Mission Statement

Welcome to the blog for the13thpath.com. I know your time is valuable and I sincerely appreciate that you’re willing to spend some of it here.

During the coming weeks and months I will be using this forum to share information on a wide range of topics related to Occultism, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, and Cutting Edge Science. With each new entry I hope to both inform and challenge readers by approaching each subject with a mix of technical knowledge, experienced commentary, healthy skepticism, and historical perspective.

In addition to the material mentioned above, another feature of “the13thpath.com” blog will be a pair of ongoing reports. The first is titled, “Phenomena,” and will chronicle my first hand encounters (and subsequent research) into weird or unusual circumstances that challenge the boundaries of what we normally think of as the real world. The second report will be called, “Mr. Saturn’s Stars,” and will contain weekly Horoscopes written from a decidedly Saturnian perspective as a trouble-shooting guide pointing out what each sign may want to work on in the coming week.

The 20th Century Mystic, Philosopher, and Mathematician J.G. Bennett once wrote, “Existence is all that can be known, but it is not all that is real.” I hope you will be a frequent visitor here at “the13thpath.com” to join me as I walk off that proverbial cliff into the unknown like The Fool of The Tarot in search of enlightenment and what’s real.


Sincerely, T.C. Eisele

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