Mr. Saturn’s Stars #40 Weekly Horoscopes for 6/18-6/24, 2018

Weekly Horoscopes for 6/18-6/24, 2018


 Hi kids!!! Glad to have you back here at Mr. Saturn’s Stars. I hope you enjoyed last weeks Tarot/Haiku Interlude as much as Mrs. Saturn and I enjoyed our vacation.

Now, are you ready to get back to some hardcore horoscopes!!! Yeah? Well then let’s go!!!


 Aries- Pride and appreciation could both be big themes for you this week, which could lead to some tense moments and even some disappointments. Nevertheless, try to understand that the overall lesson here should not revolve around anyone’s ego, but respect. The Sun entering Cancer should make you a little more sensitive than usual and its sextile to Uranus in your House of Self Worth should make you a little more reactionary, and if that weren’t enough, Venus will be opposing Mars with both of them being squared by a Scorpio Moon later in the week, all of which could be a recipe for either big passion or big frustration. By the weekend Mercury at the bottom of your chart will be opposing Pluto at the top, helping you to see the truth and let go of any feelings of anger, resentment, or even jealousy, in favor of healing and forgiveness spurred on by Jupiter retrograde in your House of Transformation working with kind and compassionate Neptune retrograde behind the scenes.


Taurus- Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign, grounded and stable, like an old, tall tree in the forest, but hopefully not like a stick in the mud when the rains of change start pouring down. There will be a fixed Grand Cross for you this week, beginning with rebellious Uranus in your sign opposing a Scorpio Moon in your House of Relationships, which will likely be all about getting your way in a situation no matter what. The second opposition that will complete the cross will be Venus in your House of Foundations and Mars in your House of Public Image, meaning pride won’t be just one of the seven deadly sins for you this week, but possibly all of them (perhaps with a little wrath mixed in). The light at the end of this tunnel vision will likely come over the weekend, when noble Jupiter retrograde trines compassionate Neptune retrograde and the investigative team of both Mercury and Pluto oppose each other to reveal this recent stubbornness on your part not to be the selfishness and ego you’ve been hiding behind, but rather a little bit of fear mixed with a lot of insecurity because, after all, change makes you very uncomfortable.


Gemini- This could be your Wizard of Oz week as a Fixed Grand Cross of Uranus, Mars, Venus, and the Moon combine with a new Cancer Sun in your House of Self Worth to re-enact the famous scene in the movie in which the curtain showing the massive, shouting face of the Wizard is pulled back by Toto to reveal a feeble old man hoping to fool the world into believing he’s something more than he is. What may turn out to be a surprise about all this (just as it was in the film) is that your true identity (just like that of the Wizard) with its modesty and insecurity is actually far more attractive (and inspiring) to those around you than the tougher image you feel a need to project. With Neptune transiting now through your House of Public Image it will be important for you to battle this tendency to hide your vulnerability behind a tough facade, for in actuality it is your natural sensitivity that is probably the most powerful tool you have in the face of your current circumstances.


Cancer- With the Sun entering your sign this week and aligning with Uranus in your House of Dreams and Saturn in your House of Relationships, this is a time when you will need to be appreciated and that must necessarily begin with you. Keeping that in mind, Venus in your house of Self Worth opposing Mars in your House of Transformation would speak to keeping your needs in perspective when others start making excessive demands on both your time and sanity. You pride yourself on being a caretaker so begin by taking care of yourself. Mercury in your sign opposing Pluto in your House of Relationships will add to your natural intuition as it offers insights into the motivations of both those who love you and those who oppose you. In the meantime, Jupiter in your House of Creativity aligning with Neptune in your House of Philosophy will provide a decidedly Magickal aspect to your personality now, which may assist you in finding an esoteric solution to an obstacle that had previously seemed insurmountable. Believe in yourself and tap the heels of those magick slippers together, you didn’t end up with them by accident.


Leo- The activist and/or protector in you could be activated this week, as Mars in your House of Relationships opposes Venus in your sign and Uranus at the top of your chart opposes a Scorpio Moon at the bottom. Both injustice and bullies offend you and with the Sun moving behind the scenes into the super sensitive sign of Cancer, your heartstrings could be seriously tugged at now by either an individual or a group of people who are being victimized by unfortunate circumstances or unscrupulous individuals. Pluto in your House of Work opposing Mercury behind the scenes, along with Jupiter in your Home area aligning with Neptune in your House of Transformation, could contribute to you making discoveries either on the job or involving your family that will put a new spin on the actions of certain people whom you thought you knew, but it turns out you really didn’t. Once you know the facts, make sure to trust your own sense of truth to determine the right way to react.


Virgo- An unexpected problem this week could wind up being an unexpected blessing, it will all depend on your perspective as well as a sense of irony. Mars in your House of Work opposing Venus behind the scenes could find you thrust into a position of leadership on the job, an irony that will not be lost on you considering how much you have avoided playing the politics game at work because you think it’s a bunch of bullshit. The simple fact though is that you are the most qualified person to step in if the shit has hit the fan. Kind of like Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity; he’s the Sargent who really runs the base but when his girl suggests he take the officer’s exam he replies, “But I hate Officers!” All Mr. Saturn has to say is, “get over yourself, be a success!” Mercury in your House of Groups opposing Pluto in your House of Creativity could be of  assistance in your position of newfound responsibility in the form of you coming up with a better way to do whatever it is you’re now in charge of. Top it off with Jupiter and Neptune making everyone love you for it and you’ll see why it was suggested that a sense of irony would be important at this time.


Libra- As the Sun enters your House of Career and aligns with Uranus in your House of Transformation, the time may have finally come for you to get out there and make some noise. This ambitious theme will be reiterated as Mars in your House of Creativity opposes Venus in your House of Groups and Dreams. What you had thought was too personal and of little interest to most people might actually be quite universal. Mercury is also in your House of Career and it is opposing Pluto at the Foundation of your chart, meaning when we are honest with ourselves and what we feel, it will resonate with those of like mind and maybe there are more of them out there than you figured. Meanwhile, Jupiter retrograde in your House of Earnings aligning with Neptune Retrograde in your House of Work could bring back someone from the past that wants to return a favor for something you did but have forgotten about. The tumblers in the universal lock could very well be falling into alignment, so don’t be surprised if some doors start to open.


Scorpio- The story of Oedipus is famous for a reason; it is an archetypal theme of competition and incest that resonates deeply. With Uranus now in your House of Relationships and the Sun entering the sign of Cancer and your House of Philosophy, expect the deeper connections between your parents and you to start to emerge; not as dramatically as the Doors performing “The End,” but intense enough for sure. Mercury is also transiting through your House of Philosophy and as it opposes Pluto in your House of Communication, this could be a good time to start to explore some form of therapy to help you engage with the deeper parts of your nature, so consider perhaps going to a see a conventional therapist or even a legitimate Psychic, Tarot Reader, or Astrologer. Scorpio is the deepest and darkest of the signs, but within those depths are the secrets and realizations that can set you free. With Neptune now retrograde in your House of Creativity aligning with Jupiter retrograde in your sign, this could be the time to let your subconscious out to play; experiment with some automatic writing, meditation, or formal ritual practice, you may be glad you did.


Sagittarius- As the Sun enters into your House of Transformation and aligns with Uranus, you may finally be willing to push back at a person or situation that’s been bothering you. Venus in your House of Philosophy and Mars in your House of Communication will likely motivate you to speak up for yourself, so first make sure you take the time to examine how you really feel about the way you’re being treated, especially over the coming weekend as a Scorpio Moon behind the scenes may have you feeling some resentment toward either a relative or a co-worker who really has no respect for you. Mercury in your House of Transformation opposing Pluto in your House of Self Worth could very well act as a liberating force right now to help you see more clearly the connection between how you feel about yourself and how much you earn. It’s important to remember that the art of negotiation is about asking for more than you want in order to make the other person feel good about talking you down to what you really wanted.


Capricorn- As the Sun enters your House of Relationships and Uranus enters your House of both Creativity and Romance, get ready for a relationship or work situation to either suddenly blossom or disintegrate. The good news is that whatever happens will likely be initiated by you, as you’re suddenly hit by the realization that life is too short to fart around. Mars in your House of Self Worth and Venus in your House of Transformation would agree, especially by the time the weekend rolls around with a Scorpio Moon entering into your House of Dreams to square the God of War and the Goddess of Love. Mercury is also in your House of Relationships and he will make you want to express your feelings, for better or worse, especially since the Messenger Planet is opposing transformative Pluto in your sign, which is nothing short of a complete liberation from rules or attitudes that restrict who you want to be in any way, shape, or form.


Aquarius- If you’re sick of your job then the time may have come for you to finally look for something else. The Sun entering your House of Work and Uranus shaking up your Foundation are both aligning with Saturn behind the scenes, making it clear once and for all that the situation you are currently in is tantamount to death if you remain there. Mars in your sign will give you all the energy you need to search for a new situation, while Venus passing through your House of Relationships would speak to both new connections as well as being able to rely on those you’ve worked with in the past to spread the word that you’re now available. Mercury is also in your House of Work and as the Messenger Planet aligns with both Jupiter retrograde in your House of Career and Neptune retrograde in your House of Self Worth, look at things this way, if you’re still worried about whether or not you’re doing the right thing by leaving your job then consider this- all the planets I’ve just mentioned are in water signs, therefore, if it “feels right” to be leaving then get the hell out and don’t look back!


Pisces- This is not the time for you to be a wallflower or shy in any way, especially at work. Mars behind the scenes may have you feeling a little anxiety about being ambitious, yet Venus in your House of Work is trying to tell you that there is certainly opportunity present if you’re interested. The Sun entering your House of Creativity aligning with Uranus in your House of Communication may inspire you toward some bright ideas to improve things on the job. If that’s the case, then make sure you share these ideas with someone who can not only help you implement your plan, but also make sure you’re adequately compensated for the contribution. Mercury is also in your House of Creativity and the Messenger Planet is moving into a Grand Trine with both Jupiter and Neptune, both of whom are retrograde. In the past you have held yourself back in work situations by not feeling as though you were the leadership type, if that’s the case now then look to the Grand Trine that was just mentioned to help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition about what is right in a situation. The best leaders operate on instinct so start testing yours.

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