Mr. Saturn’s Stars Special Edition; Tarot/Haiku Interlude 6/11-6/17, 2018

Mr. Saturn’s Stars Special Edition


For the week of 6/11-6/17, 2018


 Tarot/ Haiku Interlude

 Hi kids!!! This week Mrs. Saturn and I will be on vacation so there will be no Horoscopes. However, in keeping with the theme of vacationing, I decided it would be a good idea if I presented something special so that all of you out there could also have a little fun this week.

What I came up with involved pulling one Tarot Card for each sign as sort of a talisman for the week. Below is a list showing the card that was selected for each sign along with an accompanying Haiku intended as a comment/interpretation.

I hope this gets your gray matter (as well as your Spirit) going and I’ll see you all next week with the 40thinstallment of Mr. Saturn’s Stars Horoscopes.


Aries- The Fool – We all imagine

What’s real, yet what’s real isn’t

What we imagine



Taurus- 9 of Pentacles –Grapes are a healthy

Bounty of the Earth, but wine

Is transcendental


Gemini- 6 of Wands- Victory is not

Simply an outcome, it must

Be a commitment



Cancer- Knight of Pentacles- Patience is something

We wait for to find out it’s

Just maturity



Leo- King of Cups- Ego is like a

Cup with a hole in it that

Will never be filled



Virgo- The Empress- The Nature of Love

Reproduces itself from

The sorrow of loss



Libra- Page of Pentacles- Cynics have ideals

Otherwise how could they keep

Up their complaining?



Scorpio- King of Wands- What is the truth if

We all have our own version

Of it? Honesty.



Sagittarius- King of Swords- There is really just

One authority in your

Life; what you believe.


Capricorn- Three of Wands- Death is arriving

Back at the womb as if we

Had never been there



Aquarius- 7 of Pentacles- The past and future

Stand and watch as we’re forced to

Decide about now



Pisces- Wheel of Fortune- Every leap of

Faith returns us back to what

We needed to know

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