Mr. Saturn’s Stars #42 Weekly Horoscopes for 7/2-7/8, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 7/2-7/8, 2018


 Hi kids!!! With 5 retrograde planets now in the heavens, plus Mercury in ego driven Leo squaring Jupiter and inconjuncting Neptune, get ready for some down and dirty (and unbelievably annoying) bickering this week between Rump and the Congress over trying to railroad a Supreme Court appointment through at the expense of our rights. It reminds me of the Charles Bukowski quote, “Arguing politics is like trying to screw a cat in the ass.” God help us all!!!


Aries- With retrograde planets currently in your Houses of Career, Transformation, Dreams, and Confinement, you are more dependent now on circumstances and what others need to do for you than ever before and it’s driving you crazy! Just make sure you don’t go crazy! This weeks Lunar Arc will be well aligned to Uranus for its duration, which could either be a blessing that will help you find your Zen, or else it could turn out to be a glorious but devastating bonfire as you angrily burn some bridges behind you like an angry Hun. If there is a lesson for you this week it would have to be along the lines of what the Byrds were trying to communicate when they put music to the verse from the Bible that goes, “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.” Amen.


Taurus- You are generally a patient sign, but events this week will likely put even your inherent placidity to the test. The illusion of believing you can control what others do will come up for some major review now as well, as both Mars and Jupiter retrograde challenge Mercury as the Messenger Planet travels through the impetuous sign of Leo assuming his opinions are law, or at least unquestionable. Uranus in your sign aligning with the Lunar Arc all week will have you asking and likely answering your own questions, especially if you don’t like the answers that the people who are causing the problems are trying to pawn off on you. If there is one thing to keep in mind this week it is this;


God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.


Gemini- As a mutable air sign you can always envision the possibilities in any given situation, however, where you are often lacking is in thinking through the specifics and/or considering the feelings of those you expect to help you. With retrograde planets this week in your Houses of Career, Philosophy, Transformation, and Routines, this is not a time to be pushing the envelope no matter how many ants are in your pants making you want to dance! Mercury and Mars are opposing each other on the Leo/Aquarius axis with both in turn at harsh angles to Jupiter retrograde in humorless Scorpio, meaning don’t try to run any bullshit up the flagpole about how you’re so concerned with others welfare, everyone knows you’re trying to blow smoke up their ass and they may just decide to mess with you for spite. A word to the wise, “Tell the truth, it’s the easiest thing to remember.”


Cancer- If you remember the old Popeye cartoons it was usually necessary for him to first get pretty beaten up by Bluto before he would then pull out his spinach and kick some serious butt. As the Sun passes through your sign and trines Neptune in your House of Philosophy and Jupiter in your House of Creativity, the time for taking shit from people along with thinking less of yourself or your ability to change your circumstances is rapidly coming to an end. Even though there are 5 retrograde planets now, the time is nevertheless ripe for strategizing about what you need to do and who you need to be to do it. The Lunar Arc all week will be aligned nicely with Uranus first, then Mars, then Uranus again, so dare to think that you deserve that gold ring you’ve been dreaming of, you might just surprise yourself and end up getting it in the not too distant future.


Leo- With both Mercury and Venus in your sign you can be quite the charmer now, and along with Mars retrograde in your House of Relationships you might just be able to convince a stubborn person in your life to relax and consider trying things your way. A family responsibility may be weighing heavily on you now, so try to share what you’re feeling with a loved one. With the Sun in Cancer behind the scenes aligning with Neptune in your House of Death and Transformation, perhaps your worries for someone close are actually because of your own deep seeded fears and not because anything is really wrong. Saturn retrograde in your House of Work in harmonious aspect to Uranus in your House of Career might just result in an older person on the job taking you under their wing. This could be just the break you need!


Virgo- There are 5 retrograde planets now in your Houses of Work, Relationships, Creativity, and Communications, so the time is ripe to review where you are, who you’re with, where’s it going, and what needs to be fixed? The answers may not be apparent to any of these questions just yet, but they do need to be asked and you do need to be honest with yourself. Neptune retrograde aligning with Jupiter retrograde will help you to be forgiving of yourself and others if things haven’t quite worked out the way you’d hoped, just make sure you’re not blaming yourself for something that might have resulted from someone else’s lack of interest, commitment, tolerance, or whatever. The last thing the world needs is another self-critical Virgin, really! Uranus in your House of Philosophy aligning with Saturn retrograde in your House of Creativity may be about either an older or younger person needing a little guidance from you. Trust that you have what they need and be generous with your time, you could make a big difference in this person’s life.


Libra- A Grand Trine this week between the Sun, Jupiter retrograde and Neptune retrograde in your Houses of Career, Earnings, and Work respectively would seem to be pointing to a resurrection of sorts if things have been slow. Add to this Pluto and Saturn in your House of Symbolic Foundations and Uranus in your House of Transformation and we’re talking about a lucky break, quick turnaround, or perhaps just managing to be in the right place at the right time. Whatever you’ve been working on creatively, Mercury in theatrical Leo opposing Mars retrograde in your House of Creativity could very well suggest you may be on to something that’s a lot bigger than you realize, the caveat though is that it’s not quite the right time yet to show it to the world. In the meantime, make sure to keep plugging away at it so you will be ready when opportunity does come knocking, and it will!


Scorpio- With Jupiter retrograde, the Sun, and Neptune retrograde forming a Grand Trine now you are probably chomping at the bit to move forward in your career, but the Universe is saying, “not so fast,” as Mars retrograde in your House of Foundations engages in a tug of war with Mercury in Leo transiting through your House of Career. Pluto retrograde in your House of Foundations could be the reason some news you’re waiting for is delayed, however, with Uranus in your House of Relationships aspecting Saturn retrograde this communication will probably come when you least expect it and could contain much better news than you had originally hoped for. As the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.”


Sagittarius- The Sun is transiting through your House of Transformation and forming a Grand Water Trine with both Jupiter and Neptune retrograde, which will probably find you feeling a flood of emotions as the health of a loved one could end up taking a turn for the worst. A lot could fall on your shoulders because of this with Uranus in your House of Routines aligning with Saturn retrograde in your House of Self Worth, just don’t try to do everything by yourself if there are other family members in the vicinity who can pitch in. In others words, if you can’t save the world then who will save you if you go down? Mercury in your House of Philosophy could have you searching for answers to a question that may be destined to remain a mystery for the time being, as Mars retrograde in your House of Communication will probably find you leaving messages for someone in power that just won’t be answered.


Capricorn- If you feel an unexpected pinch in a vulnerable place on your body sometime this week, it could be one of Cupid’s arrows finding its mark. The Sun in your House of Relationships is forming a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter retrograde in your House of Friends and Neptune retrograde in your House of Communication, meaning that someone close by (perhaps an associate at work?) could possibly be harboring secret feelings for you and they just might be ready to declare themselves. Uranus in your House of Romance squaring a Mercury/Mars opposition in your Houses of Intimacy and Self Worth respectively will no doubt have you feeling both flattered and embarrassed by the attentions of this new suitor, however, be careful not to let the situation gain any traction if you feel it might end up ruining another scenario that is much more valuable to you. In other words, don’t shit where you eat!


Aquarius- Mars retrograde in your sign opposing Mercury in Leo in your House of Relationships could see you having a serious disagreement this week, either with a loved one or a co-worker. The fact that Uranus is squaring the Mars/Mercury aspect as well as aligning with Saturn retrograde behind the scenes, could also mean that this confrontation really shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, it’s likely based on a power struggle that has been simmering under the surface for a while. With the Sun passing through your House of Work and forming a Grand Water Trine with both Jupiter retrograde in your House of Career and Neptune retrograde in your House of Earnings, you could get quite frustrated about this situation. Just be careful that with Pluto retrograde behind the scenes igniting that Grand Trine that you don’t let the floodgates open and end up expressing all your residual anger over this particular incident at an inopportune moment. In other words, try not to kill a fly with a howitzer over this.


Pisces- Try not to drive yourself crazy this week with attempting to guess what an employer needs just because you’re too shy or scared to ask them. Mars retrograde behind the scenes opposing Mercury in your House of Daily Routines are both being squared by Uranus in your House of Communications, which could indicate that hesitating to speak openly with this person about something you’re not sure about could draw a worse reaction from them because your silence might make them think that you’re trying to conceal something. Don’t risk looking dishonest to avoid being embarrassed; if it’s something they should know let them realize they can trust you by telling them. On the other hand, if your boss has been increasing your responsibilities and not compensating you for your extra work, realize that the price of your embarrassment to ask for a raise will pay back important dividends by letting you know whether or not you’re working for someone you can trust.

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