something that was ultimately inevitable (which you didn’t know then, but you know now).


Virgo- What you say now will likely not be nearly as effective as what you do, so plan your actions wisely. If something either at work or in the professional sphere is annoying you, act for the time being like it’s okay, then, when no is watching, start your investigation. Mercury hooking up with Venus will allow you to keep on the down low and appear to go with the flow, although when Mercury moves on to square Mars and align with Pluto you should have all the dirt you need to bust your move and strike like a ninja. Neptune in your House of Relationships will be in on this Mercury driven stuff as well, so make sure that you’re clear about who’s on your side and who isn’t, that way only the baddies will go down and there won’t be any collateral damage. Oh, one final word, you should be executing this mission because it’s the right thing to do, not because you want to get ahead….just sayin’.


Libra- There is a sense of mystery surrounding you now that could be used to your advantage, just make sure that you don’t get lost in what others ignorantly project on you. Your insights now are quite sharp and you are able to see through the illusions that most people think is reality. You have true talent, but with such abilities also comes great responsibility, keep that in mind and don’t try to pretend you’re something you’re not; what you are is more than enough. Your words carry a lot of weight now so choose them carefully and commit yourself to only promising what you can actually back up. Once again, what you’re bringing to the table is valuable and because it is you can keep things simple and still shine. Mars in your House of Creativity will be like having a reserve tank of gas, so don’t worry if you’re not the first one out of the gate, you will undoubtedly be a strong finisher.


Scorpio- With 3 Major planets now in your sign (Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) and Mars at your Foundation squaring all of them, your world is rocking and rolling like a stormy sea, however, rather than worrying about getting drowned underneath all this momentum why don’t you instead consider surfing this tidal wave to tube city? Uranus retrograde in your House of Relationships has likely brought back some sort of craziness from your past, but with solid Saturn in Capricorn providing ballast and Pluto (your esoteric ruler) helping to transform your thinking, consider any past drama that is coming up now for revue as a rerun you’ve already seen so you know what’s going to happen. Just keep in mind you’re no longer the person you were back then, but an evolved and self- loving person who has worked hard to get there. Repeat after me, “My name is Gladiator……”


Sagittarius- You could possibly be somewhat of a Freudian cocktail now, as Mercury and Venus retrograde in your House of Hidden Things square Mars in your House of Communication. With the addition of restrictive Saturn in your House of Self Worth, try to be aware of any mounting frustrations so you can head them off at the pass, otherwise you may find yourself acting out at the expense of someone you would never think of hurting or, perhaps worse, someone you can’t afford to offend. As Mercury moves further into Scorpio and comes into alignment with Pluto, you will no doubt gain some insight into your recent behavior; let’s just hope you haven’t already forced someone to pass a harsh judgment because of your alter ego.


Capricorn- If you feel you’re ready to speak your truth then undoubtedly you’ll find an audience to appreciate it, right? Not necessarily…. At this time such a simple assumption may turn out to be trickier than you think, especially since Mercury and Venus in your House of Groups will be providing you with an edgy, and perhaps hard to understand charisma. This will be because they will both be squaring Mars in your House of Self Worth, which could end up sending some mixed messages as you find that people seem to be intimidated rather than drawn to you. Later in the week when Mercury aligns with Pluto in your sign and Neptune in your House of Communication, you’ll likely figure out what’s going on and make the necessary adjustments; such as less is more, and approachable, not necessarily approaching, is what folks like.


Aquarius- Two steps forward and one step back is what life probably feels like to you right now, especially with Saturn in your House of Confinement and Mars in your sign making it seem like you’re driving a car with the brake on. In addition, Uranus at the bottom of your chart is rocking the boat while Mercury squaring Mars is making you feel sea sick, ugh!!! But hang in there, as Mercury moves forward and comes into alignment with both Pluto and Neptune, you should be able to find something to calm you down and help you focus; “Om” or “Cheers”, whichever sounds like music to your ears. At that point, the Lunar Arc for the week will be finishing up in your House of Self Worth and you should be feeling mellow as jello and going with the flow.


Pisces- Insights should be coming to you this week like a straight no chaser shot of reality, beginning with the Moon in somber Capricorn embracing Saturn, which will be followed shortly thereafter by blunt Mercury in your House of Philosophy reading the riot act to volatile Mars as he tries to bums rush his way through any obstacles. It won’t be until later in the week when Mercury moves forward to align with Pluto and Neptune in your sign that the gift of insight will dawn on you and you realize the truth behind the old cornball cliché, “things happen for a reason”…….yup, the reason was because you didn’t know any better, but now you do. Namaste.

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